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  1. MarcoP

    Quality HT Items- Samson Amp, DVDO Iscan, Sony ES, Samsung 8000 series, Mirage,much more

    I moved recently and have a lot of home theater items for sale. They are all in excellent conditions. Some items are almost new condition. I live in Orlando, Florida and will ship the lighter items. TVs-- Samsung PN59D8000 59" 1080p Plasma Super Thin HDTV: $1099 42" Insignia NS-42P650A11 600hz...
  2. MarcoP

    Axiom Audio Speakers - VP-150, M80, M22, QS4, M3

    I love these Axiom Audio speakers, they blow other speakers out of the water especially for the price. I have moved into a smaller house so I have to sell off some of my speakers. They are all in mint condition and I've taken very good care of them. They work 100%. 1 Axiom Audio VP-150 Center...
  3. MarcoP

    2 SVS 16-46 CS+ Subwoofers and Samson S1000 Amp

    I downsized my house and now need to downsize my home theater collection. I will sell all as a set for a discount or sell separately. Google these speakers, they get super high ratings. 2 SVS 16-46 CS+ Subwoofers in Black Color for $300 each1 Samson S-1000 Amp (1000 watts), powers both subs for...
  4. MarcoP

    WTB: RCA Connectors - Best Value

    What's the least expensive and best RCA connectors that I can buy (best value)? I need them for audio and video cables. Who has the best prices on this stuff? I heard canare connectors are the best for the price- is that true? I have Belden 1505 & Belden 1694 cable if that helps. Thanks!
  5. MarcoP

    WTB: Subwoofer enclosure for Tempest

    I need a subwoofer enclosure made for a Tempest. I know some of you DIYers are really good at this. Please submit offers. I'd like it to look similar to this sub: and I'd like it tuned between 20-25hz. Can anyone do this? Submit your price and idea... Thanks!
  6. MarcoP

    For Sale: SVS 20-39 CS

    I have one SVS 20-39 CS Driver for sale. 12" subwoofer/driver. 350 watt rms subwoofer. Driver only. In good condition, used for less than a year. No physical or musical problems whatsoever. Perfect for the Do-it-yourselfer or someone who needs to replace/upgrade a 12" subwoofer in their current...
  7. MarcoP

    4 12" Alpine Type-R Subwoofers, JBL 1200.1 AMP

    Selling all my car audio stuff. I will sell all for $675 JBL 1200.1 AMP... $225 12" ALPINE TYPE-R SUB... $100 each Custom box for 4 12" subs... $100 Amp is a year old with no defects Subs & Box are 6 months old with no defects Everything is in great physical condition with no...
  8. MarcoP

    Infocus X10 Projector -cheap-

    Infocus X1 Projector- One of the best projectors on the market for under $1000. Has about 2/3 life left on the bulb. Less than 4 months old. Has built in Faroujda Line Doubler. $600 + shipping Looking to upgrade... I prefer paypal. I will also do a partial trade for a pulldown screen.
  9. MarcoP

    FS: Samson S1000 -cheap-

    I am selling a Samson s1000 amp for $150. This thing got dinged up during shipping. It powers up but does not seem to work. The fans are broken. Seeing as I don't know how to fix this thing I am letting it go. It may be useable or may only be useable as parts. I guess it depends on how handy you...
  10. MarcoP

    FS/FT: Infinity Studio Monitor Speakers

    These are classics. Purchased in 1999. Classic Infinity look. Black cabinets. Looking for $100 obo. Used for 3 years. Have been sitting around unused for the last two years. Was going to set them up in an extra room for stereo sound since they produce great stereo sound. More midrange (very good...
  11. MarcoP

    FS/FT: Car Sub - Elemental Designs, 12" Box

    I have a ed12kd sub + box for $165 + shipping (COMBO DEAL SAVINGS). The sub alone is $150 + shipping. The box alone is $30 + shipping. It is professionally made, carpeted, sealed and made to spec (for an ed12kd) out of 3/4" MDF. The sub has an 'e' on the cone. These subs can handle 400...
  12. MarcoP

    FS: Sony Clie nx60v Remote -NEW-

    I have a Sony Clie nx60v for sale- SOLD. This unit is brand new. It comes with original box, manuals, and all cables and accessories. Has a 2 year, transferrable warranty from CompUSA that began last week. If anything happens (including screen breakage) CompUSA will send you out a new unit. Its...
  13. MarcoP

    FS: Image Dynamics IDQ 15" Sub (car or home)

    SOLD I have four Image Dynamics IDQ 15" d2v2 subs for sale. They are about a year old. These subs rock. SOLD These badboys can handle 800 WATTS! I accept paypal, money orders, or checks Here is a link to the specs http://www.imagedynamicsusa.com/webs...idq15d2v2.html PM or email...
  14. MarcoP

    Looking at Shiva, Image Dynamics, or ED subs

    Which should I get for $100 for one 10" or 12" sub or $200 for two? I'm looking at the following subs-Shiva, Tempest, Brahma, Image Dynamics, or Elemental Designs subs Where can I get these for cheap? Thanks, Marco
  15. MarcoP

