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  1. Willem Vos

    English subtitles in DVD's

    Each time I think of getting a new dvd, I keep wondering what kind of english subtitling has been used. I can never find a good source/review to tell me whether the english subtitling used is Hard of Hearing (CC) , regular, or both. I'm looking for regular (or both). It's happened all too...
  2. Willem Vos

    Underworld DVD subtitles

    Hi guys, I've read the underworld dvd has English, French and Spanish subtitles. But does anyone know whether the english subtitles are closed captioned or not? Thanks, Willem
  3. Willem Vos

    Vampires Superbit DVD question

    Just want to make sure, does the Superbit version of John Carpenter's Vampires have both english AND english closed caption subtitles, or just the latter? Thanks, Willem
  4. Willem Vos

    Case breaks DVD-Disc when inserting/releasing disc

    I don't know if any of you experienced this, but I've seen this on several occasions: In some cases, the DVD-disc starts eventually showing cracks (from the inside out) when I click it back in its casing. It could be due to temperature changes expanding the plastic, but I don't think so...
  5. Willem Vos

    BFD Equalisation question

    Hi guys, I've got a question about my BFD. I had set some filters, and was testing them with a Test-CD. At some point the Test-tone started playing (at the point where I had set the filters), but it sounded like the BFD started EQ-ing too late, because it went loud then suddenly soft, like...
  6. Willem Vos

    BFD spotted in Bourne Identity :)

    I was watching the Bourne Identity, and I saw three Behringer FD's stacked on top of eachother where they are tracing his phonecall (After around 67:50 running time) Thought it was pretty funny... (in a HT-fanatic sort of way :) )
  7. Willem Vos

    Frequency response of B&W 601S3's

    I was just wondering what the frequency response of these speakers is. The official specs say they go down to 60Hz (but at -3dB) (I think this is more like -15dB) I currently use them as fronts, and I suspect they're not holding up very well at 80Hz. Which is why I had to set my crossover to...
  8. Willem Vos

    AVIA Calibration - What's the deal with the LFE sweep?

    Hi, I've got a similar thread running at speakers & subwoofers, but I'm not getting much response there... I recently got the AVIA Calibration disc, and have been running the LFE-sweep 100Hz to 20Hz. Is it normal for it to slope up from 100Hz to 65Hz? I'm measuring zilch (well, a little)...
  9. Willem Vos

    AVIA LFE sweep / Crossover gap

    The Left-Front to sub 200-20Hz AVIA sweep gives me a gap just around 80Hz (with the crossover at 80) setting the crossover to 100 or 120 has no effect on the location of the gap, which leads me to believe that it's not phase related (but I tried flipping the phase switch anyway, and it didn't...
  10. Willem Vos

    Got AVIA, SVS doesn't kick in until 50Hz... placement?

    At first I was using the THX-optimode test, which wasn't really telling me a lot. I got AVIA a couple of days ago, and have discovered measuring the LFE 20-100 frequency sweep, that the SPL-meter indicator stays at -10 until the sweep reaches 50Hz at which point the SVS causes the indicator to...
  11. Willem Vos

    Not so technical SVS question

    Hi, this is not about sub placing, crossovers or anything like that... this is a question about the SVS fabric. I was crawling around the sub (don't ask) and noticed that on the back (just under the amp section) there is a little piece of thread showing (probably at the end of the sewing). I'm...
  12. Willem Vos

    SVS 20-39 PCi... wow...

    I used to have a REL Q150 subwoofer, which is a sealed 10inch sub. I sold it, because it was inadequate at playing my new dvd's, specifically Lord of the rings. After that I knew I needed something a lot more powerful. I looked around in local shops, and the only thing available in my price...
  13. Willem Vos

    Scary Bass...

    Have any of you played the Two Towers Trailer (easter-egg on Disc 2 of the LOTR-EE). At the end of the trailer just after Gollum does his thing, an ominuous bass tone starts to play. very low in my experience... (my subwoofer didn't do so well with it, though, so I'm not really sure). It's...
  14. Willem Vos

    DRC & Denon 3802

    I always leave the d-range compression to "Off" on my denon 3802 receiver, but after putting it on "HI", I didn't notice much audible difference... I seem to remember that with my last receiver (yamaha rx-v 595a) a change of this setting had a lot more impact... When my DRC is set to "HI"...
  15. Willem Vos

    Dynamic Range Compression

    I always leave the d-range compression to "Off" on my denon 3802 receiver, but after putting it on "HI", I didn't notice much difference... I seem to remember that with my last receiver (yamaha rx-v 595a) a change of this setting had a lot more impact... But since then a lot of changes have...
  16. Willem Vos

