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  1. Mike_J_Potter

    Got new LCD TV calibration questions

    I got a new Samsung LN-T4061F 40" LCD HDTV yesterday to replace the almost dead 42" HD rear projection set I had. I have a couple of questions in calibration. First of all I am using my Avia guide to home theater DVD to calibrate and mainly talks about tube tvs. I just skipped the part about...
  2. Mike_J_Potter

    Looking at new LCD tv 40" or 42"

    I am in the process of shopping for a new tv to replace my dieing Toshiba 42" RPTV. Unfortunately I can't go up in size due to I am going to use my current furniture, and that means the TV's maximum width can only be 41". I have been looking at the Toshiba REGZA 42HL167 42" or the Samsung...
  3. Mike_J_Potter

    Any TV techs in here Toshiba Scan converter AKA Hyper Module

    I have been having issues with my Toshiba 42H82 RP HDTV with the screen being blurry and distorted on start up until the set warms up. After much googling I see that many people are having the issue and that its blown caps on the Scan convert or board AKA the hyper module. Has anyone changed...
  4. Mike_J_Potter

    Can CPU Overload shut down a machine?

    Its very unlikely that its heat related since it crashes immediately when he clicks export. If it was overheating it would take a little bit for it to overheat and would most likely beep first alerting to overheating then shutdown. Is it doing the same thing in any other program?? Since you are...
  5. Mike_J_Potter

    Anyone ever shop/buy at a "Computer Liquidation / Expo"?

    Personally I wouldn't bother going to the sale. I used to go to them along time ago, but haven't been to one in 2 years. The prices are usually higher then online places (I do all my computer shopping at newegg) and and if you count the 1% fee they charge if you use a credit card, admission...
  6. Mike_J_Potter

    How long does toner last?

    I wouldn't see a problem with using the old toners, the actual toner is just powder so no worries about it drying up like ink. My suggestion is try one in your printer and see how the print quality is, check and more importantly listen for any unusual noises when printing. If the printer makes...
  7. Mike_J_Potter

    First Build Suggestions

    Yeah those cases are a little more especially the P180 Which I had but got rid of when I built up my new system It was too big for to fit in my desk. I am using a COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 now and am very happy with it great air flow, and easy to work with. Not to mention at 45.00 or less with...
  8. Mike_J_Potter

    UPS cable help...

    Have you thought about buying a USB cable and cutting the one end off and crimping the RJ45 on the end? You would just need to know which wire goes into each pin. I am sure if dig google enough you can the wiring diagram for it. Even with the crimper you could build it for allot less then the...
  9. Mike_J_Potter

    Who buys cable modems at stores?

    Most cable companies let you buy your own modem and use it, the advantage is not having to pay modem lease fee (usually 3-6 dollars a month). I paid 40.00 for mine on special and just passed the break even point. Not to mention you can get the a new modem or your choice instead of some of the...
  10. Mike_J_Potter

    Notebook Hard Drives. What types? Also, external enclosures..

    ATA 150 is serial ATA, unless you have a newer laptop most likely your laptop will use a ATA -6 drive which is the equivlent to IDE ATA 133 but the connector is smaller for notebook use. Just to be safe I would pull the drive and check it before ordering, or look up the specs of your laptop. As...
  11. Mike_J_Potter

    Help With Gamming Card

    Since you need a PCI card there aren't many options. The best PCI card I could find is a Radeon 9250 256mb such as this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814102533 the card is under 70.00 and seems to be best card I could locate. It should run allot of games though I would check the...
  12. Mike_J_Potter

    Pentium D 805 overclocked from 2.66 GHz to 4.1 GHz!

    Very very true, if you are overclocking or even considering it in the future, get the cooler right away. Allot of the larger heatsinks and fans require removing the board to replace the backplate, so its much easier to do it during the initial build then taking the system apart later. Also make...
  13. Mike_J_Potter

    Pentium D 805 overclocked from 2.66 GHz to 4.1 GHz!

    I would hold off on building or buying a new PC until Intel Conroe and AMD Am2 systems come out and a few review sites check them out and benchmark them. Yes you can build a cheap fast system by overclocking, you just have to do your research to get the right components especially the Ram and...
  14. Mike_J_Potter

    ATI Card about to Conk out?

