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  1. rob kilbride

    Bright Star Germany Blu-ray how much French is spoken?

    I'm thinking of buying the region free German blu-ray of Bright Star. Since it has no English subtitles I double checked the language on Wikipedia and it say English and French. I'd appreciate any input about how much French is spoken in the film or any info on the German Blu-ray itself to see...
  2. rob kilbride

    Will my set up support a region free but 25 fps bluray disk?

    I want to order Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World bluray It's isted as region free on blu-ray.com but a note says most US players will not play it because it is 25 fps. Will my Oppo UDP-203 player, and OLED65E6P support 25 fps playback?
  3. rob kilbride

    Do all UHD Blu-ray players support 3d Blu-ray?

    With Black Friday coming up I need to know if I need to check for 3D support or not.
  4. rob kilbride

    Need help finding cd

    It's a bit of a long shot but perhaps someone knows what I am talking about. I once saw a case with the cd missing at a thrift store. It was some sort of an anniversary cd for some company. I can't remember which or even what kind of company for sure but it seems like it was either a car or...
  5. rob kilbride

    Anyone experience digital projection out of focus?

    Watched Star Wars last night and beginning with the trailers the picture was obviously soft. End credits were obviously blurry. Staff said it looked perfect. That's the watch movies on you iphone generation for you. Manager today said it focuses automatically and cannot be adjusted. Perhaps...
  6. rob kilbride

    Microcosmos Alliance Blu-ray, any good?

    Was thinking about buying this but can't find much in the way of reviews. How's the quality on the Canadian disk on Alliance? Also it says something about DVD packaging on bluray.com. Is there a blu-ray package edition? There appear to be two listing at Amazon. Also, does anyone know if this...
  7. rob kilbride

    Is it true all bluetooth 3d glasses are compatible with all bluetooth 3d tv's?

    Just want to verify before I buy. Can save some money getting Samsung instead of Panasonic for some extra pairs.
  8. rob kilbride

    Panasonic or Samsung 3D Blu-ray?

    I was recommended Panasonic almost two years ago, and except for the fact it has basically died(it won't play Blu-rays anymore), I have been mostly happy with it. Imreally don't want to go hi-end like Oppo right now because UHD blu-ray will be coming soon. I've seen some newer Panasonics get a...
  9. rob kilbride

    Criterion Watership Down framing.

    Took a look at the Blu-ray last night and thought the framing looked tighter than the original Warner DVD. I'm having some trouble with my Blu-ray player so switching back and forth is time consuming but I did confirm I was correct. The easiest example to find is at the 1:20 mark during the...
  10. rob kilbride

    Panasonic DMP-BDT230 3D player keeps giving disk incompatible message

    Sometimes unplugging for about 15 seconds or more will correct the problem, sometimes after several tries, but lately one disk won't play at all, even though I got it to play last week. Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution?
  11. rob kilbride

    How's the Rio Bravo Blu-ray?

    I seem to remember reading something negative about it here at HTF but I haven't been able to find anything. Is it a quality transfer?
  12. rob kilbride

    My True Life Adventures DVD are rotting.

    I bought them a few years ago, got the replacements for the misauthored ones, and watched them all with no problem. Yesterday I looked at the disks, and all six original disks have a darkening of the metal portion under the plastic. I checked two of the disks and the each had spots where the...
  13. rob kilbride

    3D Is Flying Monsters 3d Uk version same as US version?

    Is PQ the same and is it region free?
  14. rob kilbride

    Barnes and Noble Criterion Online sale 06-30-14-07-28-14!

    It's that time of year again!
  15. rob kilbride

    3D Will we ever see U2 3D on Blu-ray?

    Seems like a natural for Blu-ray. I'm surprised it hasn't been released yet. Does anyone have any info on the likelihood of this getting released?
  16. rob kilbride

    Need reliable 3D Blu-ray player

    I finally took the plunge and bought a 50 inch Panasonic Viera Plasma 3D Smart HDTV. My old 46 inch Sanyo 60Hz has an issue where there are horizontal lines flickering across the top of the screen so I need to replace it. I was surprised this TV is dying so fast, its only about 2 years old. My...
  17. rob kilbride

    Any date yet for June Criterion sale at B&N?

    It's that time of year again and I can't wait! Especially for The Man Who Knew Too Much and Monsieur Verdoux.
  18. rob kilbride

    Horizontal thin lines inermittently shimmering on top left portion of Samsung 46 inch HDTV

    The problem has been intermittent but seems to be happening more often now. What happens is that all of the sudden in the top quarter of the screen on the left two thirds, there are tens if not a hundred or more horizontal lines shimmering or flickering on and off rapidly. I have verified that...
  19. rob kilbride

    Silent World and World Without Sun

    Does anyone know anything about these import Blu-rays? Are they any good?
  20. rob kilbride

    House on Haunted Hill (1958) OAR

    Most sources claim aspect ratio to be 1.85:1 but it says "ORIGINAL FULL FRAME EDITION" on the back of the Legend Films release.
  21. rob kilbride

    Sugar DVD: what was changed so th DVD received a PG-13 rating?

    I'm quite disappointed to find out that apparently the DVD has been censored to get a PG-13 instead of an R which the theatrical version has. Apparently the Blu-ray version is not edited. Could someone please tell me what was removed?
  22. rob kilbride

    Miseducation of Lauryn Hill censored?

    I just bought the cd and even though curse words appear in the printed lyrics. They are edited from the song, Doo Wop (That Thing). Is this the only version of the cd or is this a "clean" version". I can't find anything to indicated that there were clean and explicit versions though there appear...
  23. rob kilbride

    Jump Cut in the movie "Dummy"?

    At about 10:28 into the movie there is a slight but obvious jump forward in the picture. Is there something wrong with my disk or is it in the movie?
  24. rob kilbride

    Woody Allen Miramax releases, will we ever see anamorphic?

    I've been getting into Allen lately and want to at least get all his movies where he was nominated from screenplay and/or directing. Has anyone heard anything about the possibility of "Bullets over Broadway" and "Mighty Aphrodite" getting reissued with anamorphic transfers? And also why has MGM...
  25. rob kilbride

    Night of the Hunter AOR

    The DVD is full frame, but I've read much on the internet that seems to indicate it should be 1.66:1. I read something in which someone stated that movies in 1955 were matted, but I've seen other movies from around that time that were Academy ratio, such as Dial M for Murder which I just...
  26. rob kilbride

    Is Don Juan Demarco DVD anamorphic?

    Doesn't say so on the box, but i know some older New Line titles are enhanced but say nothing about it on the box like "Friday".
  27. rob kilbride

    Scanners DVD lip synch

    The lip synch is off for the last half hour or so. Did they ever issue a corrected version of the disk?
  28. rob kilbride

    "Lovers and Other Strangers" OAR

    The DVD is fullscreen, and being from 1970 I'm assuming this is a MAR release. Can anyone please confirm that it is and it is not some sort of special case because it is not on the Home Theater Forum Comprehensive Non-OAR list thread.
  29. rob kilbride

    Storefront Hitchcock OAR

    Box says full screen is modified but I know documentaries are often shot in full screen. Does anyone know the OAR for sure?
  30. rob kilbride

    Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again"

    I heard a version I hadn't heard before, with more synthesizers than the album version (no its not the original 1982 version). I haven't had a lot of luck finding definitive info on this but is this version what appeared on the single or is this merely a version given to non-rock radio stations?