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  1. Autoengineer

    AVR-2807 or TX-SR805

    I'm looking to upgrade my 4 year-old $300 sony with something in the $1000 price range. Looks like the Denon AVR-2807 or Onkyo TX-SR804 are good choices. I went to listen to them and I could not discern that one was better than the other. PLus who knows how the guys had them setup. The Onkyo is...
  2. Autoengineer

    Best way to mount speakers to wall

    My surround speakers are Phase Tech Teatros with a 5 1/4" mid and 1 inch tweeter. They weigh about 12lbs each and are about 11" high x 7" wide and 8" deep. I'd like to put the 2 rears up high on the wall. Whats the best way to do this? I've seen mounts that require putting screws into the...
  3. Autoengineer

    Actual output of up-conversion DVD player?

    I'm fairly new to the whole HDTV thing. I finally upgraded my 36 inch tube TV to a Mitsu 1080P dlp about 2 months ago. I was shopping yesterday for a new receiver and the guy grilled me on my setup and he threw me for a loop. He stated that I should get a DVD player that "upconverts" because of...