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  1. Paul Clarke

    Which do you prefer - and why? DLP, LCD, Plasma or Projection?

    I believe I may be the party to which Kevin is referring. When I first got my Zenith ED plasma I had the misfortune of waking to the menu of Sin City (of all things!) onscreen. And to make the story worse it happened on more than one occasion in the first month or two. I quickly got in the...
  2. Paul Clarke

    Which should I buy ...Harmon Kardon or Onkyo?

    In the HK's favor. I agree with the suggestion for the 635...or perhaps the 435. IMO you will not get a better receiver for that kind of money giving that kind of SQ. The EZSet/EQ alone is worth the price, considering what it can do with room issues affecting frequency response, especially...
  3. Paul Clarke


    Hi Tom, Heard this from the horse's mouth, so to speak, during numerous back and forths with BA people while I was contemplating these very purchases. Eric Pomerleau was my main contact but there were a few others. They are nice people to deal with but the jist of what is happening is this...
  4. Paul Clarke


    I would stand pat. While the closeout pricing is very tempting...I think it makes more sense for someone needing a substantial upgrade. Unless you have to have the Faroujda scaling in-receiver there really is no reason to go for the 7300 over what you already have. IMO the 7120 doesn't offer...
  5. Paul Clarke

    Opinions on the current 1call deal?

    For the money IMO the 7120 is still the best deal in terms of the BAs being closed out. It has the exact same AVP7 internals, no software or hardware differences. They call it an AVP7 with amping. 51.8lbs, half of it in the preamp - half in the amp. While the deal (which ended Friday night)...
  6. Paul Clarke

    Need advice on receiver/amp situation

    The first option seems most suited to your original purpose. I assume by traveling system you mean something set up in a Motor Home or Boat where you can better appreciate HT. NADs can have some flakey software issues at times but really deliver superb sound quality. One thing to consider: I...
  7. Paul Clarke

    RCA DLP for $1900- Any opinions?

    I have to agree with Tim. I love the PQ at the store for most RCAs especially the Sceniums but design quality and control seem to be lacking judging from all of the reported ownership issues. Do a web search on any model you are considering. It may well be problem free...but odds are against it...
  8. Paul Clarke

    AVR 7300 or Marantz SR8500

    Well, that is a difficult comparison to make...but I wouldn't say wacky. :D One is not only much more expensive but is also much more capable as a 7.1 AV receiver. The little Philips is strictly 2 channel Audio only...but as it has an AUX connection it could be used for TV sound as well as tied...
  9. Paul Clarke

    Harman Kardon AVR comparison

    If you are strictly 5.1 now and for the forseeable future, the 8000 is difficult to beat. Even moving to 7.1 is possible adding in a 2 channel amp. The quality of this piece is top notch. But Wayne is quite correct about the 635. It is hard to find a better buy for what you get at that price...
  10. Paul Clarke

    AVR 7300 or Marantz SR8500

    It is the Philips MCM530. Nothing special by any means...but amazing power. Originally I was looking to get a DVD/CD receiver combo as it made sense to move that feature into the bedroom for efficiency. My wife basically wanted smaller form factor and greater CD multi-play while not losing...
  11. Paul Clarke

    AVR 7300 or Marantz SR8500

    I have heard most of the current crop of Digi's. It is said that one either likes them or hates them. I would suspect that many of the haters come from the classic analog background and have a preference even though they utilize digital streams. I myself come from this group and were it not for...
  12. Paul Clarke

    Banana Plugs

    Opinions vary on all types of connectors. Some swear that spades are the ultimate. I use bananas for simplicity of use and notice no difference over bare wire or spades. But then it takes a true audiophile ear to take measure of these things...and apparently I don't have it. :D
  13. Paul Clarke

    AVR 7300 or Marantz SR8500

    Sure, it was a refurb from the HK Ebay store. Won it at a ridiculously low $575 bid. Kept waiting for it to go higher..never did. People must have been snoozing. So it was $603 delivered. The reasons for return were mostly cosmetic...not sound quality, I assure you. I am in the middle of...
  14. Paul Clarke

    AVR 7300 or Marantz SR8500

    When it comes to Marantz...gotta trust John. As to HK...if you must do something, consider this: The 7200 and 7300 are of course flagship units and you may well be a strictly flagship kind of guy. But while the 7300 has the Faroudja upconversion it lacks the EZ/EQ, 2 way video transcoding...
  15. Paul Clarke

    Harman Kardon Owners (& others): Please compare PLIIx vs. Logic 7

    Sean, Again, that is different. Virtually all HK's can take what is called Dolby Surround (2.0) and matrix it under Logic 7. But taking DD which is 5.1 and layering L7 over it to create 7.1 from DD is a unique feature. I had forgotten that the 635 now has been given that capability which was...
  16. Paul Clarke

