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  1. Christopher Chung

    Feedback on Bedroom Speaker Placement (Pics)

    Here's my bedroom, it's about 14' x 10.5': Okay, so do you see that Red X? That's where I'd like to mount my right surround speaker. My question is whether this type of placement will cause any ill listening effects, even after calibration. Am I better off using a more traditional layout...
  2. Christopher Chung

    Any Advice For A Budding Graphic Designer?

    Hey guys, I am going to graduate soon from Cal State Long Beach in Califonia. I've been looking around and asking some of my professors for some advise, but I've mainly been hearing to check print magazines like Communication Arts, or CMYK. Any fellow graphic designers have some invaluable...
  3. Christopher Chung

    Removing dust from BEHIND screen shield? (Tosh 57H82)

    Already tried doing a search to no avail so I gotta ask it in the open... I have the Toshiba 57H82, and there seems to be "finger print" like smudges from behind the screen shield. I've had a hard time looking any info up here, or on the web for safely removing my TV's screen shield. Can...
  4. Christopher Chung

    NBA League Passed Canceled?

    I have been getting NBA League Pass through my local cable company, Adelphia , for about a month now and I was just told through a representative that they are going to cancel it for subscribers in my area. I found out about this because I had an HD Box installed today, and it wasn't letting me...
  5. Christopher Chung

    Can HD Set Top Box be used with Cable HDTV?

    Adelphia is claiming that in the next few months or so, they will be adding HD services soon. They plan to lease their boxes for about $17, but I was wondering if I could just use my current set-top box instead. I have the Pansonic TU-DST51. The input options are Antenna, Cable STD, Cable...
  6. Christopher Chung

    My Dilemma: 50" or 57"

    I am about to buy either the Toshiba 50H82, or the 57H82 this weekend, but I can't seem to decide which set I want. I sit about 9.5" away from my set, and I don't plan to move to a larger room for quite some time, so that's where it's going to be pretty much. Now, price isn't much of a...
  7. Christopher Chung

    Difference of 720p (Toshiba 57H82) VS 1080i (50H82)NATIVE vertical scanning lines?

    Hey guys, Have a question about the TV I'm thinking about purchasing. It's between the Toshiba 57H82 and 50H82. Now the 57" says it has 720p for vertical scanning lines (native) and the 50" has 1080i. What does this all mean? Since both are HDTV ready, shoudn't both be capable of 1080i? If...
  8. Christopher Chung

    My BED is taking over my Subwoofer??

    Hey guys, I have a set up in my bedroom, and there's not too much room to manuever with my equipment, but you have have to make due right? Anyways, I am being forced to move my sub into the part of the room where my bed is. The problem is when I'm sitting in my listening chair, the bed...
  9. Christopher Chung

    "Unclean" power for computer?

    Hi guys, I just finished moving to my new apartment, and finished hooking everything and wiring all my goodies. Everything is perfect except for the fact that everytime I turn on or off the light switch to the bathroom light, or turn on my flourecent desk lamp, I get a funny snapping sound...
  10. Christopher Chung

    Eye Sight Getting Worse By The Minute?

    In my teens (now in my early 20's) I never used to waer glasses. But in college, I started to sit behind the computer more and more, and eventually needed to start wearing glasses. Is staring at a computer monitor the cause of having bad eye sight? Just went to my eye doctor for a check up. Its...
  11. Christopher Chung

    Zip won't work in XP. What's the deal?

    Okay, so I finally installed everything I needed to put in an ATAPI 250 Zip Drive (Promise 100ATA TX2 IDE Controller). After installing the Zip drive, I boot up the computer, and the damn thing freezes at the XP Splash screen, right before I hit the desktop. I set the jumper at Master, Slave...
  12. Christopher Chung

    Will my Motherboard Accept this IDE Device??? HELP!!

    How's it going fellow HTF'ers? I'm in dire need of help and as the title mentions, I'll be trying to add a 250MB IDE Zip drive to my computer's motherboard. Well, this would otherwise be no problem for me but I ran across something that stumped me. I have 2 IDE ports, but they are both...
  13. Christopher Chung

    "Fit In Window" Annoying...Help!

    It seems that everytime I enter a picture gallery on a web site, Windows XP wants me to view the image with the "Fit Image In Window" option on by default. This is VERY annoying since the image looks horrible re-sized like this, and I have to click the bottom right icon to put the image back to...
  14. Christopher Chung

    Quick question about OEM Drives.

    Okay, this question is probably a no-brainer but anyways... I want to put a 250MB Zip drive in my computer, but I just want to buy the OEM part, instead of shelling $60-$80 more for a retail version. Now the question I have is will my OS (WinXP) be able to regonize the drive? Should I...
  15. Christopher Chung

    Where's the "StandBy" option in XP???

