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  1. Wolf Jenkins

    VSX-49TX Help!

    Help! I am in the long process of re-wiring my HT and setting up my new baby, the VSX-49TX. I haven't even gotten all the speakers wired or my new rack in, but since I've had this since Monday just sitting on the floor, who can blame me for diving in and setting up my system in a temporary...
  2. Wolf Jenkins

    Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop (P2-400/128MB/10GB)

    Posting for my girlfriend - she really needs the money due to an unexpected expense and doesn't have the time to wait for a proper eBay auction. FS: Dell Inspiron 3500 Pentium II 400 mhz 128 MB RAM 14.1" XVGA 10 GB HD (formats to 9.35 GB) Floppy 24x CDRom I think there is software...
  3. Wolf Jenkins

    Japanese Xbox Controller question

    I might be able to pick a few of these personally on launch day there (will find out soon.) I want at least one for my girlfriend. so: 1) Anyone know if they are compatible with the US xbox (I'd have to think so)? 2) I had heard that MS was considering bringing these here to the US for...
  4. Wolf Jenkins

    Bleem! - R.I.P.

    http://www.bleem.com/ That's a shame. Cool stuff - wish they had delivered on the original "Bleem!" packs for the Dreamcast
  5. Wolf Jenkins

    Xbox bundle - which 3 games?

    Ok, I got my pre-order from EB that required 3 games. At least I'll have one on launch day - I went B&M - but am rethinking my game choices. I picked: * DOA3 * Shrek * Oddworld After the intial reviews, I am keeping DOA3 & want to pick up Halo - but what about #3? FYI - big RPG fan...
  6. Wolf Jenkins

    Help! HD400 not responding to remotes!!!

    HELP! My HD400 doesn't respond to my remotes anymore! Neither remote works - nor does my universal remote! I don't know what the deal is - it works fine if I use the buttons on the front panel! I tried leaving it unplugged for a few minutes, but no love! The remote seem to work - I can...