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  1. John_Dee

    WB says Scarecrow and Mrs. King on tap for 2010 release...

    Any news on how the first season set sold?   I'd never actually seen the show but my mum was a big fan so I bought it for her but I've watched it as well and loved it. Really fun show. So I'm hoping to see the 2nd season soon
  2. John_Dee

    Is "Boy Meets World" out of print and Why?

    Has anyone heard any more about this? I was hoping to have heard some news about it by now
  3. John_Dee

    Benson season 1 DVD?

    I'm just wondering does anyone know either how well or how poorly the first season sold? The show was a blind buy for me and I have absolutely loved it and am desperate for more. :D So does anyone know the chances of the second season showing up on DVD at some point?
  4. John_Dee

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Muppet Show - Season 2

    I've been waiting for this set for ages now, can't wait to get it. How long since the first season came out, 2 years or something? The only thing is that I don't know where to order it from. Just a lot of sites don't list whether they have the plain version or the one with the special felt...
  5. John_Dee

    Shows to recommend buying on DVD based on what I own

    Really? Just over here on the Hallmark channel they are advertising it as being from the creators of Monk
  6. John_Dee

    Shows to recommend buying on DVD based on what I own

    I'm pretty sure PlayUSA are not customs friendly. Places that I know for definite to be customs friendly include www.cdwow.com, www.loaded247.com and www.dvd.co.uk (not a huge selection though). And although I've not used them www.movietyme.com are apparently customs friendly Have a look...
  7. John_Dee

    Shows to recommend buying on DVD based on what I own

    I'm in the UK as well but have got round that as there are a few places you can buy from where you won't pay custom tax. They are either already based in the UK or they ship to a warehouse/offices in the UK and then forward it on to you
  8. John_Dee

    Shows to recommend buying on DVD based on what I own

    When you talk about shipping them to the UK what is the problem there? Why can't they cost too much? Well you seem to like sci-fi/fantasy shows so I'd suggest 4400 Carnivale Eureka (out in July) Farscape (go for the cheaper Australian sets) Heroes (out in August) Lois and Clark...
  9. John_Dee

    Alf : Season 2 <----- When?

    I'm very much looking forward to a future second season release of ALF and will buy it even if the episodes are once again cut
  10. John_Dee


    I would love season sets for Jackass done in the same stlye as the recent Wildboyz and Viva la Bam releases with outtakes, making of and commentary from the whole cast, especially Knoxville.
  11. John_Dee

    Angel Season 5

    Not only did I think this was the best season of Angel, I thought it was the best season of the whole Buffyverse. So many of the show's great episods were in season 5 - Destiny, Damage, You're Welcome, Smile Time, Hole in the World, Shells, Underneath and what is one of the greatest TV finales...
  12. John_Dee

    Home Improvement being released

    Great news that it's coming but bad news about the date as 3 of my favourite sitcoms of all time (Seinfeld, Home Improvement and Boy Meets World) now all have a release scheduled for November 23rd, with another of my favorites Taxi out just a week earlier, something will have to wait most likely...
  13. John_Dee

    Finished The X-Files - Need Something New

    Millenium actually went for 3 seasons, 67 episodes and I would recommend either that or the wonderful Angel, a show that was better than Buffy (a great show itself) in so many ways. Or Stargate
  14. John_Dee

    Arrested Development out October 19th

    Thanks for the info, only problem with that is I'm in the UK and I'm not actually sure if it has even been shown here
  15. John_Dee

    Arrested Development out October 19th

    What exactly is this show about as I've heard a lot about it but never seen any of it. Are there any other shows it could be compared to? And is it definitely worth a blind buy?
  16. John_Dee

    any news on Joan of Arcadia??

    This show is not really anything like all the other programmes I like but I asolutely love it, and I'm jut wondering has anyone heard any news or rumours about a release of season 1?
  17. John_Dee

    Saved By The Bell: The College Years - Season One announced

    Just to let anyone who isn't aware know if you have a multi-region player you can import "Hawaiian Style" and "Wedding in Las Vegas" from the UK
  18. John_Dee

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Well recently I've went back and picked up some been meaning to get for a while - Buffy season 4, Futurama season 3, Scooby Doo Where Are You and MASH season 1 Next purchases will most likely be Quantum Leap season 1, Third Rock From the Sun season 1 and Dead Like Me season 1. Oh and Steven...
  19. John_Dee

    ALF Season 1

    So so happy about this, 2004 just gets better and better. Was an even bigger surprise for me as it was only a couple of months ago was it not that someone was asked about it in a chat and they said there were no plans for it
  20. John_Dee

    How do you watch your Season Sets?

    For shows like Buffy and Angel a couple of epsiodes a week while X-Files, which I started right from the first episode the week after the last epsiode aired, has its time on a Monday and a Thursday night every week For comedies however at about 22 minutes I just fly through them, never...
  21. John_Dee

    tv show you'd buy but will never make it to dvd

    - Scrubs (although there was some promising rumours not long ago, not too hopeful) - John Doe - ALF (for some reason just got a feeling we won't see this, starting to get same feeling over Family Ties and New Adventures of Superman as well) - Hanging with Mr Cooper - California Dreams -...
  22. John_Dee

    Mad About You Season 3

    I've been waiting desperately for season 3 but have heard that it is now forgotten and will not released, for now anyway, although other ideas are being thought of for it Here's hopnig they change their mind
  23. John_Dee

    HTF REVIEW: The Flintstones - The Complete First Season (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Anyone know the best place to get either Flintsones or Scooby in the Uk where I won't have to pay any income tax? Loaded.com has them for £34.99 (Scooby) and £31.99 repectively. And I'd rather not try and get off ebay