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  1. Bill Griffith

    LG BD390, NAT too Strict

    Anybody have this player and try to get in to Netflix, then get this error sign? Is there a fix that can be done from the BR player or is this an issue with my ISP provider?
  2. Bill Griffith

    Spots on DLP RPTV

    I have a 62" Mitsu DLP RPTV, I started noticing darkened spots about the size of a dime to a quarter in about a dozen places on the screen. The glass is clean. This seems to be something happening inside the TV. I've done some searches and seen everything from needing to clean the mirrors...
  3. Bill Griffith

    Universal Remote won't work on Xbox 360

    I have an Onkyo programmable remote which I love using and runs all my home theater components, I just recently got the xbox 360 and want to use it as my dvd movie player in place of my Toshiba (SD-4980). So I program the XBox 360 remote functions into the Onkyo remote just as I would any...
  4. Bill Griffith

    Price your own Airline Tickets

    Has anyone ever tried this thing on Priceline? http://www.priceline.com/Customerser...r.asp?session_ Only thing holding me back from giving it a try is that you have to give them a credit card number and when they find tickets at the price you put in they purchase them. We are planning...
  5. Bill Griffith

    Lost Remote

    Somehow I have lost my Onkyo Remote, no idea how but it is gone and I believe the little 2 year old monster we have running around the house is the reason. So I have a TX-SR503, which I bought a few years ago and I was running everything off that remote (DVR Cable box, TV, DVD player) it was...
  6. Bill Griffith

    Any thoughts on a new game

    I'm looking to play a new game and was wondering if anyone out there had any recomendations. Because I just can't think of any. it can be either PC or XBox. I would prefer PC though. If it is on the XBOX it must be a 2 player cooperative, not a big fan of FPS, we are more into adventuring...
  7. Bill Griffith

    Isuzu Vehicross

    Anyone ever own one of these? Just curiose, I always thought they were great looking, fun cars. Was thinking of buying a used one. Any personal experience with them.
  8. Bill Griffith

    Serious Stability Issues

    Wondering if anyone can help with this. I just assembled the new computer: AMD 64 3800 ASUS A8N SLI Motherboard 2 Gb Ram (1 x 1 Gb DDR 400) 2 x GeForce 6800 GT, ASUS 256 Mb Video Cards 2 x SATA 160 Gb HD (Not in Raid) Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (Value, the cheap one) Running Windows XP...
  9. Bill Griffith

    Graphics Card Question

    I've been away from computers for a bit but am thinking about building my next one. Last one I built was awhile ago, 4 years or more mabye. While its still working fine, I'm thinking maybe its time to upgrade. I just have a couple of questinos to help me start looking in the right direction...
  10. Bill Griffith

    DVD Pirate Movies

    For some reason I've been in the mood for Pirate Movies. I found Crimson Pirate out on DVD recently and I have the more recent Pirate movies, Pirate of the Carribean, Cutthroat Island. I'm looking for an 80's Pirate movie called Nate and Hayes. I loved this movie and have been dying to see...
  11. Bill Griffith

    Polk vs Klipsch

    Looking at the lower end Polk (LSi 3) and Klipsch SC1) Speakers. Costs for the centers are roughly the same, Range seems to be almost identical Klipsch claiming a bit more depth at + or - 3 Db Klipsch's sensitivity is 95 while the Polk is 89, but I got no idea what they used as a impedence...
  12. Bill Griffith

    DVD Aspect Ratio question

    OK so I have a Widescreen TV, Panny 47". I know there are several apsect ratio sizes, 1.85:1 2.??:1, and so on, and anamorphic. Lets take Dune in Widescreen. Should I have 4" tall bars on the top and bottom of the picture? The most I've ever seen before is maybe 1 to 2" thick lines. But...
  13. Bill Griffith

    Need a DVD Player

    Well I guess its about time I get a real dvd player (Using Xbox). I have a 47" Panny (No DVI Input) and was thinking about getting one of these upscalling DVD players. I've read things that say the upscalling players are really only beneficial for LCD, Plasma, dlp type, but I've also read...
  14. Bill Griffith

    Robot stops car

    http://www.r50rd.co.uk/research/inte.../stop_test.htm Does this look fake to anyone? It just doesn't look real somehow, the robot moves to smoothly. And its balance is pretty amazing. There are other clips on his sight but this is by far the best...
  15. Bill Griffith

