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  1. BillyH

    DVI and Conponent both on?

    Thanks Chuck, that pretty much answered my question. So you say the Samsung will put out only 480P with conponent. I have a 4 year old Sony VPLW10HT that only does conponent. Any suggestions on a Satellite High DEF REC? I would realy hate to only get DVD quality out of the old girl, esp. after...
  2. BillyH

    How many coax cables into the house for sat HDTV?

    Thanks for the replys. Good info. Billy
  3. BillyH

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Deep Impact - Special Collector's Edition

    Yup, DI is number one but Arm, was still great in its own right. When are we going to het an anamorphic Arm???
  4. BillyH

    component or dvi-hdmi? confused

    If you want to upvert past 480P you will HAVE to use the DVI/HDMI(Or so I believe). Picture wise I bet you can not tell the difference between Conponent and digital cables on a 36 inch tv. Both should look great. When you go past 480P(ie-720P or 1080i) you are going to what your TV sees as HDTV...
  5. BillyH

    How many coax cables into the house for sat HDTV?

    If I upgrade my Direct TV to High Def(Or switch to Dish) will I need more then one RG6 coax into the house (per receiver) as I have now? I know I will need an oval 3 LNB dish(2 with Dish network?) but only one coax out from the dish, right? Hence, I will not have to rip up my walls again to hide...
  6. BillyH

    Do I Need A New DVD Player To Go With My New CRT RPTV?

    I feel that anything short of 8 or 9 inch tubes(RPTV or front) will look best with a good 480P. I have seen a Dennon scaled to 720P via DVI onto both a CRT and a Runco Plasma(Very sweet by the way) vs. an Ayres(SP?) putting out 480P via analog conponent and I have to tell you boys and girls, no...
  7. BillyH

    DVI and Conponent both on?

    Hey guys, me again. I see in my haste I neglected to complete my first sentence. (Big head, small brain) I mean, any Receivers that alow both a conponent and a digital output at that same time.
  8. BillyH

    DVI and Conponent both on?

    If I pick up a Direct TV HDTV rec., are there any units on the market where I can use BOTH the DVI(Or HDMI) at the same time so I can see the same HighDef program on two tvs? I know I can buy a conponent splitter amplifier and sent a signal out to multiple HD sets but that may degrade the signal...
  9. BillyH

    Dracula 1978

    I see in WSR that the 1978 Dracula is again being issued on DVD. Boy was my last copy a dissapointment. Way too gray, my old VHS copy was way more colorful. Someone here said that it was an artisic choice to make the old DVD into almost a black and white flick. Does anyone know anything about...
  10. BillyH

    Good CD Player for Homemade CDs?

    My Friend, I do not think you can buy such a beast any more. I saw an Apex 1225 DVD player the other day at Ultimate Electronics complete with conponent video for $25 brand spanking new. Any DVD player will play these. You can buy multiDVD players for under a hundred bucks. By "homemade CDs"...
  11. BillyH

    *** Official "TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES" Discussion Thread

    So did anyone else watch the brand spanking new DVD today? Is it my imagination or was it a tad boring? Maybe the concept isn't as fresh as it once was. I think I saw potential for a T4 (even without Arnold) but I doubt it will ever happen. Did James Cammeron have anything to do with this? Call...
  12. BillyH

    Sony sxrd

    Anyone out there read any Sony SXRD reviews? Also someone said they had heard it will be about 25Gs. Anyone else hear that? If that is the case I guess I won't be replacing my VPLW10HT for a long long time.
  13. BillyH

    Fox; Vanishing Point?

    How goes the release of the Barry Newman classic "Vanishing Point"? Soon please, I not sure I can wait any longer. My very expensive 20 year old VHS copy is in threads. Anamorphic widescrren please. Also, do you own the TV remake? That would be a great extra on that disc, one I would be willing...
  14. BillyH

    Ragtime/Masquerade DVD Release?

    Anyone know about studio plans for "Ragtime" and" Masquerade"(The Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly film)? I've been surfing the net with little luck and in the past, some of you guys seem to be pretty well informed. Thanks
  15. BillyH

    LCD vs Plasma

    Is it my imagination or are direct view LCDs sharper then the plasmas or is it just because the plasmas a usualy shown in larger sizes. As far as I know, the Sharp 37 incher is the largest widescreen DV LCD out there. There was hints at a 50, Samsung or Zenith I think, but haven't heard much on...
  16. BillyH

    Best Buy's New Rewards Program...thoughts?

