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  1. Daryn D

    Maggie update

    Can we end this thread already?
  2. Daryn D

    Receiver upgrade advice

    Your right, after looking at the Anthem line, the budget will need to increase. I also like the look of the Outlaws. I hadn't thought of using my HK with an amp. That might be a good place to start... If my HK is a 60 watt receiver, how much power would I need in an amp to really notice a big...
  3. Daryn D

    Receiver upgrade advice

    Hi all. I am driving my Paradigm Signature 2's, which are my mains, with an HK-320. My music to HT ratio is 9 to 1. I plan to update my receiver and would like to know your recommendations on buying used equipment. What brand/models do you recommend in the $600 range. Should I do separates or...
  4. Daryn D

    Buget Receiver

    I would check Ebay for a refurbished HK from Harmon Kardon Direct. I picked up an AVR-330 for around $300 over a year ago. It's a great reciever for the price, drives my Paradigm Signature 2's quite well.
  5. Daryn D

    What is your favorite speaker audition CD?

    Sarah McClachlan The Freedom Sessions Her vocals are excellent to test imaging and clarity.
  6. Daryn D

    Pioneer dv-563A firmware upgrade

    I've been reading on other forums about problems with playback of some newer DVDA's. It appears the record industry, in their infinite wisdom, monkeyed with the anti-copy system and is not compatible with the 563. Now if you want the upgrade you must send your unit to a tech center. Pioneer...
  7. Daryn D

    I think I made my decision!

    Etronics gets lousy reviews as a store... beware.
  8. Daryn D

    I need a new vcr

    Ha! good point. My wife calls it the techno curse. Every new format is the latest and greatest-until the next one comes along. I generally buy one or two models behind the current, so I start with previous "latests and greatests"!
  9. Daryn D

    I need a new vcr

    Well, I just ordered the 2902. It just seemed to make sense based on our needs/usage. At $78 for NIB even if I only get 5 yrs out of it I will be OK with that. Can always upgrade down the road, right?... Thanks for all the input, it was very helpful. Daryn
  10. Daryn D

    I need a new vcr

    Well, we settled on the JVC HR-S2902U less features, but is available for $77.82 vs. $145 for the HR-s5912U. Thanks everyone for input, If you have anything to say about the 2902 Model that would be great.
  11. Daryn D

    I need a new vcr

    Thanks for your help everyone. The JVC 5912U looks like a good option. My wife is not as enthusiastic, wants to buy a $50 Panasonic because the Consumer Reports gives them the best rating. She doesn't care about SVHS, I think it sounds great! Which brings up one more question. How long will...
  12. Daryn D

    I need a new vcr

    Thanks, that pretty much narrows it down! But why only JVC, best features for the $$? Pardon my ignorance, but just what does SVHS do that VHS doesn't and can my mother-in-law still watch it on her regular vcr? Darn
  13. Daryn D

    I need a new vcr

    My VCR just died. It was about 15 years old and needed to be replaced anyway. I usually rent dvd's, but my son has a lot of VHS tapes. Also, (and most important) I record from my HI-8 camcorder to VHS to send to the grandparents and want the best quality at a reasonable price--$200 or less. I...
  14. Daryn D

    Any pics of paradigm sigs in cherry finish

    My local dealer has the sigs at the following prices S2's 2K S4's 4K S8's 6.5K C3 1.5K C5 3.5K These are from memory, I haven't been in for a month or so.
  15. Daryn D

    Martin Logan vs Paradigm vs Joseph Audio

    I have been auditioning upgrades for my fronts and these are my final three (at the moment) Martin Logan Montage Paradigm Signature 2 Joseph Audio RM7si Signature Mk2 I have not been able to A-B these three and so I am looking for your opinions/experiences. I found the ML's to be...
  16. Daryn D

    Questions on Breaking Speakers In

    If you are a manufacturer and you don't want to have people returning speakers that don't sound good out of the box, you embrace the myth. The breaking in period is you getting used to your speakers' sound in your own house. The manufacturers know that the longer you hear your speakers the more...
  17. Daryn D

    Bright vs. Warm Receivers

    I would put HK in the slightly warm of neutral category. It is a quality I personally prefer. The music almost has a liquid quality on some recordings. I am 90% music 10% HT. If that were reversed I might prefer a brighter receiver, but for music I definitely prefer to be on the warmer side.
  18. Daryn D

    $8000.00 aprox to spend on f l&r, c, and 4 surrounds. What to audition?

