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  1. Terry Wysocki

    Don't buy a Pinnacle PCTV card for capture

    I'm getting my htpc together slowly but surely and now I'm to the point where I want to get my analog video (VCR, etc) to the projector which is fed from the PC. From someone's suggestion, I got a Pinnacle PCTV pro card to capture the s-video from the VCR where I think I'll then use dScaler to...
  2. Terry Wysocki

    Where can I learn basic framing techniques?

    Is there any DIY website that shows how to do framing? I mean the kind of framing used to build a house or a shed, etc. I'm setting up my home theater and I need to build a small shed to store the stuff that's in the room I want to use. I'm fairly familiar with woodworking and construction but I...
  3. Terry Wysocki

    Why is this forum in "Other Distractions"?

    Why is the "Computers and HTPC Area" forum grouped in the "Other Distractions" section? It would make more sense to put it in the "Home Theater Hardware" section. Maybe even break it out into two computer forums: A new one for specifically HTPC related topics and the other (current one) for more...
  4. Terry Wysocki

    What's the best web portal?

    I've used Yahoo as my home page on my IE6 browser for a long time. Now they're putting out a bunch of popup ads (like for some stupid online casino). If I wanted popup ads I'd be using AOL! I switched to Excite for a home page but they're doing it too. I know I can run a popup blocker but I want...
  5. Terry Wysocki

    New Hypersonic speaker - virtual 5.1?

    I just heard a radio talk show in Los Angeles talking about a company in San Diego that has invented something called a hypersonic speaker. From what I heard, it's not a cone type speaker, but rather a tube that emits ultra-high frequency sound. This sound is above human hearing and is extremely...
  6. Terry Wysocki

    Got Powerstrip, now what do I do with it?

    I'm running my Radeon 7500 direct to a Sanyo XP21N projector with VGA cable. I have the PC set to 1020x768 resolution @60hz and want to get the best video for my DVDs and other PC apps. Everyone told me to get Powerstrip so I did. Now what do I do with it? I have to admit that it's pretty...
  7. Terry Wysocki

    How much loss going from vga to component?

    I have a Dish 6000 with vga and component output and HTPC with vga output for DVDs. Problem is, it's a pain switching my XP21N projector between inputs. I'd like to use my Denon 5800 to do the video switching but it only has component (not vga) switching. Best solution I can think of is to...
  8. Terry Wysocki

    How do I configure Radeon 7500 w/monitor and projector?

    My ATI Radeon 7500 has two vga outputs, one for the htpc monitor and the other which will go to my projector. Does anyone have experience with this configuration? What's the best arrangement to be able to get the best pic to the projector while having controls visible on the monitor?
  9. Terry Wysocki

    Best/most HD movies on HBO or Showtime?

    I got a Dish 6000 then discovered that I got NO programming in HD with it! I picked up a 8VSB for it and now I get local channels in HD - Cool! Now I put up another dish at the 148 satellite. All this work and expense so that I can now order HBO or Showtime from Dish so that I can see a few HD...
  10. Terry Wysocki

    Satellite Multi-Switch SAT-A70

    For sale: Milleniium STV Active Multi-Switch SAT-A70. Combines two LNB and one antenna input, has four outputs to receivers. For more info Click Here then search for "SAT-A70". Normal price is $59. Will sell for $25. SORRY, IT'S BEEN SOLD TO JAMES ELVICK!
  11. Terry Wysocki

    Need an automatic fan control/switch

    I mounted my Sanyo XP21N projector on the ceiling in an enclosure that has a duct from the exhaust fan up into my attic. The manual says not to have any "obstruction" within 3 feet of the exhaust port but I built a duct (not an obstruction), right? Anyway the exhaust temperature is the same as...
  12. Terry Wysocki

    Need composite capture card

    I'm running a Radeon 7500 on my HTPC feeding to a Denon 5800 and a Sanyo XP21N projector. I want to feed my old VHS player into a capture card (maybe improve the quality?) and run it through dScaler back out to DV or my projector. I was about to buy the WinTV PVR but I don't see that it has...
  13. Terry Wysocki

    How to start my PC remotely?

    My motherboard supports pressing the Enter key to startup my PC. Now I have a cordless keyboard on it which works great except that I've lost the ability to just press Enter to startup. I have an IRman on it as well but both devices require the computer to be running to accept a command. How can...
  14. Terry Wysocki

    How to play a WAV file on startup

    I'd like to play the thx.wav file when my computer starts up. I could define it as the Windows startup sound but that sound always plays way before the computer has completely booted. I'd like to hear it when I can actually start using the computer. I created a shortcut to the file in my startup...
  15. Terry Wysocki

    PCS vs other X10 dimmers

    The PCS light dimmers go for about $70 each. How different are they from other X10 compatible dimmers that sell for as little as $10-$20? One Example Some of these other switches ($7.99) say they're "Dimmable when using an X-10 controller with dimming features". Is that something special?
  16. Terry Wysocki

    At what temperature will a fire start?

