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    Paint question

    I'm going w/ a slate gray on the walls and doors, with black on the baseboards/trim and cabinentry/shelving. What should I do for the ceiling (it's vaulted, with some strange angles)? Same slate gray? Shades darker? Shades lighter? Black?
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    Need help with rear speaker placement

    I have to rewire my entire media room from the original plan I had when I built the house 2 years ago. Going with a projector now. 100-106". Have front/center/sub picked out. Narrowing it down on a receiver that doesn't have HD-DVD True Dolby HDMI issues. Need to finalize the rear speakers so...
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    I am stumped on my Theatre Room

    I have a 14x14' media room, totally enclosed. Will be for watching movies and football on the weekends. I had already wired it when the house was built to put in a 70"+ RPTV. (I figure seating distance from the screen to my eyes will probably be ~11') Should I stick with that, or redo all...
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    So why shouldn't I buy the HD-A1

    Was just going to get an upconverting player. Sony 75 or the Oppo. Then realized I was paying ~$150 for a DVD player...maybe just drop down to a regular progressive scan (I think upconverters are mostly marketing). Well, the Panasonic S52 w/ upconversion (which works fine) is the same price as a...
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    Vizio 50" Plasma on Sale

    Pretty awesome deal if you are looking for a nice plasma $1350 http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/produ...arriage=befree $1700 - coupon code XAA9JANARV (- $150) - $200 rebate Not sure how long that coupon code works, got this from another poster (thought I would repost on its own).
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    Is 14' x 14' too small for a projector?

    I was planning to do a projector but I looked at some specs and it looks like I would only get ~63" screen size, not the 90"+ I was hoping for. At that size a DLP or LCD is about the same price and I wouldn't have to rewire anything. Thoughts?
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    Projector Mounting - Ceiling, Wall?

    My room is in the 16x18' range, with vaulted ceilings, ~10' high. I have a ceiling fan mounted in the center which hangs down about 16" total. Options for my projector: 1. Remove fan, hang projector close to ceiling where fan was 2. Leave fan, try to hang projector towards back of ceiling...
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    Video Wall Plates - HDMI, VGA, COMP, S-Vid

    I'm having trouble finding wall plates for my home theatre. Looking for something that has HDMI, VGA, Component, Composite, and S-Vid. Surely someone must make a "master video wall plate", right?
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    Dual LNB vs Single w/ a splitter

    Does anyone think there is any advantage to using a dual LNB satellite dish vs using a single LNB with a coaxial splitter?
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    Frequency Settings for the EQ

    Posted this on the Speaker/Subwoofer forum but maybe it belongs here My Thread So my Sony STR-DB930's equalizer for the front bass goes from 100Hz to 1KHz. Now, is this setting a MIN, MAX, or centering Frequency? I am feeding it a constant test tone signal (say 60 Hz or 150 Hz) and...
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    Does anyone buy DVDs just for the movie?

    I know I've bought some DVDs MAINLY for the Audio or Video qualities, etc. but I've seen many posts on here where someone ask, "Should I buy movie X?" and I always find it funny that the response is never "yes, if you enjoy the film" but rather "yes, it's got a great anamorphic transfer and a a...
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    Frequency Settings for the EQ

    So my Sony STR-DB930's equalizer for the front bass goes from 100Hz to 1KHz. Now, is this setting a MIN, MAX, or centering Frequency? I am feeding it a constant test tone signal (say 60 Hz or 150 Hz) and it doesn't seem to change no matter if I move the EQ setting from 100 Hz to 1KHz...
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    Is there a list of all DVDs that are DTS?

    Figure someone has made at least a good attempt. Anyone?
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    Dolby Digital for DSS Question

    I have a DTS compatible receiver that accepts Optical Digital Audio Input. I am considering getting a DSS receiver that has Optical Digital Output. I know that only some channels actually broadcast in Dolby (HBO, Showtime, some preview channels, and some pay per view). My question is...
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    Where do you get polyfill at? I assume this is just the polyester cotton-like material that is somtimes found in cushions, etc? Craft store? How full should you stuff a sub box? You don't want to cut off all air flow, right?
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    JBL sub blew up...time to shop...help please.

    So my JBL PSW-D112 amp fried after 3 years...pretty good for those I understand...and I'm looking to replace. I looked at the new JBL model, the PB12, but they have just awful awful reviews on quality, so they are out. I am looking to spend sub $300 shipped. The Polk PSW350 is...