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  1. corona13

    My Theater is complete!

    http://www.hometheaterforum.com/gall...6160&g2_page=2 Very excited, been wathcing movies and this is awesome! Started January 2006, just put the screen up last week. Finally done...all comments and suggestions welcome! Equipment list: Diplay: Panasonic PTAX100U Speakers L/C/R...
  2. corona13

    panny 50" plasma

    I dont know what is wrong, but I Cannot read any subtitles or see the score of sporting events on my panny 50" plasma. I know some of the surronding image is cut off, but shoudln't this be takin into account? anyone else have this problem?
  3. corona13

    HDMI/ SA 8300 HDDVR

    will the SA8300 HD DVR record with a component connection? Just got my first expereince with HDMI and it is not a good one. cannot get audio properly sent to my receiver. maybe there is a setup issue with my TV/cable box and DVD, but when I use component cables, everything works great...
  4. corona13

    What the [email protected]$#

    just bought a new dvd player and TV. philips recordable DVD and panny 50" plasma (same one as everyone on this site buys). the video is working fine. I have HDMI for video from cable box and DVD to TV. I am running optical from my time warner box and digital co-ax from my dvd to my onkyo...
  5. corona13


    bought a LG recordable DVD player at BB 37 days ago. thing has always been junk...VERY slow. anyways, the thing crashed on me...starting splitting the image on the screen, called tech support and I need to send it to LG to get fixed...great...how long without my DVD player I wonder? I'm...
  6. corona13


    anyone here every use CCc firedog service? I just bought a plasma and I am going to wall mount...the service is 400, which includes the mount, and running all wires except the new 14/2 wire for the oulet. I can do this easy enough... I went ahead and hired them...for $200 I get someone who...
  7. corona13

    Rear surround speaker

    I need to cieling mount my rear surround speakers. They are Klipsch RSV-4 (http://www.klipsch.com/products/details/rsx-4.aspx) , as a result of this, the woofer will be on the top and tweeter on the bottom...basically, upside down. will this matter much, or should I consider alternative...
  8. corona13


    I have two lutron remote maestro dimmers I am installing in one standard double wall box, than I will purchase a double Claro wall plate to finish. I wanted to make sure they fit side by side before I drywall (thank God), and they do not fit in the standard box flush, side by side. Do I...
  9. corona13

    set up with 2 rows of seats

    where would one locate the side speakers with two ros of seats. below is a diagram from dolby labs of proper placement: http://www.dolby.com/consumer/home_e...oomlayout.html would I place the side speakers in between the 1st and 2nd row, or to the side of the 2nd/back row, slightly...
  10. corona13


    http://www.vizio.com/products/detail.aspx?pid=20 any experience with this tv or any from vizio? seems like a great deal for flat panel LCD/1080p for under 2,000...
  11. corona13


    Finishing basement with a HT...getting ready to insulate and drywall. Question regarding the HVAC. I put in a gas fireplace and 3 baseboard heaters to provide heat. I will use a dehumidifier in the summer and I am going to purchase a high-end air purifier (from IQair, maybe) to clean the...
  12. corona13

    exterior insulation

    my home's basement is insultated on the exterior. Must I insulate the interior walls as well before I drywall?
  13. corona13

    Scounce Lighting

    Need to some scounce fixtures...does anyone here use a specific web site? these things are expensive and I want some "value" scounces. In other words, I dont want to pay $30 for a fixture than it turns out to be junk. any advice would be appreciated.
  14. corona13

    Sony Wega tv issues

    over the past few monnths, my 36" Sony Wega TV has been acting wacky... all of a sudden, random letters appear as text in one line in the top or bottom of the screen...like, "LULULUILOULULULOULIOIOIOIOULULIOIO" If I turn it off, than on, it goes away. Then will randomly come back a few...
  15. corona13

    Middle Atlantic

    Looking to use mid atlantic for my rac. found a ERK-4425 on ebay for 250...is this what I need? Mid atlantic offers so manydifferent racks, it is hard for me to determine what I need. I've seen people use 19 inch width for HT applications, I think. Also, the hieght seems good, at 81 inches that...
  16. corona13

    recessed surge protector

    http://www.smarthome.com/48409.html anyone used one of these. Want something recessed for a LCD which will be wall mountedand my projector, which will be cieling mounted. Does anyone know of any other recessed/in-wall surge protectors? I'm not looking for an on-wall/external type unit...
  17. corona13

    Lowes project card

    Not sure where else to post this, but the Lowes Project Card is great! If you are starting to build a new HT, you may want to look into this. Basically, you get an instant credit decision and a credit card issued for a 6 month window of purchases. The fist purchase must be for $1,000, this...
  18. corona13

    Blue Jeans Cable

    just purchased 35 foot lengths of: HDMI Component Composite Two subwoofer cables of 25 and 15 feet. All of the above for 250, including shipping. I thought the 250 would get me the HDMI and component if I was lucky. This site is very reasonable.....Who here was had experience with...
  19. corona13

    sand calculation

    completed the framing of my stage. Planning on filling the stage with sand as my subwoffers will sit on the stage. How does one calculate the amount of sand to purchase. I assume you must calculate the volume of each area to fill, but need some help here. stage is 2.5 feet wide X 13.5...
  20. corona13


    anyone seen the new panasonic? called projector people and the person I spoke with said this is hands down the way to go...easily, well worth the extra $400 over the 900... also said if you have $2,000 for a projector, this is the one. any thoughts?
  21. corona13

    Lutron Dimmers

    When mounted multipule Lutron Remote Dimmers next to each other, do you have to be concerned about the remotes interfering with the other switch?
  22. corona13

    Image offset

    trying to figure out my projector issues. Am I doing this correct? I am looking at two projectors, inFocus IN76 and Optoma HD72 and will be doing a ceiling mount. InFoucs has a 125% image offset. Basically, from what I understand, the center of the projectors lens will have be 25% above...
  23. corona13

    3 way switch

    Does anyone know of any websites that give simple instructions on how to wire a three way switch? I want to have 2 switched for a series of recessed lights. any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mike
  24. corona13

    Equipment Advice

    First off, this site is awesome, my uncle referred me here a few months back. Building a HT in my basement and am getting ready to wire. Starting to think about equipment. My room is 13.5 feet x 20 feet. Seating position will be 12-14 feet from screen. I bought my speakers already, went...
  25. corona13

    Projector Height

    Is there a minimum height a projector should be mounted at? I am in the process of constructing a home theater in my basement. Due to A/C vents and where I want my HT located, the projector has to be mounted under an A/C vent at about 6'10". Is this a problem?