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  1. David C Lin

    Sony CX-985V MegaChanger question

    I bought a Sony CX-985V 400 disc megachanger a few months ago and just recently have started noticing my discs are becoming scratched up after being played in the megachanger. I was wondering if anyone else have noticed problem similar to this. Right now, the number of discs with scratches is...
  2. David C Lin

    Home Theater Master MX-500 question

    Hi, A few days ago I bought a HTM MX-500 remote control after reading a lot of people recommending it on this forum. After using it for a day, I have a question about a 'quirk' I observed on MX-500. I was wondering if it's something I need to look into. I finished programming it last night...
  3. David C Lin

    Problem with Onkyo DR-C500 DVD Receiver

    Hi, I'm pretty new to this forum, so I hope I didn't break any rules by posting this message here. I'm encountering a problem with my Onkyo DR-C500 DVD Receiver. And since this unit fit into both Receiver and Audio/Video Sources categories, I wasn't sure where is the proper location to post...
  4. David C Lin

    PVR support for old style cable A/B feeds

    I'm thinking of buying a PVR. But before I do that, I need to know if it'll work on my apartment. The cable in my apartment is the old style cable with cable A and cable B coaxial feeds. I have a cable box that switch between cable A and cable B before sending the signal to my TV. Does anyone...
  5. David C Lin

    JBL 5.1 SCS135SI speakers

    Recently I purchased a JBL 5.1 SCS135SI home theater speaker set from the online store JandR.com. When I setup the speakers with my new Onkyo DR-C500 DVD Receiver and played my favorite movies, I can hear some low background noise from my two JBL surround speakers. How do I know this? I turned...
  6. David C Lin

    Problem with Onkyo DR-C500 DVD Receiver

    Recently I purchased a refurbished Onkyo DR-C500 DVD Receiver from the online store JandR.com. When I received the unit and hook it up to my home theater system to play my favorite DVD movies, I noticed yellow colored pixelations scattered across the screen. The yellow 'dots' always locate at...