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  1. Jeremy Anderson

    Pleasantly surprised by Fox on Star Wars replacement.

    In my Star Wars Trilogy DVD set, everything worked great except for a 5-second jump and pixelization in A New Hope. Looking at the disc, there didn't seem to be any physical flaw that would cause this, i.e. scratches, smudges, etc. Out of curiousity, I popped the disc into my PC's DVD-RW drive...
  2. Jeremy Anderson

    My fullscreen DVD experience for the week.

    Just had to share this: I was in Best Buy picking up my widescreen copy of Star Wars Trilogy, and I noticed that the guy behind me had the fullscreen version. I wasn't going to say anything, but he looked like a nice enough guy and I figured maybe I could convince him how much picture he would...
  3. Jeremy Anderson

    HTF REVIEW: The Passion of the Christ

    In the sequel, Jesus comes back as a clothing designer. He is eventually killed by a rival designer whose clothes are pushed off the market because everyone's buying Jesus' superior duds. That's right, you guessed it... THE FASHION OF THE CHRIST.
  4. Jeremy Anderson

    Onkyo TX-SR502 review

    I've been fairly happy with my Onkyo TX-SR600, despite going through 3 units before getting one that completely worked (because of the EX decoding bug on some of the units). However, there were some minor features that it lacked that made me want to get something else (specifically, having a...
  5. Jeremy Anderson

    Here's something you might enjoy...

    I write a column for a local paper, and I thought people at the HTF might get a kick out of my latest. Enjoy! LIQUID MEAT by Jeremy L. Anderson Shaolin Sucker In the wake of the Kill Bill movies, I found myself obsessed with martial arts flicks. I went back and watched the standards...
  6. Jeremy Anderson

    SVS on TechTV

    Secrets' John E. Johnson did a segment on TechTV's Call For Help this week where he set up a home theater on their set. I was glad to see that the sub he used on the show was the SVS 25-31PCi! I thought it was very cool that John hyped SVS on national television. Leo Laporte and crew seemed to...
  7. Jeremy Anderson

    Polk CSi30 to CSi40: Worth the upgrade?

    My system currently consists of 5 Polk Audio RTi28's and a CSi30 center with a SVS 20-39CS+/Samson 1000/ART-351 EQ subwoofer setup. I was at Circuit City today and noticed that they have the CSi40 for only $199.99. I was wondering if anyone has heard a huge difference between the 30 and 40. I'm...
  8. Jeremy Anderson

    List of discs with DD and THX trailers?

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what DVD's have the various Dolby Digital and THX trailers on them. I know Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have the THX Tex 1 and 2 trailers, Punch-Drunk Love has the Dolby EX Waterfall trailer (which is AWESOME), Terminator 2 has the THX T2 trailer, and of...
  9. Jeremy Anderson

    Any way to test for proper speaker delays?

    I've got an Onkyo TX-SR600 with 5 Polk RTi28's and a CSi30 center channel, SVS 20-39CS+/Samson 1000/ART-351 subwoofer setup. The problem I have is this (if I can explain it clearly): My mains are both 12' from the listening position. My center channel is 10'. Setting the delays for that works...
  10. Jeremy Anderson

    This annoying "no insert" trend -- A RANT

    Am I the only one disturbed about the recent trend toward not including inserts in DVD's? I'm not talking about the companies that historically never have (Lion's Gate, for example). I'm talking about the big name studios just not bothering anymore. Last week, it was The Emperor's Club...
  11. Jeremy Anderson

    No insert in Emperor's Club?

    Are all copies of The Emperor's Club devoid of an insert, or did I just luck out? I hope this isn't a new trend...
  12. Jeremy Anderson

    Gregg Loewen calibrates my Hitachi 43UWX10b - DETAILED REVIEW.

    Thanks to this and other forums, I've done just about every tweak I could find to my Hitachi short of cracking it open. Hey, I've been zapped enough times by air conditioners to know that my hands are too large and shaky to go reaching into high voltage areas. Despite the fact that I've been...
  13. Jeremy Anderson

    Where are the side-scrollers for X-box?

    I'm a big fan of the 'Box... but I miss having an old-school side-scrolling shooter to play. When are we gonna' get something like Gradius or R-Type for the 'Box? This is my biggest complaint about the game selection so far. The closest they've come is Hunter: The Reckoning, but I want a good...
  14. Jeremy Anderson

    My chiropractor is killing his Hitachi!

    My chiropractor was joking with me about my DVD obsession, when I mentioned that I was having my RPTV ISF calibrated next month. His response? "Mine has a button you push that focuses everything." It turns out he has a Hitachi 51" widescreen RPTV... running at the factory default settings! No...
  15. Jeremy Anderson

    Any word on Carpenter's THEY LIVE?

    Wasn't there supposed to be a special edition of John Carpenter's THEY LIVE coming out at some point? I can't find the original DVD of it and I -REALLY- want this movie!
  16. Jeremy Anderson

    Green Dragon - not anamorphic?

