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  1. Mark Hedges

    Wanted: JBL Studio Series S310 speakers (black)

    I am looking for a pair of JBL Studio Series S310's. Anybody got the urge to upgrade? Mark
  2. Mark Hedges

    Viewing angle - how big of a deal is it, really?

    I have read many times that Plasma is superior to LCD when viewed at different angles. So I went to Best buy to see for myself and to be honest I did not notice any difference between the plasma and LCD screens when viewed offangle. Is this still a major factor or have LCDs gotten much...
  3. Mark Hedges

    Flat panel that does OK with standard def material

    I am looking for a flat panel TV that does OK with standard def signals (primarily satelite TV Nintendo Wii, and DVD). 42-46", say $1300 tops. Viewing angle is going to be a big issue so I am thinking plasma. How much difference will I notice between one set and another on SD material? Is it...
  4. Mark Hedges

    Sony SCD-C222ES

    For sale Sony SCD-C222ES. Operates perfectly. Very good cosmetic condition - no scratches etc. Remote, manual, and box included. I will also include the original reciept so you should be able to get the balance of the 5 year warrenty. Unit was purchased new in Sept. 2003 - selling because I got...
  5. Mark Hedges

    Godsmack SACD EP

    Does anybody know if the new Godsmack SACD EP is a single inventory disc? I saw some at Borders but I didn't see any SACD info on the disk anywhere.
  6. Mark Hedges

    JBL S series tweeter question

    I had a question about the tweeter used on the JBL studio series speakers. Does anybody know if the plastic bands in front of the tweeter serve any purpose other than protecting the tweeter from being pushed in? Are they part of the EOS waveguide? The reason I ask is that I am considering...
  7. Mark Hedges

    HD picture quality on Sony 32HS500 w/ digital cable

    Is anybody else out there using digital cable to get an HD signal to their Sony HDTV? I am having a problem with the picture quality. Basically I am getting a lot of horizontal red streaks in flesh tones and other reddish areas. It seems worse on ABC but I also notice it on NBC. I kind of...
  8. Mark Hedges

    Reciever crosstalk issue

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some help with a reciever crosstalk issue I am having. The reciever in question is a Sony DA4ES. Basically what is happening is I am getting signal bleed between channels. So if I turn up an unused input very loud (say -20 dB) I can hear the signal...
  9. Mark Hedges

    Ludacris Chicken N Beer SACD

    Does anybody have this? If so, does the SACD layer sound any different than the CD layer? Thanks! Mark
  10. Mark Hedges

    FS: Vivaldi "La Stravaganza" CD (Stereophile ROTM)

    I have a near mint copy of Vivaldi's La Stravanganza (featuring Rachel Podger) on the Channel Classics label for sale. This is the CD version, and it is a 2 disk set. I am selling because I got a SACD player and want to get the SACD version. For Stereophiles review see...
  11. Mark Hedges

    Advice on small, cheap surrounds

    I am considering getting a new set of surround speakers, mostly for multichannel SACD purposes. I am currently using small Sony HTIB speakers. I am not looking for lots of bass or anything - I just want a decent 2 way that I can feed a full range SACD signal without worrying about it. I was...
  12. Mark Hedges

    GCN Rogue Squadron III demo 1cent at Best buy!

    I just picked up the RSIII demo disk for 1 cent at Best Buy and thought I would pass it on in case anyone else is interested! Mark
  13. Mark Hedges

    MTV unplugged on SACD?

    Does anybody know if there is any chance of the MTV unplugged series (especially Nirvana and 10000 Maniacs) being released on SACD? Thanks!
  14. Mark Hedges

    SACD Reccomendations

    I just ordered a SACD player (Sony C222ES) and am looking for some software recomendations. What do you guys think? I am definetly picking up: Nora Jones Alison Krauss Live DSOTM What else do you guys recommend? I like jazz, classical, & bluegrass. What do you recommend for...
  15. Mark Hedges

    Sony C222ES discontinued?

    Does anybody know if the Sony SCD-C222ES SACD player has been discontinued? I am thinking of getting one and am wondering if they are still going to be around. Mark
  16. Mark Hedges

    Speaker design question

    I had a question about speaker design - Why is it that most new floorstander's employ multiple smaller woofers, instead of one larger driver? Is it just to keep the cabinet smaller, or are there sonic benefits? Thanks! Mark
  17. Mark Hedges

    What is up with people selling used stuff?

