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  1. David Echo

    Best Places To Buy DVD's in Vancouver, BC region?

    Please move this thread if it is in the wrong forum. Hi All, I'm looking for some help from my fellow HTF-ers in the Vancouver, BC region. I recently moved to White Rock from Montreal and am looking for advice on where to go shopping for dvd's in the area. Montreal had at least 2 very...
  2. David Echo

    Halo: Can it be run on a below spec PC?

    long story short - my gf bought Halo for her son for his b-day and her proccessor is a little slower than is required. Can the game be run at all, albiet slow and choppy maybe or will it just not run on a below spec machine? Any info would be helpful as she and I are on seperate coasts and I...
  3. David Echo

    TV 'B' Story Origins?

    Hi All, I was on the phone with a friend of mine last night and we were talking all things TV. One of the topics that came up was the practice of having a lesser "B" story running alongside the main "A" story. We were curious when this really began to become common practice. Original Star...
  4. David Echo

    40 years of James Bond Movies

    James Bond. Where to start? I grew up on the James Bond movies. I've easily seen them all more the 20 times each (well, the Brosnan ones maybe 10 times as of yet.) For the record there have been 20 "Official" Bond movies made from 1962 to 2002, they are: Dr. No (1962) From Russia With Love...
  5. David Echo

    In Defense Of Criticism

    It seems to me that lately on this forum there has been a kind of anti-criticism feel in many of the "Discussion" threads. Anyone who differs from the prevailing viewpoint on the thread is either marginalized or outright attacked by the majority in control of the thread. People, it seems...
  6. David Echo

    Just Bought Toshiba 50H81 - Any Tweaking Tips?

    Hey All, This is my first big screen projection set and I was wondering if any other owners had any advice for tweaking the set when it arrives on Friday? Thanks in advance, Dave P.S Will be pairing this up with a Panny rp91 very soon, in case you were wondering.
  7. David Echo

    What are you paying for Universal Monsters Double Features in Canada?

    Hey all, I'm in Montreal and have not made the rounds to my usual haunts for these disks yet but I was dismayed to find them listing on the Future Shop website at $42.99/$36.99 ea. That's at least 5 or 6 bucks more per disk than the first and second wave of releases were. So what I want to...
  8. David Echo

    Scorsese Storyboards in Taxi Driver Documentary

    Hey All, Just finished watching the excellent "Making of" Taxi Driver documentary on the SE dvd and wanted to see if anyone else found the Scorsese drawn storyboards that are show in it as gut-bustingly hilarious as I did. There is something so marvelous about his simply rendered blueprints...