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  1. Scott_Lip

    SVS PCi 25-31 NY/CT/NJ Area Pickup

    I have a like new SVS PCi 25-31, with a brand new amp replaced by SVS in December for sale. I would prefer local pickup in the NY/CT Metro area. I would be willing to meet someone halfway, up to an hour drive from Danbury CT. $375 Please email at [email protected]
  2. Scott_Lip

    M&K 750 THX 5.1 complete system w/ v-125 sub

    Complete M&K 750 THX 5.1 system in black, INCLUDING the v-125 THX certified subwoofer. The setup consists of the 750 THX center, left and right, and the surround 550 THX rears, and the v-125 subwoofer, all in matte black. This system is a year old and in excellent condition. Stands are not...
  3. Scott_Lip

    Recoton (Jensen, Acoustic Research and others) Sold

    I just got word that Recoton was sold. The winning bid was made by 2 companies, one is a French VERY major manufacturer, and the other is a long island manufacturer. Apparently, part of the sale is Subsidized by the Frech government. Sounds like acoustic Research should be very well...