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  1. DarrenHo

    Family Guy Season 8

    yes, it was a repeat of the strven king parody.
  2. DarrenHo


    i like it.
  3. DarrenHo

    Tribute to Brunettes

    i wanna know who the girl in the maid's outfit is.
  4. DarrenHo

    Attila the Cat

    i'm sorry for you loss but as long as you hold him in your heart he's not completely gone. rip attila.
  5. DarrenHo

    Home network issues

    are the printers connected to the hub or the other computers? are they set to be shared if on a host computer?
  6. DarrenHo

    UFC Ongoing Thread

    sorry for the mom and dad. this is not good news for quinton either.
  7. DarrenHo

    The WWE™

    i thought it was interesting that vince called hhh "paul" when he was under the sign.
  8. DarrenHo

    Tribute to Brunettes

    no need to apologize for that.
  9. DarrenHo

    How far do you commute?

    about 17 miles each way. about 13 of which is freeway. unfortunately, my swing shift doesn't lend itself to mass transit but i'm thinking about putting the battery tender on the car as i ride my fz1 to work every day.
  10. DarrenHo

    Worst Movies Ever Made?

    meet the spartans
  11. DarrenHo

    Worst Movies Ever Made?

    meet the spartans
  12. DarrenHo

    The WWE™

    i'm sure vince mcman would love it if more people got that vibe. i find kennedy pretty annoying and don't think he's any where near steve austin in audience appeal.
  13. DarrenHo

    UFC Ongoing Thread

    sorry. was referring to: "what may be the greatest finish in MMA history."
  14. DarrenHo

    UFC Ongoing Thread

    wow, and only 10secs into the bout too. crazy.
  15. DarrenHo

    Fry's-Infinity P362's @ $99 each.

    damn, i paid about $350 for a pair last year. i like these speakers especially for that price.
  16. DarrenHo

    The Bank Job - quick review

    i really like the movie too. thought it was very intertaining.
  17. DarrenHo

    WTB: low budget digital receiver!

    i've got one of those. the thing just will not die. not that i'm complaining.
  18. DarrenHo

    Direct TV or Dish Network

    the reason i'm asking is dish has an hd dvr receiver for 2 tvs for free while direct tv want $200 for an hd dvr and an sd dvr. just trying to understand if there is some reason i shouldn't go with the cheaper choice. monthly programming is about the same.
  19. DarrenHo

    Direct TV or Dish Network

    perhaps i should have said direct tv's minimum of 1 tuner per tv while dish uses 1 turner for 2 tvs. at least that's the picture i'm getting from dish's website.
  20. DarrenHo

    Direct TV or Dish Network

    any feelings about comparing dishes two room single receiver setup vs direct tv's 1 turner per tv? it sure is cheaper to set up a dish account with 1 hd tv and 1 sd.
  21. DarrenHo

    My current modest HT

    nothing wrong with that at all. i like it.
  22. DarrenHo

    Who listens to digital cable music channels?

    i listen to them all the time. i can't recall the last time i listened to the over the air radio in the living room.
  23. DarrenHo

    Installing RAM into a laptop

    often only 1 stick is accessible under the external door. the other stick is usually under the keyboard. a little more time consuming but not too difficult.
  24. DarrenHo

    Could it be -- Bobby Knight returning to Indiana?

    i could see him returning in some type of advisory role but not as head coach but you never know.
  25. DarrenHo

    Tribute to Blondes

    shi*. i sure wish she lived next door to me. Hello neighbor.
  26. DarrenHo

    New Home Theater System. I need suggestions!

    check here: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htf/...stem-sale.html
  27. DarrenHo

    The WWE™

    comcast in fresno got usa hd about 2 weeks ago.
  28. DarrenHo

    Bye, Bye COMPUSA

    apparently the customer was right this time.
  29. DarrenHo

    Visio TV problems

    i woudn't mess around with it. just return it. something like that isn't going to correct itself. it's only gonna get worse.
  30. DarrenHo

    UFC Ongoing Thread

    i think they market the hughes/serra fight on tuf all season so they can't have the match before the end of the season of tuf. otherwise i think you're right about the length between fights.