    Harman Kardon Owners (& others): Please compare PLIIx vs. Logic 7

    Ken, Sorry...I lost track of your receiver. 635 has it...you lucky bum. I am comtemplating between the DPR2005 and the 635 to be used strictly as pre/pro. Since the non-digi 635 has more features than the 2005 for similar street money I am leaning heavily that way.
  17. Paul Clarke

    Harman Kardon Owners (& others): Please compare PLIIx vs. Logic 7

    Kenneth & Sean, All HK's have the simple form of Logic 7. What is in question is Logic 7 applied to DD. Only a few high end units have ever been capable of doing this.
  18. Paul Clarke

    HK PA-5800 4ohms/8ohms?

    Each speaker presents it's own demands. The 5800 will deliver 4 Ohm output to the 4ohm speakers and an 8ohm output to the center. No worries...just wire them up. Also, if he elects to run any of his surrounds from the receiver itself make sure it's switch is set for the Ohm load of THOSE...
  19. Paul Clarke

    Does this problem with my amplifier make sense?

    How about a little more info? Are you using the DVD player for CD play as well? If so, does the amp act up then? At what volume? Or have you noticed a volume level relation at all? If this is strictly related to DVD play, same questions. What speakers are in play?
  20. Paul Clarke

    Have some questions about DVD recorders.

    Recordings made through TIVO will not allow for editing commercial content, at least when recorded on the Hard drive...Not sure about burning straight to re-writable DVD formats.
  21. Paul Clarke

    Getting a Panasonic DMR E85 for Christmas...

    Yes...sad but true. Same for all units offering TV Guide service. What's weird is my Harmony 688 remote downloads this stuff in a few minutes every week. The manual business must be a guy thing for us...I know it took me a few days to get through the one for my XS32...and then only when...
  22. Paul Clarke

    Looking to buy a DVD Recorder

    Hi Bill, I think it varies from service provider to service provider. Single disc recorders are limited which is why I always recommend a unit with HDD. Many folks with PVR's from various providers still see the need for standalone Recorders with hard drives, if only for the editing...
  23. Paul Clarke

    Looking to buy a DVD Recorder

    Pat, TIVO is so popular because of the simplicity. It changes the way folks watch TV. But for DVD recording it is a poor source because of the built-in protections for commercial material. Don, As long as the unit has optical or coax output you should be fine. Philips is supposedly...
  24. Paul Clarke

    Looking to buy a DVD Recorder

    Don, If you know what you want then go for it. A single disc recorder unit places some demands on the person doing the recording. If it does not incorporate RAM (fortunately I believe all Pannys do) then editing on the disc is nigh impossible. If you do not care about editing capabilities...
  25. Paul Clarke

    Looking to buy a DVD Recorder

    Hi Don, Things to consider: Commercial VHS to DVD dubbing may or may not work depending on macrovision. If the tape is non-commercial there is no problem. I have dubbed any number of commercial tapes to DVD but my setup uses a standalone VCR sending input to the DVD recorder...in cases...
  26. Paul Clarke

    Looking to buy a DVD Recorder

    First think about what kind of recording you want to do. Will you want to edit content? If so you will want DVD-RAM at the minimum...but also a hard disk model would be better. I have both types and use the non-HDD one only for back-up and when there is conflicting programming at the same...
  27. Paul Clarke

    Getting a Panasonic DMR E85 for Christmas...

    Stephen, Heed Hank's warning. That is the problem with these 'tuck-away' gifts. My wife likes to do the same thing with big ticket electronic items as Christmas presents but she now understands they need to be opened and played with for awhile to determine their fitness. The usual return...
  28. Paul Clarke

    3+ hours on DVD with Toshiba RD-XS32?

    I don't see the problem. Just do a rate conversion dub and leave them unfinalized. If they are intended for others I can see the problem with finalization. I have a 6 hour 28 min. DVD-R of a Redskin game including hours of pre-game + post-game. I did a rate conversion dub and it went fine. Of...
  29. Paul Clarke

    panny e55 setup help need please

    Hi Steve, Welcome to the forum. This particular area doesn't get a lot of daily action over here. You might want to try here: http://www.avsforum.com/ The DVD and Recorder section is very active there with lots of Panny users. Good Luck
  30. Paul Clarke

    Advice needed: DVD-R/-RW or DVD+R/+RW recorder?

    Jean, I use 2 Toshibas...the non HDD D-KR2 and the Toshiba RD-XS32 w/80GB HDD. The XS32 unit was a later manufacture dated June 04 with the latest firmware ZL11 and a serial number in the 246xxxxx series. It has been tested and verified that earlier models with the ZL10 firmware had a problem...