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  1. Robert_Gaither

    strawberry motif/knobs for the kitchen

    I have a co-worker that his wife negociated that if he re-do her kitchen she'll allow him to build his hometheater, the problem is that she want knobs in the shape of strawberries and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good website to get them? Thanks.
  2. Robert_Gaither


    I was thinking about getting into Linux and was reading about this OS, what other forums other than this website would any Linux users consider good for a beginner of this OS? Thanks.
  3. Robert_Gaither

    CreativeLabs CREATIVE DECODER DDTS-100

    Has anyone tried this as a pre-amp or processor for their home theater? A friend of mine saw this and is considering getting this and an outlaw 7 channel amp instead of a Denon 3805 but without hearing this and no reviews I was wondering if anyones tried it? Here's a link to it...
  4. Robert_Gaither

    Wtb: Dayton 15" Dvc Subwoofer Driver Only

    Willing to pay up to $100 shipping included to 67203, will pay by either a Postal MO or Paypal at the seller's discretion. Thanks. Transaction in process of being completed and thanks Marv.
  5. Robert_Gaither

    PDA and Handhelds...

    What are some good sites for info and trade knowledge about these devices? I've considered getting one but would like to do some research first.
  6. Robert_Gaither

    Sherwood 6108 Avr $99 After Rebate W/free Shipping

    This is for those on a very tight budget or simply need a second AVR for the bedroom, computer, or kids or introduce others to the joys of HT without breaking the bank. The normal price on this is $169.99 but right now it's on sale for $129.99 with a $30 rebate at www.CircuitCity.com . I hope...