    Adding a power amp

    Hi, I wonder if you guys can help me. I'm thinking of adding a power amp to my denon 3802 (just for the front channels) I've looked at the Denon POA 5200 (POA T10 in Europe) which would be a good choice because the sound will probably "match". Or would the Rotel RB 1070 be a better choice?
  17. Willem Vos

    3802 Remote Control - battery life

    I own a Denon 3802 since the beginning of this year, and I noticed yesterday that the batteries (3 penlites!) of the remote control were all but completely drained... Are they supposed to last this short? I almost never use the backlite function (maybe 5 or 6 times in total).
  18. Willem Vos

    subwoofer heat

    Hi, I was running-in my subwoofer yesterday, and I thought it might be a good idea to leave the test-tone running. After a couple of hours I wanted to turn down the volume a little bit, but I noticed the backplate was pretty hot (I could still put my hand on it, but barely). Is this a...
  19. Willem Vos

    Weird noise from subwoofer during Test-Tone

    I just noticed something while I was calibrating my sub. When the pink noise from the internal receiver test-tone (denon 3802) is outputted to my sub, it not only produces bass, but some weird resonance noise (a bit like a geiger counter...) coming from inside(!) the sub. I don't think it's the...
  20. Willem Vos

    Speaker matching

    How important is having matching speakers, with which I mean having speakers of the same make. I currently have Mission speakers all-round, but I am thinking of getting B&W 603 front speakers. Is this a bad idea, seeing as they have different drivers?
  21. Willem Vos

    Subwoofer driving

    Ok, this is another reassurance-question, here goes: I've been trying to get my subwoofer to sound optimally, and I think I've got it. In the channel setup of my receiver (Denon 3802) The channel setting for my sub is at +10dB, while the volume knob on the sub itself is set quite low. Is...
  22. Willem Vos

    Low-cost quality subwoofer cable

    Hi guys, I'm trying to replace the (thin, non-shielded) cable that came with my subwoofer. I've looked at the Monster 300M 12ft, but it was priced at $67, so that's way too expensive for me. Is it possible to get good results using a good quality (shielded) composite-video coax cable instead?
  23. Willem Vos

    Low Level inputs (0dB and +12dB) on a subwoofer

    Hi, question: why does my sub (a REL Q150e) have two different low level inputs? One is marked 0dB and the other 12dB. The manual doesn't even attempt to explain this, so I opted for the 0dB (it sounded safer) Is this really the prefered option, however? Since I can adjust the subwoofer...
  24. Willem Vos

    SPL Meter and my sub

    I'm trying to calibrate the sound level of my sub, but I'm noticing that the SPL meter isn't giving a consistent reading, even at Slow response. It "jumps" about 2 Decibels back and forth, sometimes even -3 / +3 Db's. Is this normal? I'm using test-tones generated by my 3802. Also, what...
  25. Willem Vos

    Denon website & AVR3802

    I just noticed on the denon.com website that there is a new link to "3802 IR Codes" at the product page. Anybody know what this is about?
  26. Willem Vos

    B&W ASW1000 or Yamaha SW800?

    Well, I would be getting an SVS sub, but I live in Holland and the shipping costs are a *little* steep. So now I have narrowed it down to the B&W ($500) and the Yammy ($430)... I also listen to music a lot of the time, so the sub has to be at least a little musical, and I have a small...
  27. Willem Vos

    denon 3802 tuner probs

    After listening to radio on my denon 3802, the left speaker suddenly goes silent. Switching channels on my tuner doesn't help, but when I switch to another source it works again... when I switch the unit off then on the tuner both channels work again (but for how long..?) this has...
  28. Willem Vos

    Denon 3802 DPL2 popping

    I just noticed that switching from DD6.1 to DPL2 by pressing the menu-key (thus entering the non-DD menu) on my dvd remote is accompanied by a short "pop" sound in one of my speakers. It's not the clicking sound when the receiver is going from 7.1 to 5.1 amplification. That doesn't worry me...
  29. Willem Vos

    Denon 3802 question

    Hi, I just noticed that switching from DD6.1 to DPL2 by pressing the menu-key (thus entering the non-DD menu) on my dvd remote is accompanied by a short "pop" sound in one of my speakers. Has anyone else experienced this?
  30. Willem Vos

    Sound Level Meter

    Ok ,I've decided to get one of these to calibrate my system, but I need to know if it's ok for my needs... It's a Voltcraft sound level meter (whatever) It has A / C Weighting (?) and Slow / Fast response (??) It also has a "range" knob (of course :)) wich can be set to 110 or off. Is this...