    I got a Sanyo XP21N projector and decided to ceiling mount it. I knocked a hole in the ceiling and built an enclosure for the projector to mount to that: 1. Ducts the projector exhaust up into the attic. 2. Covers the projector (for noise reduction) without blocking the entry of room air...
  17. Terry Wysocki

    Do I need to upgrde PowerDVD to 4.0?

    I got a Liteon DVD player and it came with PowerDVD 3.0 2 channel and I have a Audiphile 2496 sound card with digital out. Do I need to upgrade to PowerDVD 4.0 multichannel version to get all I should out of a DVD? The upgrade will cost about $55 (I think I could buy the whole program outright...
  18. Terry Wysocki

    Audiophile Midiman WITH internal sound card?

    I installed an Audiophile 2496 on my new HTPC but I'm not sure what I should be hooking up to what. Should I enable the internal motherboard sound system? How does my DVD player's sound get to my receiver if I don't have a digital audio cable hooked to my soundcard (the 2496 doesn't even have a...
  19. Terry Wysocki

    Best OS for my new HTPC?

    I'm building a new htpc to run DVDs, some games, slideshows, etc. I'm using a XP21N projector with a Denon 5800 with Dish6000 HDTuner. Here's the PC hardware I have so far: MSI 845 Ultra mobo 256mb DDRAM Pentium IV 1.6ghz IBM 60gb 7200 HD Radeon 7500 64mb DDR Midiman Audiophile...
  20. Terry Wysocki

    Help! Missing RC-X USB driver for Atkis remote

    I just built a new computer and when I hooked up my Atkis RC-8000 to it, I was asked for the drivers for "RC-X USB". I don't remember having any disk come with the Denon 5800 but this used to work on my old PC so I must have had the driver from somewhere. The lame Denon website offers no help at...
  21. Terry Wysocki

    Video card vs Capture card - how to match?

    HELP! I'm building a new HTPC with MSI845 mobo, P4 1.6ghz cpu, M-Audio 2496 soundcard, Lite-on 163 cdrom. I also have Dish 6000 tuner fed via VGA to a Sanyo XP21N projector and Denon 5800 amp. I am totally confused with the video card issue though. I want the best DVD playback, some games, and...
  22. Terry Wysocki

    Can DVD quality match Dish HDTV?

    I'm new to HT and love the quality of HDTV (like the PBS "demo" channel). For now I'm just using a cheapo DVD player and I'm VERY disappointed in the quality. It looks only slightly better than my old VHS tapes or normal broadcast TV. Can I expect to match the HDTV quality with any DVD (I'm...
  23. Terry Wysocki

    What do I need to play a "video CD"?

    What software and/or hardware do I need to play something called a "video CD"? A friend gave me two disks that contain a full length movie but I can't play them in anything that I have.
  24. Terry Wysocki

    Where can I find a QUIET fan?

    Back in the 60's I had some very high end audio gear (the dawn of the audiophile era) and along with my Marantz Model 9 mono amplifiers with dual-pentode tubes, I had a product called a "Whisperfan" which was about 6"x2" but was virtually inaudible. Fans I've used lately to cool my HT cabinet...
  25. Terry Wysocki

    Can Denon 8000 learn RF codes?

    I got a Denon 5800 with the 8000 remote and I'm trying to have it learn the Dish 6000 controller. Everything seems to go ok in the programming but the final result does not control the Dish. HELP!
  26. Terry Wysocki

    Noisy fan in 8VSB module in Dish 6000

    I got a Dish 6000 with the 8VSB module for HDTV OTA decoding. The module has a cooling fan built into it that whines like a siren continuously even when the rest of my equipment is off. Is this a defective unit or just defective design?
  27. Terry Wysocki

    Programming Denon 8000 remote

    I have a 5800 with the 8000 remote and I'm trying to get it to "learn" all of my other remotes. I have the PC based editor and went in and created all the buttons I want to learn from the remotes. When I downloaded the setup to the 8000 then did the key learn command, it wipes out the labels for...
  28. Terry Wysocki

    How do I remote control my HTPC?

    I'd like to add a PC with a DVD player to my Denon 5800 receiver / Sanyo XP21N projector combo. But how can I control it with my remote controller? Also, what DVD player and video card are recommended?
  29. Terry Wysocki

    How do I hookup Denon 5800 to projector?

    I got a new system with a Denon 5800, a XP21N projector, a Dish6000 tuner, a cheapo DVD player and VCR. The 5800 is VERY user un-friendly (the manual really stinks!) and it appears that despite having a few thousand jacks on the back of it, I can't accomplish some simple switching. I'm running...
  30. Terry Wysocki

    Can't fill projector screen with Dish6000 picture

    I have a Sanyo XP21N projector and I feed my Dish 6000 to it with a VGA cable. I have the 6000 front panel set to HD and have a few HD channels programmed and the display setup for 1080i and for 4x3 uncompressed. The HD broadcasts come into the projector at full width with bars on top and...