    FS: DVDO Iscan Pro Line Doubler

    I have a DVDO Iscan Pro Line Doubler for sale. I've only used this product for a couple of months. The picture quality is great on it. It really improves the picture of my PS2, Gamecube, and DVD player. I have a progressive scan Toshiba DVD player and this line doubler blows it away. I was...
  16. MarcoP

    New '04 Trailblazer - Need Help

    Me & my ole lady just got a new '04 Chevy Trailblazer which I need to install a sweet car audio system. I have researched this forum and have this idea for a setup- HU - Stock, my ole lady doesn't want to change it Front Door (6.5") - CDT CL-6X ($45) Rear Door (6.5") - CDT CL-6X...
  17. MarcoP

    WTB: Mount for Infocus X1

    Anyone have any of these for sub $100?
  18. MarcoP

    FS/FT: Action Adventure Comedy Horror DVDs

    DVDs for sale: XXX (Special Edition - Vin Diesel) The Patriot (Special Edition - Mel Gibson) We Were Soldiers (Mel Gibson) Black Hawk Down Windtalkers (Nicholas Cage) The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Apocalypse Now: Redux (Francis Ford Coppola) Ocean's Eleven (Brad Pitt...
  19. MarcoP

    Fire Sale! Samson S700 AMP

    Samson S700 Amp. 350 watts x 2. Used with an SVS Sub. Great condition. $200 + shipping Email or PM
  20. MarcoP

    Fs: 2 Value Home Theater Recievers - Sony Es & Harman Kardon

    LABOR DAY SALE!!! NEW LOWER PRICES FOR THESE AMPS BRAND NEW ITEM- Sony STR-DA5ES (5 year warranty) $565+ shipping. Also, this comes with a Sony LCD Touchscreen remote. The wrong remote shipped with this reciever, so you get an even better Sony LCD Touchscreen remote! This remote is the...
  21. MarcoP

    Canare Star Quad L-4e6s Cables

    I have- 2 CANARE STAR QUAD L-4E6S, 2 meters long, XLR TO RCA cables The Canare Star Quad L-46ES's are professional type cables. Clear & Neutral. You can use these to hook up pro amps like the Samson to your receiver sub output. They can also be used to connect pre/pros, to connect DACs to...
  22. MarcoP

    WTB: Belden Cable

    I need to make some new cables. If anyone sells Belden Cable please let me know. I want to purchase 1694A, 1695A, 1505A, 1506A or, 89259. I prefer to buy in bulk. [email protected]
  23. MarcoP

    WTB: Monarchy Audio DIP

    I would like to buy a Monarchy Audio DIP or Upsampler. I want one to enhance the sound of my DVD movies, so it will have to be atleats 24/96 compatible. If you have one please PM or email me. Thanks, MP
  24. MarcoP

    FS: Lots of Items

    Selling Home Theater stuff b/c I recently upgraded- ITEMS LEFT AS OF 8/13: for sale or trade NEW ITEM- Sony STR-DA5ES (5 year warranty) $675 + shipping. Receiver. NEW ITEM- HARMAN KARDAN AVR-525 $630 + shipping Samson S700 Amp (350 wattsX2) $230 BRAND NEW!!! Panasonic XP30 DVD Player...
  25. MarcoP

    New Onkyo DVD Player for Sale

    LOWERED PRICE!!! I have an Onkyo DV-SP300 DVD player for sale at $100 - perfect condition. Bought for almost double the price in January '03. Great player. Onkyo quality. Very good sound and good progressive scan picture. Looking to sell b/c girlfriend is upset about my home theater spending...
  26. MarcoP

    FS: Panasonic RP62 DVD player

    I have a black Panasonic RP62 dvd player for sale at $80. Awesome player for the price! Great condition. Pictures available upon request.
  27. MarcoP

    WTB: SVS Black Box

    I would like to buy a SVS Black Box. Preferably the newer version. Please email me at "[email protected]" if you have one for sale.
  28. MarcoP

    WTB: VGA to Component Cable -- need for Iscan --

    I recently purchased a DVDO Iscan Pro yet I don't know how to hook it up. I guess I need a VGA to Component cable. If anyone knows what I need please reply here or email me. Thanks. [email protected]
  29. MarcoP

    WTB: HDTV Tuner/Reciever

    I need a HDTV reciever. I have a ZENITH ZHDTV1Z SILVER SENSOR DIGITAL ANTENNA and I need something that can complete my system. I would like a HDTV terrestial receiver or a dual (Direct TV/Terrestial) receiver.
  30. MarcoP

    FS: Polk RT1000i & Polk FX300i

    I have a pair of POLK RT1000i floorstanding speakers for sale at $479. These are a year old. They have a warranty until 2007 from Circuit City that I'm throwing in for free. One speaker has a slight nick in the back (I have pictures). The MSRP for Polk RT1000i when I purchased them were $599.95...