    Alright I have to vent about something that's been bothering me for a while - How do people determine asking prices for selling used stuff? Do these people bother looking around first? It is VERY common for people to set asking prices higher than what you can buy the item for brand new. And...
  18. Mark Hedges

    Help w/ cheap system

    The tape deck in my stock car radio is just about dead and I am thinking of replacing it with a CD deck. The car is a 1994 toyota camry. I am not looking to spend a lot of money and I am not looking for loud volume or lots of crazy bass (i.e. no sub). Can anybody make any suggestions? I was...
  19. Mark Hedges

    How many people use their HT stuff properly?

    It seems to me that a very high percentage of people do not get all they can out of their HT equipment. For some examples: 1) 55" widescreen HDTV monitor connected to cheap DVD player w/ composite video. Looked terrible! 2) 50" 4:3 HDTV monitor that is mostly used for VHS tapes, because...
  20. Mark Hedges

    FS: JBL S-36II speakers

    I would like to sell a pair of JBL S-36II speakers. They are the dark grey/black color, in very good condition. I am selling them because I want to upgrade to S38's. $200 shipped in US. Thanks! Mark
  21. Mark Hedges

    Best S video cable for gamecube?

    I was wonderering what people thought was the best S video cable for the gamecube. Is it worth buying the Monster cable? Mark
  22. Mark Hedges

    How do you listen to CD's?

    I was wondering how people listened to CD music. It seems like there are a number of methods to do so: 1) Digital feed from DVD/CD transport to reciever 2) Analog feed from DVD player to reciever 3) Analog feed from dedicated CD player to reciever (or preamp or integrated amp) Then there...
  23. Mark Hedges

    FS: Sony DD/DTS/DPLII Reciever

    I am selling my Sony surround reciever. It is the reciever included in the HT-DDW840 HTIB kit, which I am convinced is identical to the STR-DE485. It is a 100W x5 reciever that supports DD, DTS, and DPLII movie & music modes. It has 2 digital ins, 2 audio-only ins, and 3 Video inputs (composite...
  24. Mark Hedges

    DA4ES equilizer setting help

    I was wondering if I could get some suggestions with setting the equilizer up on my Sony DA4ES. The capabilities are so extensive I don't know where to begin! The reason I want to play with it is that my room is set up kind of lopsided, resulting in one of my mains being basically in a corner...
  25. Mark Hedges

    JBL S-38's w/o subwoofer for movies?

    I was wondering if anybody knew how JBL S-38's did without a subwoofer for movie applications. I do not expect SVS level rumble but I was wondering how they would compare to a cheap 8" sub like the Sony SA-WM20. Mark
  26. Mark Hedges

    Use switched outlet or no?

    I was wondering what the thoughts are on using switched outlets on recievers. I am currently using the outlet on my Sony DA4ES to power my 100W subwoofer. Is this something I should get away from? I do it because the sub has no auto-power on feature. Is it bad to leave a sub on all the time...
  27. Mark Hedges

    FS: Midiman CO2 Optical/Coaxial converter

    This device will convert optical to coax, coax to optical, or both at the same time. I was using it to convert the coax feed from my digital cable box to an optical feed to my reciever. I no longer need it because I got a new reciever. The 9v power supply is included. Asking $45 shipped...
  28. Mark Hedges

    Is a new reciever the way for me to go?

    I have about $650 to spend on upgrading my system, which consists of: Reciever: Sony STR-DE485 (actually a HTIB reciever) Mains: JBL S36II Center: JBL S-Center Surrounds: Sony kit satelites Sub: Sony SA-WM20 (100W version from HTIB) DVD/CD: Sony DVP-NC655P I am most keen on...
  29. Mark Hedges

    7 Channel reciever in 5 channel mode

    I am going to replace my HTIB reciever and am leaning toward a 7 channel model. Right now though I an running only a 5.1 system. How do 7 channel recievers work in 5.1 mode? Are there any problems? I am most closely considering the Sony DA4ES and the Harman AVR525. Mark
  30. Mark Hedges

    Recievers with 3+ component in's?

    Does anybody know when/if it will be common for a middle end ($800 or so) reciever to have 3 or more component video inputs? It seems like most recievers just have 2 now. I would certainly be willing to give up some composite / S video inputs in order to get more component video switching...