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  1. eric holm

    Another LOVE thread

    So when you say you've been dating for a month, is that like you've gone out 4 or 5 times? A month is way too soon to be pondering the 'love' issue with anyone but yourself. The first thing you should be doing is talking with her to figure out if this is even a 'boyfriend/girlfriend'...
  2. eric holm

    Man Oh Man This is Killing Me.............

    Just another piece of advice on this whole thing from someone who hates games but realizes the necessity of going along sometimes... I think this is obviously a game and not a malicious one at that. She just doesn't want to seem overly anxious which is fine. Over time that should disappear on...
  3. eric holm

    Man Oh Man This is Killing Me.............

    I suppose that she could just be old fashioned and want you to make the first move. I doubt it though. Not if she offered you her number. I still think she'll call. My problem and the reason for my initial response is this.... We all have female friends who've been really interested in some...
  4. eric holm

    Man Oh Man This is Killing Me.............

    My standard rule is no way. If a chick is really interested in you, there's no way, even if she's nervous, that she's not going to call you back. The other option is to wait until a time you know she's not home and leave a message then for her. She disregards two messages? Forget it. This...
  5. eric holm

    Picking a golf training aid

    Have you seen the Swing Jacket? www.swingjacket.com I haven't really used one but today I borrowed one from a guy I work with. Normally, I don't really believe in these 'shortcuts' but this has been recommended to me by some very good golfers as a way to show you what an on-plane swing...
  6. eric holm

    Why do people get so excited about getting a tax refund?

    One point for me is that with interest rates where they are currently, you really are just talking pennies.
  7. eric holm

    How long are prescription meds good?

    I've had this conversation with a good friend who's a pharmacist. His response is that it's required for FDA approval. Since they don't want to have the product in testing for a long period of time, they'll test it for a couple years or so and if it's still fine, just throw that date on the...
  8. eric holm

    "Southwest will charge large fliers extra fare" - What is your opinion?

    Upon reading both of our points, I want to clarify something. If I was sitting next to someone who wanted it down and for some odd reason, I wanted it up, I would offer to flip a coin (as an example of a fair settlement). To be honest, I've never tried to move it up or down mid flight. Always...
  9. eric holm

    Bust a groove with Cartman

    I think I just figured out how Falco did it!
  10. eric holm

    "Southwest will charge large fliers extra fare" - What is your opinion?

    A couple of thoughts. Patrick_S, All I can say that you're lucky you haven't been seated next to me. I don't mean that quite the way it sounded by the way. It's just that it's my armrest too and I can have it any way I want. In your situation, I'd probably offer to flip a coin or...
  11. eric holm

    Fitted/Tapered dress shirts

    Depending on budget, you might try a local tailer. I found that dress shirts last me a number of years so it's worth spending a little extra. My local guy makes them for less than $100/shirt. Way cheaper than upper end dept store generic shirts and they are both the material I like and...
  12. eric holm

    ***Official 3rd Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge***

    I hadn't really planned on joining in the fun thinking that time might be a constraint. As I think back to my viewing this month I've made a heck of a dent. 1. TCM 2. Frailty 3. Near Dark 4. Jason X 5. Jason Goes to Hell 6. Wickerman (theatrical version) 7. Dagon 8. The Last House on...
  13. eric holm

    Graduating, need advice

    tips for looking for work (some of which has already been said:) 1. Look at small companies. Not only because they may be more apt to be hiring right now but they also allow you to gain valuable experience in several areas - an opportunity that you wouldn't get at a major corporation. 2...
  14. eric holm

    This Is A Bit Scary... (DC Sniper merged thread)

    Does anyone else think that the whole 'tarot card I am God' thing may have been left there for a purpose as opposed to by accident? Maybe trying to mislead the profiling being done? It just sounds a little manufactured to me.
  15. eric holm

    Anyone have one of those new front loading washer machines?

    I also use the Neptune and went with a cheaper dryer. It does use about half the soap and in Oregon, you get a state tax credit which makes it a pretty attractive deal.
  16. eric holm

    Beavis and Butthead

    Most likely the legal issues... But could they be instead discussing the music videos? I have no idea if MTV buys the rights to the videos or how that stuff works.
  17. eric holm

    CTHV Press Release: "Quicksilver"

    Too bad about the presentation. I really liked this movie. One good thing about it. This was made before Bacon decided we needed to see his privates in every movie he was in.
  18. eric holm

    Panic Room SuperBit = weird new packaging

    Scott, I completely agree. I would love to see this packaging become the standard. As you pointed out, plastic as opposed to cardboard would be nice but for me it's not that big of a deal. Even my most watched movies are only viewed a dozen or so times.
  19. eric holm

    HTF REVIEW: "The Last House On The Left" (with screenshots)

    I'm not sure which came first but did anyone else find this to be very, very, very similar to 'I Spit on Your Grave'? Had I known this, I would have passed on it. One of these types of movies in the collection is plenty for the 'shock' value.
  20. eric holm

    In a FOUL mood over my new HT gear

    For you to use. LOL, I didn't think about that!
  21. eric holm

    check out what I got today :D

    Damn Philip, You're either an NFL running back or you're almost as fat as me! Just kidding. Congratulations.
  22. eric holm

    Vacation ideas

    What about Sunriver Oregon? Great golf. Hiking, rafting, fishing, canoeing, mountain biking. The resort has decent restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, horseback riding and lots of paved bike trails. Also has an airport if you don't want to drive from Portland (3.5 hours that's a...
  23. eric holm

    Ohio mom charged with felony child sunburning

    There has to more to the story. A sunburn is not something that is that big of deal. One stinkin sunburn? Who here has never been suburnt? I think the fact that it occurred while the mom was clearly trying to do something for the kids (taking them to the fair) far outweighs the neglect.
  24. eric holm

    Tales of the Trail

    Hey Ryan, Glad to hear that your return ride was more pleasant. Before getting a helmet from Costco, go to a bike shop and try some on. While all of them are equally safe (or close to it) some are lighter or have better ventilation. A nice light-weight helmet is worth its weight in gold...
  25. eric holm

    The simpsons, Season 2, purchasing thread...

    paid 34.99 at best buy
  26. eric holm

    Sleepaway Camp Set reviews up

    I gather from the reviews August 20?
  27. eric holm

    To fellow cycling enthusiasts: I need help protecting my, ahem, derriere

    three points have been made here that will all aid in your dilemma: 1. Thinner is better. Don't get a cover. Gel or no gel. Up to you but in my opinion, it doesn't make much difference. 2. Get a pair of bike shorts. Spend $$ to get a decent pair. This will make a huge difference. 3...
  28. eric holm

    What are some careers that let me carry a breifcase and wear a suit and tie?

    As stated before, tailoring goes a long way. Also, spending $$ to get better material makes a huge difference. While I'm not going to sit here and argue about the comfort of ties (I will say that getting a shirt with the correct neck size is of paramount importance in this whole process) some...