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  1. Peter D

    HDTV - DirectTV or digital cable?

    I'm going to be moving soon and in my new place I'll be able to choose from DirectTV or AT&T Digital Cable (which has hd available). Outside of the not insignificant cost of a HD-capable receiver for DirectTV, is there any big difference in quality and/or programming between the two?
  2. Peter D

    Pro-level dvd authoring software?

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone here know what professional authoring houses use software-wise to put dvd's together?
  3. Peter D

    Stargate SG-1 "Nightwalkers" - 7/12/02

    Was I the only one surprised by the fact that they pretty much blew off the whole 'O'Neill has a symbiote' storyline for this entire episode? Very odd.
  4. Peter D

    Ending of MOH:AA

    Was anyone else *majorly* disappointed in the ending of MOHAA? All of a sudden, 'The End' pops up on the screen, and that's the first indication I had that this was the final mission! I had heard that the game was short, but I sure didn't expect it to end so abruptly.
  5. Peter D

    Who holds the record for most rebuys?

    With all of the re-releases, special editions, ultimate editions, and ultimate special editions, I was wondering who here had the record for the most 'upgrades' of movies in their collection? I've tried to resist the urge, but I've still been bitten eight times. :D
  6. Peter D

    Tony Hawk 3 for Xbox

    Since I haven't seen anything posted on this yet, just thought I'd pass along my impressions of TH3 for Xbox after a weekend of gameplay. First off, I've never touched a Tony Hawk game on any platform, so I don't know how it compares to other versions. The graphics are excellent (fast & silky...
  7. Peter D

    Stargate SG-1 - Huge Change Ahead *BIG SPOILER*

    I came across this on Salon this morning - it discusses what happens in an episode that hasn't aired here yet, but has in the U.K. Can you say 'jumped the shark'?
  8. Peter D

    Best Xbox football game?

    With NFL2K2 coming out this week, there's an abundance of good football games on the Xbox to choose from. Which one would you guys pick (NFL2K2, Madden 2002, or NFL Fever 2002) and why?
  9. Peter D

    Frame-rate slowdowns

    Having seen a few brief slowdowns in Halo and SSX Tricky in fairly obvious spots on the Xbox, I have to wonder - what the heck? I can understand it in PC games, where you can't rely on the hardware (so it's harder to test the billions of possible configurations), but when you only have one...
  10. Peter D

    Basic Buffy question...

    I've been catching Buffy for the first time with its run from the beginning on FX. I'm enjoying it quite a bit, but I do have one question. We know Buffy has to stake vampires to kill them, but what's stopping the bad guys from just taking a gun and shooting her and the Scooby gang? Do they...
  11. Peter D

    Weird Tosh 50H81 problem

    I've had my Toshiba 50H81 for a couple of weeks now, and it's worked great except for one small issue. One channel (channel 5), has tons of interference on it. So I figure it's the cable (though it worked fine on the old set). I eliminate all of the other equipment and the splitter, and go...
  12. Peter D

    Running Scared - how is it?

    This came out yesterday, but there hasn't been any comments on the forum yet. It's MGM and it's cheap, so it's a crap-shoot as far as the quality goes. Anyone got it or seen any reviews?
  13. Peter D

    Operation Petticoat - anyone got it yet?

    I'd love to hear any comments on the picture quality - is it in fact anamorphic?
  14. Peter D

    New Tosh 50H80 - where should I start?

    Howdy all - I just took the plunge and had a new Tosh 50H80 delivered today. Even with the factory settings I'm dang impressed with this set. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do off the bat to maximize the picture quality? I remember reading about 9pt & 56 pt convergence...
  15. Peter D

    Oper. Petticoat - No WS?

    I've always liked this Cary Grant comedy, but to my dismay I discovered that the upcoming Artisan release is full frame? They've released a couple of previous Grant movies from the same era (Father Goose and Touch of Mink)in widescreen and heck, even their VHS version of Operation Petticoat is...