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  1. Travis Kolesar

    Best 27 inch or under, TV for 600 or less

    My local CC has the C27V36 for $599 with a $50 giftcard tossed in, I'm probably gonna go ahead and pull the trigger on this for myself, just want to read up a bit more on it. Apparently some people are reporting a hum issue with it (more than the normal elctronic hum). I know someone with the...
  2. Travis Kolesar

    DVD Thinpak and other Slim Cases

    Shoot, I just stumbled across this thread last night, those Oz cases are just perfect for my needs. If there is another group buy in the future, I'll certainly place an order. The pakpal cases look alright, but I'll shell out a bit more for something I like.
  3. Travis Kolesar

    Salamander Fusion 36 Media Rack $99

    Got mine today. It looks like they might have these priced low for a while, if they do, i'll pick up to or 3 more after my vacataion. I've had a synergy rack since the line first came out, love it, great quality.
  4. Travis Kolesar

    Salamander Fusion 36 Media Rack $99

    Thanks for pointing this out, I would have totally missed out on this and I desparately needed a new rack.
  5. Travis Kolesar

    PS2 Headsets question

    It hasn't been done yet, but I bet as SOCOM 2 comes closer to release IGN Gear will probably do a head to head comparison.
  6. Travis Kolesar

    2-player co-op games on consoles?

    Another game coming out that is supposed to support 2 player coop is Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It uses teh Baldur's Gate 2 engine and is a post-apocolyptic sci-fi setting instead of fantasy.
  7. Travis Kolesar

    Calling Steel Battalion Owners

    You have any links regarding Line of Sight anda possible new controller? Would be much appreciated.
  8. Travis Kolesar

    Anyone up for a Outlaw Volleyball Tourney?

    Count me in too.
  9. Travis Kolesar

    Black Threaded Rod

    There are some black marking dyes for aluminum and brass. Check http://www.smallparts.com/ under marking chemicals in the product section. Never used myself, just remember seeing them. I've been meaning to get a bottle of the brass black and give it a try on a stripped trumpet, just keep...
  10. Travis Kolesar

    What fighting game are you most looking forward to playing?

    Played the Xbox version of Soul Caliber II at Lollapalooza yesterday. It is an absolute thing of beauty and is now my mopst eagerly awaited game of the summer. I hope I'm finished with KOTOR when this does come out, as I won't be playing much of anything else for a while.
  11. Travis Kolesar

    Outlaw Volleyball anyone?

    Mine is preordered, just waiting for the call to come and pick it up.
  12. Travis Kolesar

    Calling all Seals

    Friday or Sunday are fine here. Gives me time to find my PS2 controller.
  13. Travis Kolesar

    Calling all Seals

    I have no life. Count me in.
  14. Travis Kolesar

    What song do you use to show off your system to a friend?

    These more than anything else... Music for Prague by Karel Husa, Eastman Wind Ensemble Cafe Blue, Patricia Barber
  15. Travis Kolesar

    Radiohead 'Hail To The Thief'

    This album keeps getting better with each listen. Can't wait to see them live again at Alpine Valley in August.
  16. Travis Kolesar

    The not so Flexy Rack. (My DIY High End Rack)

    Makes sense. Was wondering where the allthread was gonna be used. Look forward to seeing the finished product
  17. Travis Kolesar

    The not so Flexy Rack. (My DIY High End Rack)

    Yea, i'm familiar with both Bosch and 8020, as well as a few other manufacturers. The actual Spider extrusion, I still have yet to see anywhere. With your project, how are you planning to mount the arms to the extrusion?
  18. Travis Kolesar

    The not so Flexy Rack. (My DIY High End Rack)

    Anyone have a source for the pillars that are used in the spider rack? While I'm probably going to get T-slot extrusions from Bosch for my the rack project I'm working on, those are kinda neat looking and I could see using them in a different project. www.onlinemetals.com seems to have good...
  19. Travis Kolesar

    Removing stickers from jewel cases?

    Lamp oil works wonderfully (trupmpet valve oil too, what I use at work for getting adhesive off of stuff). But, when it comes down to it, the time spent working on it far exceeds the replacement cost of the case. Replacing or ignoring are my two favorite options.
  20. Travis Kolesar

    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    Neko Case - Blacklisted Ligeti - Hamburg Concerto Kronos Quartet - Black Angels DVD
  21. Travis Kolesar

    FFXI: Who's in on the beta?

    I signed up, but no email yet. Here's hoping.
  22. Travis Kolesar

    Wolfenstein Tournament. What do you guys think?

    Yep, there was major ownage last night of team facepasternamestealer. If last night was any indication, they're gonna need a big 'ol box of tissue for the true face pasting they'll be drowning in when WDUGM gets done with them. We'll leave the gibletty reamains for Men With Hats to munch on.
  23. Travis Kolesar

    *** Official THE MATRIX RELOADED Discussion Thread

    For whomever asked about the hex code from the matrix website, poke there's an area where a little console with switches comes up and you can entere a code, you need to convert the hex to binary and enter it in (there's a hex/binary converter too, somewhere in there). You'll get an option to...
  24. Travis Kolesar

    *** Official THE MATRIX RELOADED Discussion Thread

    Agent Smith taking over Bain reminded me alot of the Neal Stephenson book Snowcrash. In this book, someone has discovered a way to essentially take control of a person's mind by hacking the brain stem on a subconscious level through the use of a virus like code. In the book it only affects those...
  25. Travis Kolesar

    *** Official THE MATRIX RELOADED Discussion Thread

    Just finished Enter the Matrix. I really hope these cut scenes make it onto one of the DVDs, as there are alot of neat little things. I see someone posted about the earlier clips. Here's a bit from the most interesting of the later clips, IMO. FMV 16 Niobe escaping from the power plant and it...
  26. Travis Kolesar

    Wolfenstein Tournament. What do you guys think?

    Count me in. Especially if we can get that wrecking crew of a team we had going last night together for this.
  27. Travis Kolesar

    *** Official THE MATRIX RELOADED Discussion Thread

    It was 23, a number usually associated with chaos in magic and other such things. Trying to figure out why they chose that one. I suppose, Zion could represent a controlled chaos within the matrix if you are going with the multiple matrices idea. I completely agree that the choice of numbers...
  28. Travis Kolesar

    *** Official THE MATRIX RELOADED Discussion Thread

    My friends and I have been kicking around all sorts of stuff about Reloaded since Wednesday night. Over a few too many brews last night we started wondering, what if the world of Zion and the machines was the true reality and Neo is even more of an abberation than the other Ones. More to the...