    When I shut down Windows XP, I don't even have the option to go into "StandBy" mode, which means I can't even go into "Hybernate" mode. I'm not sure, but I think this may have something to do with my computer's manufacturer disabling it. Does anybody know how I can override this? Thanks! Chris
  16. Christopher Chung

    Kazaa Starts When I Start My Computer?!!?

    I know that there have been a lot of posts about Kazaa and everything. But I have not found any situation like this when doing a search in this forum. Whenever I start my computer, Kazaa automatically comes on! I do not want it to run when I turn my computer on, I want to load it manually. In...
  17. Christopher Chung

    Is this even possible?

    Okay, Finally upgraded from my old computer, and wow is it a WORLD of difference! Anyways, I was wondering if it is even possible to "export" the files on my old computer, to my new computer via the Ethernet connection (er Network Cable?)? If this is at all possible, it would save me...
  18. Christopher Chung

    Buying new PC.... New Video Card Will Work??...

    Hey guys, Okay, I'm just a novice at the whole computer thing. I tried doing my Homework at the whole "build your own PC" but didn't want to dive in just yet. So I decided on buying the Sony VIAO RX741. This has 2 available PCI slots for me to use, and I plan to put a new Video Card, and...
  19. Christopher Chung

    Fries cause Cancer?

    Yahoo Article Not being able to eat fried foods anymore?? Now this would be devestating for all the fat kids like me.
  20. Christopher Chung

    PS2 Corrupt data legit?

    I know its been a while since anybody has talked about Metal Gear Solid 2 here, but I was playing some of my PS2 games the other day and I ran out of Memory on my FIRST party memory card. So I go to the Playstation start up screen and erase some data, and it shows 5 files that are corrupt...
  21. Christopher Chung

    How to convert MP3 files to WMA??

    Hi, I'm considering buying a Sonicblue Rio 600 MP3 player and I hear you can save more space by converting 128kHz MP3's to WMA (Windows Media Files). How is this all done, and a side note... has anybody heard anything good about the Rio 600 MP3 Players? Thanks!
  22. Christopher Chung

    Difference Between These Two Memories?

    Okay, AMD recommends a certain model number for the their 2100 Unbuffered DDR DIMMs. Now NewEgg.com is out of the recommended model number for "Smart Modular 512MB" but they have another stick IDENTICAL to the one listed above (same brand, size, everything) except is has a different model...
  23. Christopher Chung

    Certain Cases for Certain CPU's?

    *SNORE* Chris here again, I keep posting stuff about me building my new computer, but I'm new at it, so please forgive me. Okay, I think I chose the case I want for my AMD XP 1800+, but the specs say that it is "For P4" but not specifically for the Pentium 4. Now does this matter at all...
  24. Christopher Chung

    Is OEM for me?

    Well, after selecting all the parts I need for building my computer, I'm at the point of choosing the DVD/CD ROM of my choice, but I'm not sure if it is okay for me to install just the CD ROM drive without any supplied software. Will this be okay for me, or should I get a retail version of my...
  25. Christopher Chung

    Help!!! 22" or 19"!!! ...(more)

    Okay, I'm in the final stages of completing my computer building project. I want to use a GeForce 3 Vid Card, with either a 22" NEC MultiSync FE 1250+, or the 19" NEC MultiSync FE 950+. Both are pretty much identical, except for the sizes and the following specs: 22": 640 x 480 @ 50 to 160...
  26. Christopher Chung

    "Retail vs OEM"... What's it all mean?

    Quick question about me building my computer... What is the difference between the AMD XP1800+ OEM and the AMD XP1800+ Retail? Same(?) processor just a different "ending" I've seen a lot of this Retail vs OEM thing on a lot of things like video cards etc. What is better if anything, and what...
  27. Christopher Chung

    Problems with Bro's Dreamcast, any remidies?

    Okay, we all know that the Dreamcast is an awsome console, but suddenly, my brother's system stopped recgonizing controllers. Now we tried everything, we plugged in my brand new controller, plugged in a third party controller, and even tested the controllers on another Dreamcast just to check...
  28. Christopher Chung

    Any Graphic Designers here? Quick question for you or anybody knowledgable..

    Okay, I read (thoroughly) all the threads here in the forum and tried finding information posted about Video cards (yeah, again) that are adequate for graphic designing. Now I have all the components that I need to build my computer, except for picking out my Vid Card. Here it is: AMD...
  29. Christopher Chung

    How do I decompress a .bin file?

    I have a rather large bin file, and I have already tried using WinISO but unfortunately it won't allow for more than 3MB of extraction. Any help? Thanks, Chris
  30. Christopher Chung

    "How to build your own PC"... can I get some guidence?

    I did a search, but couldn't really find anything. Does anybody know of any good sites that help with building your own PC? I already know what I want to put in it, but it's just the little things that I want to clear up since I'm not an expert in the area. Thanks for any help! Chris