    Yep, the company campus is impressive. I still can't believe that this is the same little store called "Sound of Music" that I used to frequent in the 70's. Boy oh boy, do I wish I had held off on all that sound gear and bought stock instead. I sure wouldn't be worried about whether or not I got...
  17. BillyH

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Memoirs Of An Invisible Man

    I have to agree with Eric, the movie is okay but check out the book. It has to be one of my all time favorites. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if I had seen it first before I had read the book. I had such an experience with the movie," Mellenium" I loved the movie then read Varleys...
  18. BillyH

    High Road To China DVD?

    Anyone out there know if HRTC is scheduled out on DVD? Also of intrest to me would be the DVD release of the 1990 Powers Booth nuc war classic, "By Dawn's Early Light" I think that one belongs to HBO. Anyone have that Email address?
  19. BillyH

    Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

    My old man took me to see it when I was a teenager. He must have knew something about it beforehand as he said it was a "guy movie" so Mom and the girls wouldn't ask to go. We both enjoyed it very much. Dad kept on repeating on the way home how he felt it was vastly superior to Butch Cassidy...
  20. BillyH

    Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

    Anyone know anything whether or not this is due out on DVD? There are some dubious ,at best, offerings on EBay ;for a hefty price but I don't feel like getting burned on those. While I'm at it, any new news on Vanishing Pojnt?(I'm starting to salivate over that one!)
  21. BillyH

    Recomendations for Fronts in the $600 range?

    Now don't laugh but I think a pair of Cambridge Sound System Tower II's at 600 per pair is a helluva deal. You get two eight inch woofers a mid and a twetter for that, not to mention that they were designed by the late great Henry Kloss. This is a closeout price so I don't know if they are...
  22. BillyH

    Recomendations for Fronts in the $600 range?

    Now don't laugh but I think a pair of Cambridge Sound System Tower II's at 600 per pair is a helluva deal. You get two eight inch woofers a mid and a twetter for that, not to mention that they were designed by the late great Henry Kloss. This is a closeout price so I don't know if they are...
  23. BillyH

    What is your dream theater?

    Believe It not, it looks like I did not win the Powerball jackpot last night! What a shame as I had pretty darn nice AV plans for some of that dough. I was thinking along the lines of a Mark Levinson number 30 pre-pro, 7 Krell mopnoblocks, and Martion Logan Prodigys all around. Then I was still...
  24. BillyH

    The "For Love or Money" thread

    Yea, in Wisconsin if you win the Powerball(Yea, right, like it could really happen to me!) and want a cash payout right now it works out to something like a tad more then half and then comes the taxes. Roughly 1/3 the face value of the lotto total is a close approximation. So after I win the 240...
  25. BillyH

    My personal odyssey to get on the list for BestBuy Preferred Customer coupons.

    I think it pays to have a friend at BB. There is a salesperson there who often checks me out and has been known to out of the blue pull out a special card and swipe it and say something like, "You deserve a price match today" or something like that, and BINGO!, I get 25% off, like magic. When...
  26. BillyH

    SXRD at HE

    As far as 1080P, doesn't TAW have a unit out there that does that at about half the price? DILA, right?
  27. BillyH

    Fright Night II (and other horror titles) BIG FAT FULLSCREEN

    Yep, Widescreen rules, esp. if you got a 123inch diagonal like me. I know how lucky I am to have an understanding wife. For all of you out there who don't, or at least for what ever reason are unable to accommodate a truly large screen, all I can say is, "Hang in there, pricing are dropping...
  28. BillyH

    Celebrity Sightings

    About 20 years ago I was in a 24hr supermarket near the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN when at about 3AM in a sleepy hurry I went to quickly around a corner and bumped my cart into the cart of Tiny Tim. A very nice man.
  29. BillyH

    Post-September 11 Film Viewing, Revisited

    I watched Trading Places yesterday and even there you see great shots of the towers. Maybe shots of them in comedies seem easier to handle, though even there I paused the DVD to just look at them. I think we all will be doing that for quite awhile and maybe its not so bad as it keeps the memory...
  30. BillyH

    The PBS Pledge Drive: Might there be a better way?

    Mr. Big Mouth piping in one more time. Just had to bring up this thought. Sure commercial operations are self serving, though do you really believe that publicly funded media is non biased? They have their own view of the world, as does everyone else. Who is it to say that their view is the same...