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  1. kevitra

    Onix Rocket OD100 Outdoor speakers

    SOLD. For sale are my new in box Rocket OD100 outdoor speakers in white. The box is unopened. I purchased them but have decided I will be using something else for outdoor audio (wife wants rock speakers). $78 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Thanks for looking!
  2. kevitra

    Onix Reference One MKII

    For sale are my Onix Reference One MKII loudspeakers in piano black finish. I also have a pair of MKIIs in Rosewood. You can purchase either pair (I have two and only need one). Note that both pair I have are the newer MKII version of the speaker. These speakers have no marks, scratches...
  3. kevitra

    FS: Behringer Feedback Destroyer BFD

    SOLD Model dsp1124p like new with original box and manual. Comes with 1/4" RCA jacks. Ready to tune your sub! $100 shipped. I accept money orders and paypal (add 2.9%). My ebay account is 'kevitra'. I have tons of positive feedback. [email protected]
  4. kevitra

    Swan Diva C3 Center channel speaker

    I have for sale my excellent condition Swans Diva C3. I am the original owner. It comes with it's manual, sock, and all original packaging. I will have photos posted shortly. $350 - INCLUDES shipping anywhere in the continental US (ground/insured). My ebay ID is [email protected] I...
  5. kevitra

    Do NOT buy from Uncle Stereo/ReliableAudioVideo/LegacyAudioVideo

    I purchased an NAD T762 from them. Just as I realized they weren't legit (from other threads), I tried to cancel my order. My order had already shipped (they gave me the tracking # - it had shipped). It came today. I called them to send it back. They told me it would be a 15% restocking...
  6. kevitra

    Anyone use a Hughes E86 with Rotel 1055/1066

    If you use the Hughes E86 HD DirecTV receiver with a Rotel RSX-1055 or 1066, do you hear a 'pop' when you switch between an HD and non-HD channel? My 1055 is being replaced for this problem, and I have seen others with this problem. Thanks!
  7. kevitra


  8. kevitra

    First attemp with BFD

    Here is my first attempt with my BFD and SVS 25-31. I used Tony Gomez's Excel spreadsheet to 'guess' at initial settings. This is after one hour of playing around. So far I see that I have to fix that 50hz hump and boost 40hz a tad, and the small increase at 100hz. I am happy with the...
  9. kevitra

    BFD problem

    I just purchased a BFD from my SVS 25-31. I bought 2 of the radioshack 1/4" phono to female RCA connectors. I was getting no input to the BFD, so I started to unplug the input connector. Then the lights turned on. I can only get a signal if the plug is 1/2 way in. It does this on both...
  10. kevitra

    Opinion needed - Rotel/Jolida/Denon

    I'd like your opinions on some decisions I have to make. My current system is: ACI Sapphire IIIs (90db efficient) Jolida 302b integrated tube amp (50w x 2) Denon 3802 (used for HT) SVS 35-31 My dilema is that I am upgrading to the new ACI Sapphires (86db efficient). The new...
  11. kevitra

    SVS driver

    I have an SVS 25-31 which I purchased on 09/01/2000. I am considering upgrading to the new (although not anymore) driver. I love my sub, but the upgrade is cheap and I have a possible use for the 'old' driver: I was thinking that my car could use a little help in the low end. My head unit has...
  12. kevitra

    Denon 2802 'pop'

    I just got a Denon 2802 from 6ave a week ago. I have been impressed with PLII/DTS NEO so far. I am having an issue that I have not been able to fix. When watching TV with my DirecTiVo (via toslink optical cable) I hear a 'pop' sound when I change channels/fast forward and then play/etc. It...
  13. kevitra

    Denon upgrade..worth it?

    I have the opportunity to upgrade my Denon 2801 to a 2802 for $150 (from an authorized dealer). Is it worth it? PLII/DTS-NEO is what I will be gaining, along with component switching (which I won't use). I watch a lot of DSS, so PLII would be nice to have (although people can't seem to agree...
  14. kevitra

    How much does ProLogic II impress you?

    I am considering selling my Denon 2801 (which is used as a preamp) for the 2802, if PLII is worth the upgrade. I primarily use my HT for watching TV and it seems that 98% of shows only use the center channel, and if they use the rear channels it is very minimal. Does PLII really help out that...