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  1. Tim_P_76

    Blue Thunder SE

    From Comic Con Producers panel, Mr. Charles De Lauzrika is working on this title! No release date yet, but possibly this year.
  2. Tim_P_76

    Next wave of Disney Treasures!

    I found this on ultimatedisney.com: "Forum member C3PO reveals that he just learned from Disney's consumer hotline that the four Walt Disney Treasures releases due this December are called Disney Rarities, Legendary Heroes (we presume this is the "Swamp Fox" collection mentioned last week)...
  3. Tim_P_76

    AMAZING STORIES SEASON 1 is coming...

    According to Horrordvds.com Here
  4. Tim_P_76

    Flipper films for preorder.

    DDD.com has both Flipper and Flipper's New Adventure for 9.00 each!! Both WB titles are in widescreen and are for release on 8/24. I would lock that price in if you want these titles! Hopefully the TV show will be next.
  5. Tim_P_76

    GI Joe Season 1:1 mini REVIEW

    I am writing this review for you guys and myself because I want to SEE ONE!! I have not seen very many and it would be nice to have one on HTF. Just to let ya know, I am a 27 year old diehard fan and consider myself quite modestly knowledgeable about the RAH series, toys and comics. I just didnt...
  6. Tim_P_76

    DiC toons coming to DVD!

    From toonzone: UAV Entertainment has partnered with DiC Entertainment to release more animated titles on DVD and VHS as part of UAV's "Animation Station" catalog library. The first titles to be released in this deal are Heathcliff: Fish Tales and Heathcliff: Terror of the Neighborhood...
  7. Tim_P_76

    GI Joe Cover Art

    DROOL......This is more exciting than the TF boxsets for me! Prices should be cheaper elsewhere when the preorders pop up. Amazon.com
  8. Tim_P_76

    Transformers Season 3 part 2

    This is the final release and is being called Season 3 part 2/ Season 4. It includes Rebirth! Cover Art
  9. Tim_P_76

    Transformers season 3

    It has begun again! Went to DDD.com for a crazy low price for this set. I'm finally getting the theme of the packaging from seeing this cover. Part 2 should be a fully together(transformed) autobot logo.:emoji_thumbsup: Hopefully GI Joe wont be far behind with an announcement. The pic is from...
  10. Tim_P_76

    Fantasia: Bum disc?

    I have an interesting question to a problem that I have seen on my Fantasia disc, that I havent seen mentioned on any posts regarding opinions or reviews on the transfer. Only During the animation segments, not the orchestral interstitials, I experience on the left side of my monitor a vertical...