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    HD-DVD help

    OK, so I have been a blu-ray user for a while now - love the PS3. Anyway there are a few titles that are only available in HD-DVD that I wanted - Transformers, BB, and Serenity - to name a few. So I read and read an decided I would go with the add-on HD-DVD drive for the 360; got it home, hooked...
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    DLP vs SXRD

    I currently have a 42" DLP Samsung with the color wheel. I've enjoyed it for a few years but recently picked up a BD player and want the ability to project 1080p; however, here is my problem, the Samsung I currently own has produced a weird issue that stomped the repairman that came to check it...
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    HDMI picture issues

    so i had my local cable company come out and install the new HD-DVR because it had HDMI out. But once it was hooked up I couldn't get a picture with the HDMI cable connected, but when I switched to component video out I immediately got a picture. I've gone through the menus on both TV and DVR...
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    3806 on the way!!!! Have a few questions about HDMI switching and audio

    Hey all, I've used the search feature but can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. I know that HDMI is both uncompressed audio and video, so here is my question. If I run HDMI out of my DVD player (Oppo 971H) into my Denon, do I need my optical cable for audio? Will the Denon...
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    Need advice on a New/Refurbished DVD player

    Hey all..........I am in the market for a new DVD player. I pretty sure mine is shooting craps on me. It is a sony, and while it has been good for the last 3 yrs, I want to move away from sony DVD players. So I guess my question is what can I get for about 200 bucks? It doesn't have to be...
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    I am looking into a new HT. My living room is small...I'd say 18x12. Small.... I'm interested in Axiom, Paradigm or Rockets. I have heard really good things about the Rocket 250s. But they are a little more then I want spend. What about these ELT-1 LRS Satellite. I know it is a satellite, so it...
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    Add on

    I should add anywhere within the 49 states. Unless I get a great offer from someone else. Thanks Mike
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    For Sale, Rotel 1066 and 1075

    I just got these pieces. The amp has about 125-150 hrs on it. No dents, dings or scratches. I really love them. I also have Audioquest Diamondbacks that I bought when I picked up my equipment. Willing to ship. I have original boxes as well as the original boxes Rotel shipped them in. I have...
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    New DVD player, need suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm looking at the new Rotel 1060. I don't think it is out yet. Right now I'm running a Sony 5 disc. But my amp and pre-amp are Rotel so I was thinking about all Rotel. I got a suggestion to look at Marantz. But there are no prices on thier site. Ok so a couple of questions. 1. Does...
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    Rotel RDV 1060

    I was hoping to learn some more about this DVD player. I'm on a list to get it when it comes out. But before I throw down a ton of cash I would like to know more about it. Can anyone help me? How are Rotels current DVD players? I have the Rotel 1066 and 1075 and I am very pleased with those...