    You will need to audition the s2's. I have been auditioning them and will likely go with them for my fronts. I've cranked them at the dealers with no distortion or ear fatigue. IMHO they sound better at loud volume than the studio 60's.
  19. Daryn D

    $8000.00 aprox to spend on f l&r, c, and 4 surrounds. What to audition?

    Paradigm Signature 2's list at 2K per pair. Signature C3 for center, or the C-5, If you are into loud movies the C5 will blow your mind
  20. Daryn D

    How to convert cassette to cd

    Alright, I have a sony vaio laptop, P4, has firewire connection. I have a low end tape deck, rca outs, of course. I could run the tapedeck through my new(er) HK avr 320. Aside from that, what else do you need to know? I found that sony makes a analog to digital converter for video, but can't...
  21. Daryn D

    How to convert cassette to cd

    Does anyone know how I can convert cassette tapes to cd's?
  22. Daryn D

    $1500 to spend on AVR, speakers, & sub

    The avr 325 should serve you well. I have a refurb avr 320 and have had no problems with it. I'm not sure what the 330 has that the 325 doesn't, maybe 5-10 more watts, but I doubt it is worth the $100 more. Speakers, you have around $900 left. I would suggest looking at the Paradigm monitor...
  23. Daryn D

    Harman Kardon AVR 525 impressions?

    Keep the 525 if you got a deal and spend more on speakers! My 320 at 65watts is more than enough power.
  24. Daryn D

    Receiver in $300 price range

    I bought a refurbished HK avr 320, it has been fantastic. I haven't had any problems, I paid $380 including shipping on buy.com 1 year ago. Now I can afford better speakers! I would have no problem buying the refurb receiver, especially if it is coming straight from HK and not through a third...
  25. Daryn D

    Paradigm Signature S2/S4 vs Ref v3 S20/40

    By the way, my dealer didn't have the S4's hooked up, I don't really want to hear them because they are out of my price range. To answer your question more concisely, I listened to the Studio 20, 40 & 60 and the S2 all in the same room and the S2 was clearly superior. My opinion, stretch the...
  26. Daryn D

    Paradigm Signature S2/S4 vs Ref v3 S20/40

    I went to my dealer to decide between Studio 40's or 60's. I definitely prefered the 60's for the fuller bass. The S 2's were right next to the 60's so I asked to hear them "just to see what they sound like". I was floored, I never expected such a full sound from a bookshelf. The soundstage and...
  27. Daryn D

    Harman Kardon: low-end? high-end?

    I bought an HK avr320 (65 watts) a year ago refurbished from buy.com. I absolutely love it. I was upgrading from a low end receiver and still have not updated my speakers. I am using the Pioneer 563-A Cd/dvd/sacd. These two upgrades made a huge difference. Music is clean and crisp, even on my...
  28. Daryn D

    Paradigm Reference Series Pricing

    Before buying the 100's, take a listen to the signature 2's. Obviously the bass won't be there, but if you have a good subwoofer you'll do fine. The S-2's sound is amazing and will work especially well if they are not in a large room. They list at $2100
  29. Daryn D

    paradigm canadian prices

    I got 2 dealers in Vancouver, B.C. to quote prices on Signature 2's. Their list is $900 (canadian) more than here. So if I go with the Signature's (and I likely will they are so sweet sounding, not to mention sexy) it appears there is no advantage to shopping in Canadia. Chris: I have been...