    Just borrowed the recently released DVD of a Patrick Swayze movie Green Dragon. Here's confusing for ya' -- the menu is this outstanding animated anamorphic widescreen affair... and the actual movie is letterboxed non-anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen. Why would such a recent movie get this kind of...
  17. Jeremy Anderson

    Any word on EQUILIBRIUM?

    I really wanted to see the Christian Bale/Taye Diggs action sci-fi flick Equilibrium... except its 12/06/02 release date came and went and not a single theater within 30 miles ever got the movie. Any news on Dimension Films releasing this to DVD so I can actually see it?
  18. Jeremy Anderson

    Need a favor from anyone running an EX config

    Hey guys- in doing some testing with my Onkyo, I came across an anomoly in EX decoding and wondered if I could find a couple other folks who could try an experiment on their system. Using a phase test for surround speakers (such a test signal is available on Avia, VE and even on any disc...
  19. Jeremy Anderson

    Does DD-EX remove out-of-phase sound altogether?

    Posted this in another area with no response, so let's try it here. For the hell of it, I played the THX audio tests on Disney's Lilo And Stitch tonight on my Onkyo SR600 receiver. Here's my beef: On the phase tests, it says the in-phase sound for the surrounds should come from the rear...
  20. Jeremy Anderson

    Potential problem in EX decoding on Onkyo SR600?

    For the hell of it, I played the THX audio tests on Disney's Lilo And Stitch tonight on my Onkyo SR600 receiver. Here's my beef: On the phase tests, it says the in-phase sound for the surrounds should come from the rear center channel... which it does. So far, so good. However, it also says...
  21. Jeremy Anderson

    Circuit City rocks - Polk trade-in story.

    Went to Circuit City to buy an Onkyo SR600 today and was lamenting that my current system consisted of Polk CS245i and 4 RT25i's (and a SVS20-39CS+/Samson1000/ART-351), hence I couldn't find another RT25i to use as a rear surround. So then the guy tells me I can bring in all those speakers and...
  22. Jeremy Anderson

    Hitachi RPTV component question - Y,Pb,Pr or Y,Cb,Cr?

    I have the Hitachi 43UWX10b 16:9 RPTV with a Panasonic RP-56 progressive scan player hooked to it via component cables. I was rifling through the manual and noticed this: "Component color type: HDTV - Use for High Vision signal Y-Pb-Pr from HDTV set top box. SDTV/DVD - Standard Definition...
  23. Jeremy Anderson

    H/K vs. Onkyo -- Help me decide whether I should upgrade!

    My current system is: Onkyo 595 receiver Polk RT25i mains and surrounds Polk CS245i center SVS 20-39CS+/Samson 1000/ART-351 (EQ'd flat, reference level) Overall, I'm pretty happy with the sound, but the highs sound kinda' grating at high levels. I'm noticing that I can get a good deal...
  24. Jeremy Anderson

    A little holiday cheer for you all...

    To Admins: If this is taboo, please delete this thread. I just wanted to share something I wrote with the HTF. No, Virginia, There Is Not a Santa Claus By Jeremy L. Anderson As I grow older, I feel increasingly drawn to the idea of having children. This is not to say that I have a woman...
  25. Jeremy Anderson

    Any chance of S.F.W. on DVD?

    Was listening to the soundtrack for the movie S.F.W. and realized that the movie hasn't made its way to DVD yet. Anyone know if this is planned or not? I'd love to have this movie!
  26. Jeremy Anderson

    Anyone played Kakuto Chojin yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has played Kakuto Chojin yet. I'm a big fan of fighting games, and was just wondering if it's worth my trouble.
  27. Jeremy Anderson

    NHL 2003 for X-Box 16:9 or not?

    I really want a hockey game for the X-Box, but I can't find out from ANYONE if this title has 16:9 support. If it doesn't, I'll wait until Sega's NHL2K3 comes out. Can anyone confirm whether EA's NHL 2003 is widescreen?
  28. Jeremy Anderson

    Anyone using X-Box with 6.1/7.1 system?

    I'm considering selling my Onkyo 595 to a friend and getting the 600 or 700 to replace it (and adding a center rear speaker). I know the effect this will have with movies, but I haven't seen anyone post anything about how well the matrix decoding works with something like the X-Box, where...
  29. Jeremy Anderson

    Weird color pulsing on Hitachi 43UWX10b/Panny DVD-RP56

    I've got the Hitachi 43UWX10b with a Panny RP-56 progressive scan. I've calibrated with Avia and everything looks great... except every once in a while, certain shades of color do this wierd thing. I'm not sure how to describe it. If there's a brown wall in the background, you can see kind of...
  30. Jeremy Anderson

    Can black level just change?

    I have the Hitachi 43UWX10b, calibrated with Avia (on a Panny RP-56 DVD) and rechecked on a weekly basis. My settings thus far have been (with all auto color, noise reduction, etc. off): CONTRAST - 30 BRIGHTNESS - 55 COLOR - 40 TINT - +2 green SHARPNESS - 20 I went out of town, came back...