    If its under a year old it may still be under warranty. If its anything like the ATI video cards i have owned, you will have to replace the heat also. If they won't replace the fan, see if you can remove the fan and buy a standard 40mm fan or other size that fits and bolt it to the heatsink. Or...
  15. Mike_J_Potter

    'Ghosting' A Computer?

    You are right it is refering to activate wsftp or whatever else then and then make a clone of the hard drive (aka image or ghost) The disk imaging programs will clone the drive bit for bit onto another drive, or cd or whatever. That way when you need to restore or reinstall the OS you can...
  16. Mike_J_Potter

    Showtime Free Preview

    DirecTV has it this weekend also at least in the US.
  17. Mike_J_Potter

    Dual Channel Memory question

    Yes you do have dual channel ram. You will get some increase in performance though it won't be to drastic. Here is a site that compares dual channel to single including benchmarks, they test a AMD DDR system not a intel ddr2 system like yours but the difference will be almost the same...
  18. Mike_J_Potter

    seeking new system advice

    I would just go with the 7900 instead, all the sites I have seen have the 7900GT the same price or a few dollars more then a 7800GT. If your looking for a prebuilt system, I would go to sites like hardocp.com or other PC enthusiast sites, they frequently review gaming pcs and can maybe give you...
  19. Mike_J_Potter

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music slows down PC

    Yup latest drivers for the Card were download, and all other drivers, and the Bios are all up to date.
  20. Mike_J_Potter

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music slows down PC

    I recently purchased a sound blaster X-Fi Extreme Music card for my PC to replace the onboard sound in hopes of better sound quality and performance. Since installing it I have noticed it has slowed the PC down, even after reinstalling the drivers. I notice that things like clicking website...
  21. Mike_J_Potter

    Help! Computer booting to BIOS

    Also check to make sure all the drives are working in the PC. I have seen bios related issues like that when a drive fails. But my money would be on the bios battery.
  22. Mike_J_Potter

    PC trouble, am I in trouble here?

    I would also try running a program called active ports on the pc. This will show you all the programs that have ports open on the pc and where they are connected to or trying to connect to. Find the one in the list that is trying to go out to that site then google the program name. Here is the...
  23. Mike_J_Potter

    A couple HTPC questions

    You can easily make a air cooled system that is silent and still have it run fast. A good water cooling system will run you 200 or more, where as you can spend under 100.00 for a good quiet cpu and gpu cooler. I would look at Zalman, or several other brands of heatsink/fans, providing they will...
  24. Mike_J_Potter

    Frequency waterfall charts of a few familiar favourites

    Did the Serenity plots ever get done? At least the one for the introduction where they show the planet with all the explosions. Just wondering what frequencies the sub is playing that were causing my sliding glass door to rattle.
  25. Mike_J_Potter

    "Security Log Full, Only Adm can logon" issue.

    I would check the security log for failed login attempts or other failed or sucessful attempts to access files. Usually the security log will only log attemps to login or access files if someone is port scanning you or the pc is infected with a trojan or other backdoor it won't show up in the...
  26. Mike_J_Potter

    Looking for good DVD player with Divx/Xvid playback

    I am looking to replace my older progessive scan DVD player with one that can also playback xvid/divx files (must do both.. Upconversion is too much of a concern since my TV doesn't have HDMI or DVI inputs (though one that can do that is a bonus since I will do the steps to do so) I am...
  27. Mike_J_Potter

    Are retail PCs really this bad, nowadays?

    Agreed, I think its because the manufactures get kick backs for having the certain programs or trail versions on their PC. Same reason why you see AOL icons all over your PC when you install allot of programs. Buying a retail PC is fine, just wipe it and reinstall the OS once you get it. I have...
  28. Mike_J_Potter

    Question on AMD 64 chip and fan

    The fan settings are under the PC health status in the bios. Just turn down the CPU temp max fan speed. You can also adjust the case fans and chipset fan if you want. Or check out dfi-street.com they have several guides for tweaking the bios, and a very good forum for dfi boards, several DFI...
  29. Mike_J_Potter

    Question on AMD 64 chip and fan

    Your issue has nothing to do with the power supply. There is a setting in the BIOS that controls the speed, if the cpu goes below 25C it turns off and it will adjust its speed accordingly to the temp. You can change it so it will run all the time. I had the same issue with my DFI board. Here...