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  1. Jeremy_Watson

    The L Word - Season 4

    I'm not sure how many people around here watch it, but as a reminder for us fans the new season starts this Sunday (Jan 7) night. They left a lot hanging last season so I'm looking forward to another season of this great show.
  2. Jeremy_Watson

    Any chance of Major League SE?

    Does anyone think there is a chance of getting a Special Edition of Major League. We just missed the 15 yr mark, but I might be able to hold out until the 20th. This is arguably the greatest sports comedy ever, and I think we deserve more than just the bare bones release. I must have watched...
  3. Jeremy_Watson

    Comfortable Headphones around $100?

    Hello HTFers, I will be taking a trip soon involving much air and train travel with my iPod as sole companion (unless something pleasantly surprising happens). However, the earbuds that came with it are unbearable to wear for even short durations, so I need something to wear for longer...
  4. Jeremy_Watson

    Open box items, would you buy one?

    Hello all, I know that buying open box/display models when it come to display devices is generally a risky proposition, but I'm curious whether the same applies to DVD players and receivers. I would figure out what it went through beforehand and why it was retuned or whatever, but what should...
  5. Jeremy_Watson

    Factory System

    Is there a website or some easy way to figure out specs for factory car stereos. For example, I have an Eagle Vision with the Infinity sound package, and would like to know about the deck because I need to get new speakers. Thanks, Jeremy
  6. Jeremy_Watson

    DVI Cable bad?

    I recently purchased a 2m DVI-D cable from RAM Electronics to connect my HDTV cable box to my Sony HDTV since I ran out of component inputs. However, since I've been using it (approx a week) I've noticed some strange artifacts that I hadn't seen before. To be more specific, sometime blue...
  7. Jeremy_Watson

    Anyone else excited for Aqua Teen and Sealab 2021?

    Vol 2 of ATHF and Sealab 2021 Season 1 come out tomorrow (July 20), am I the only one pumped for this? The shows are hilarious, inappropriate and completely original, and I love them. Definitely plan to pick them up within the next day or two.
  8. Jeremy_Watson

    Burn-in from black bars, or just grey?

    I recently purchased a Sony 46" RPTV (KP46WT510) and have Time Warner Cable with the Pioneer HD box. I am using the option on the box to send 4:3 signals to the TV with black bars along the sides. I know if you feed in a regular 4:3 signal and allow the TV to just send grey bars along the sides...
  9. Jeremy_Watson

    720p on Panny RPTVs?

    Like many here, I'm in the market for an RPTV. Just when I'm about to pull the trigger, I get a little nervous and decide to do some more research. I'm looking at the Panasonic PT-47WX53 now due to price and it not needing a stand like the Sony and Toshiba at the same size. However, looking at...
  10. Jeremy_Watson

    XBOX as DVD player

    I know there is a Video Game forum, but I'm more curious about the DVD abilities in this thread, but feel free to move this is so requires admins. Basically, I'm gonna get a new TV and need a new DVD player as well. However, I'd like to have an XBOX also, so I'm hoping to kill two birds with one...
  11. Jeremy_Watson

    American Pie Trilogy box set?

    Does anyone know/heard anything about the three American Pie movies being released as a box set? It may be too early, seeing as the 3rd just hit theaters, but others here are much more in the know than I am. Thanks for any help.
  12. Jeremy_Watson

    Sound card with digital (optical or coax) out

    I'm considering getting a new soundcard so I can watch DVDs on my computer and get the surround sound experience using my receiver and 5.1 setup. I've begun looking briefly, but figured I'd ask here for any recommendations. Most decent looking cards I've seen run about $150 in stores (probably...
  13. Jeremy_Watson

    Sub Tuned Freq Question

    On the boards here I often read about someone having a sub "tuned" to some frequency (usually 18-25 Hz), but I'm curious what this means. Anyone in the know please enlighten me.
  14. Jeremy_Watson

    SACD vs DVD-A Comparison

    I know this is a topic that has probably been discussed ad nauseum on this forum, but I was hoping for some help anyway. I am writing a short report on the differences, advantages/disadvantages, etc between the new hi-rez formats and am having trouble sorting through all of the discussion here...
  15. Jeremy_Watson

    Anyone else think amnesia could be good?

    Hello all, As I was watching Fight Club last night a thought occured to me, "If I got amnesia, I could go back and watch all of these movies like it was the first time again." For anyone who hasn't seen the movie I won't give it away, but now when I watch the movie I am just little for more...
  16. Jeremy_Watson

    Speaker Delay and Video Sync

    I know on nearly all H/T receivers you are allowed (and supposed to, I assume) set the speaker distance (or delay, the 1ft = 1ms rule) so that the sound from all of the channels hits you at the same time. It seems logical that the receiver would delay the video signal a few milliseconds as well...
  17. Jeremy_Watson

    JBL Northridge Series Questions/Advice

    I have all but decided on buying the JBL PB12 sub and using the N-center and N24's for the surround (just going with 5.1 for now). However, do you think it is worth it to upgrade the fronts (buy all separate instead of NSP package) to the N28's or N38's? From research online it seems they can be...
  18. Jeremy_Watson

    New HT Set-up: JBL NSP? 5.1 or 7.1? AR Sub?

    I just got a Pioneer Elite VSX-41 which can put out 7.1 sound (two back surrounds run in parallel off one channel sound). Now I'm looking to buy some speakers to complete the package. From this site I've gathered the JBL Northridge NSP1 system is very good for the money, so I'm likely going to...