    Coldplay, Clocks, Remix

    I'm looking for a song I've heard. Club style remix of Coldplays, Clocks. Except the lead singers voice is sped up so its real high pitch and fast. Then another voice comes on like a DJ's voice and the melody really speeds up. I've this same guys voice in another song I can't think of though...
  16. Bill Griffith

    Sci/Fi Fantasy Forum

    I'm into reading Sci/Fi and Fantasy style books. Is anyone aware of a Forum out there that relates to this book reading like HTF relates to HT stuff? I found a couple but are pretty small and tend to talk mor about movies and gaming. I'm looking more for in depth discussions on Books...
  17. Bill Griffith

    D&D Cooperative play on XBOX

    I'm looking for a RPG, D&D style game for the XBox. It needs to be 2 player cooperative lije Baulders Gate. We've recently played and finished Baulders gate:Dark alliance 2, twice and we're looking for something else. Similar but bigger only took about 3 days to beat BG:DA2, of the same...
  18. Bill Griffith

    HD Tuner/Reciever

    I Have a 47" Panny (HDTV Ready)and I need some help with some very basic HD Tuner/Reciever Questions. There are quite a few :b I want to send my Basic Time Warner Cable signal into my TV as a 420p or 1080i signal. Is this possible with a store bought Tuner/Reciever? Which is is Tuner or...
  19. Bill Griffith

    Food Dehydrator

    I'm looking at making some Beef Jerky, Any in particular dehydrator brands to look at?
  20. Bill Griffith

    HTPC Video out Question

    Is there a video card that has a video out to TV as a Component Video connection. The only thing I've seen is S-video or DVI. Also what is the Video qualtiy of a HTPC played DVD as opposed to a medium range DVD player with prog scan, and a DCDi chip.
  21. Bill Griffith

    Ghosting my setup

    How does one Ghost there machines setup. I have the perfect setup, and it takes me about 4 hours to do a complete formate and reinstall of all the drivers and programs for my operating system hard drive. This is the 4rth time I've done this in the past 2 years. I'm getting sick of spending time...
  22. Bill Griffith

    Faroudja and DVD questions

    So there's this thing out there on more and more DVD players called Faroudja or Silicon Image de-interlacer. While I understand what it does and how it does it, sort of. If a DVD player says it has this DCDi technology is it the same technology you would find in more expensive models? In...
  23. Bill Griffith

    Wrc 2003

    For those World Rally Championship fans out there. Thursday 1/1/04 starting at 7am on Speed Vision they are showing all the WRC events from this past year.
  24. Bill Griffith

    55" Rptv?

    HDTV Ready no Built in tuner. What is considered the best brand for this size of TV. I've Looked at the Mitsubishis, Toshibas, Panny's, RCA, Sony, Etc I like the Sony and the Mitsubishi the most from a looks point of view, but the Mitsu is shorter which is also nice. Any input on...
  25. Bill Griffith

    MtG: Battlegrounds

    What would people recomend to play this on. Xbox or Computer. Which is more user friendly? Does the computer version have more options better graphics? etc. I was thinking of picking this up and was just wondering which version to use. Thanks for you input.
  26. Bill Griffith

    Question- Subwoofer Volume setup

    Start with a Sony - SA-WX700, it has 250W digital Amp, with Dual 10" Drivers, isobaric. This question is for subwoofers in general though. You have a volume knob on the Sub, and a individual volume adjustment for the sub preout from the reciever. What we have noticed is that if you Turn...
  27. Bill Griffith

    subwoofer cable

    Is there a specific cable used to connect subs to Recievers or can any RCA style audio cable be used? What kind of effects would you see, if any, if you did use basic RCA style audio cable instead of subwoofer cable. Also given 2 powered subs and only one sub-out on the reciever how should...
  28. Bill Griffith

    FCC Allows the F* word, rumor or truth?

    Is this rumor or true? Just talked to someone and he says that the FCC has allowed the use of F*** for anytime on TV or radio, as long as its not used when relating to sex. Hard to believe as I can't find any other information other than this e-mail he showed me. personally I'd rather...
  29. Bill Griffith

    Professional Dodge Ball, Who would play?

    I love Dodge Ball
  30. Bill Griffith

    Bruce Lee vs. Ali

    Did this exhibition fight ever take place. My friend says it did and I figure I would have heard about it, if it did and I've never heard about it.