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  1. Dennis*G

    Netflix search no longer shows dvd titles?

    I have the streaming only plan now, but I could search and it would show me movies that were both instant and DVD (and give me the option to get a dvd plan also) now tonight I went to do a search, and it ONLY searches for things in the streaming side, it no longer shows me any DVD choices at...
  2. Dennis*G

    iPhone4 vs iPad 3G

    For those of you that have both devices, is your AT&T signal strength the same on both devices? (assuming you have the updates on both) I'm just curious as I am walking around with my 3G iPad and seeing the signal if I can expect the same when I get the iPhone (whenever that damn white one...
  3. Dennis*G

    wife hurt at local school, what to do?

    My daughters had a dance rehearsal at the local HS auditorium. After she paid for pictures she was on her way to the stairs and tripped over an uneven board on the floor. Down she can and dislocated her elbow. Trip to the ER and they set it, but they said it went back 'almost to easy' so...
  4. Dennis*G

    Wii games for kids

    What is good for 4 year olds on the Wii? They like bowling and golf on sports, and I have Wii play on order, but what else can a 4 year old play that isnt going to frustrate them to much?
  5. Dennis*G

    Lawn Sprinklers

    OK. Every year I seem to have to buy new water sprinkers I am getting sick of spending $30-$60 on then every year! Is there a "deluxe/ultimate" water sprinkler out there? Something all/mostly metal that wont break/gears strip? Looking for Oscillating mostly. The cheap nelsons at...
  6. Dennis*G

    PS3 delayed

    http://news.com.com/PlayStation+3+ma...l?tag=nefd.top PS3 delayed for 6-12 months and price could be around $900, though I'm sure Sony would eat some of that cost. If it actually takes 12 months to get to the US and they miss the christmas season of 2006, I think it will not have much support.
  7. Dennis*G

    House fire 1 street over

    So, last night I'm heading to bed around 12:30, I hear a siren going right by my house, look out the front window and I see an orange glow one block over (about 100yds as the crow flies), within a minute flames were shooting about 50ft into the air. 3 fire trucks, 3 cop cars, and an ambulance...
  8. Dennis*G

    local International film showings. What should I see?

    Local International film festival is going on next week. Let me know what movies I should not miss from the list. I will try to make 3 of them...let me know if it is an all subtitle movie for english.. Being Julia Illusive Tracks Immediate Boarding Postmen in the Mountains Dog Nail...