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  1. Dave_Olds

    FS: Dayton Sub

    Dayton 10" 100 Watt Subwoofer. Used for about 1 yr in a family room. Never really pushed, this was my third room with a HT system - movies were in the theater. Just used to add presence to TV/Sports....Very Good Condition. Paypal ok... $100.00 plus shipping
  2. Dave_Olds

    Surround Sound Layout & Choice Issues

    Attached is a layout of my room I am turning into an upstairs theater for typical HDTV, Sports and some movies. The surrounds really have me stumped....I cant figure out the best way to install them and which ones to choose....I have monopole RTi4's - but I could return them for FXi3's if...
  3. Dave_Olds

    WTB: DirecTV Receivers - Dolby or HDTV

    Looking for the following to upgrade my DirecTV receivers: (1) Dolby Digital Receiver in Standard Definition (1) High Definition Dolby Digital Receiver with Component or VGA outputs - Must have OTA tuner incorporated If you have anything of interest, please let me know Thanks, Dave
  4. Dave_Olds

    XBOX Games Recommendations

    Going to pick up a XBOX & some games tonite and I was looking for some feedback on some games.... Mostly looking for anything that may have intense graphics and/or sound....Like it seems Halo is must by game...besides that would like an intense driving game and even some sports related...
  5. Dave_Olds

    Mixing Axiom Surrounds w/ Paradigm Fronts

    I currently have Monitor 7's & CC350 center for the front stage. Due to limited budget constraints with construction and other aquisitions, the ADP370's are too much of a strain on the budget right now. So I am wondering the following: Has anyone used the QS4's with Paradigm products? Is...