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  1. Scott Falkler

    Wtb: Component Cables

    http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=135035 Great cables from a great guy-
  2. Scott Falkler

    Time to Pay! Paradigm PW2200, Laserdisc Player, Yamaha Remote RAV2000 remote FS

    I added some items and I am taking reasonable offers as well- S
  3. Scott Falkler

    Went on a Playstation RPG frenzy today...

    Legend of Mana just wasn't anywhere near the Secret of Mana in gameplay or anything for that matter. It seemed to be an open game to do what you want, but there were things you had to accomplish to go on, so it really wasn't that open. I still own my SNES copy of Secret of Mana and play it...
  4. Scott Falkler

    Projector For Sale and Scaler

    Power it up and hold the "up" arrow key until a menu appears, the number there is the hour count.
  5. Scott Falkler

    Receiver w/ 2 zone capability

    On the 1803, you can switch between "surround back" and "zone two" for the 6th channel, and use it to power the 2nd zone (80w)
  6. Scott Falkler

    Receiver w/ 2 zone capability

    The 1803 will work for him, and it's cheap.
  7. Scott Falkler

    Looking for a Dreamcast Browser Disc newer than 2.0!!

    I wanted a newer one so I can use the mouse, and I was hoping for Hotmail compatability.
  8. Scott Falkler

    Looking for a Dreamcast Browser Disc newer than 2.0!!

    Is there a DC browser software disc newer than the 2.0 version that I have? If you have one newer than 2.0 you wouldn't mind parting with, please let me know at: [email protected] Thanks all!
  9. Scott Falkler

    Paradigm vs. B&W vs. Polk

    My local dealer made the points while I was looking at the Monitor 9's and 11's that I might as well go up to the Reference line (Studio 60's or 80's). Instead of the 9's or 11's, I got the 60's.
  10. Scott Falkler

    30 Days in the Hole (and other prison experiences)

    I was just in for 44 days. It does suck, but it's worse when you don't know when you will get out (like me). It's kind of not having anything to look forward to. It would have been ALOT easier if I would have known theexact duration of my stay beforehand. Where I was, the food wasn't terrible...
  11. Scott Falkler

    FS: Paradigm Reference Studio 60's (pair)

    Sold! Thanks to all who made offers- ASF
  12. Scott Falkler

    FS: Paradigm Reference Studio 60's (pair)

    Yup, were figuring it out as we speak. I'm selling these just in case I need to compensate him for the missing goods (and some bills as well!).
  13. Scott Falkler

    FS: Paradigm Reference Studio 60's (pair)

    ---------------------SOLD!------------------------ Here's what I want to sell: One (1) pair of brand-new-in-original-boxes (taken out to check for defects then replaced back into boxes) Paradigm Reference Studio 60's (black laminate) I do have the original reciept and will sell them...
  14. Scott Falkler

    I need $ for bills

    20 inch Philips/Magnavox Television, 2 per Pod...
  15. Scott Falkler

    I need $ for bills

    I won't be back online until Monday as my electricity is shut off. I may be able to get somewhere and respond, but no promises! Pay your traffic tickets, people!!
  16. Scott Falkler

    I need $ for bills

    I used another email waiting to get my other back onlien, but it wan't on either! Doh! Please use the following address: [email protected] I noticed one of you was close and I will sell them cheaper to someone who wants to pick them up (cash of course). You can inspect them as well...
  17. Scott Falkler

    I need $ for bills

    Admin- You may lock or delete this thread. (I don't want to get off topic, so I started a FS thread)
  18. Scott Falkler

    Fs: Nec Lt-157 Lcd Pj

    That was an incomplete link, here's a good one: http://www.necvisualsystems.com/appl...Product_id=279
  19. Scott Falkler

    FS/FT: Cheap Epson Powerlite LCD Projector

    Hello all! I am wanting to sell or trade an Epson Powerlite 5300 LCD Projector. It's a good beginner PJ and looks and works great. It has a 2,000 hour bulb with around 700 hours left on it, and it's the original bulb as well. Here are the details from PJ Central: MSRP (USD) : $ 8,499...
  20. Scott Falkler

    WTB : One Single Paradigm Mini-Monitor v3

    David- I was actually looking to get a pair soon for the same purpose. I live in Tulsa and could make the trip to Stillwater. I can get them from a place there at a pretty good price, although I'm not exactly sure on a dollar amount until I get them. Email me at [email protected] to...
  21. Scott Falkler

    FS: Nintendo Virtual Boy

    Email me at [email protected] and I'll buy it from ya- Scott
  22. Scott Falkler

    FS Epson Powerlite 5300 LCD Projector

    Now $800 + 1/2 shipping
  23. Scott Falkler

    Bose Acoustic Wave Sytem for sale

    You can try to sell it here if you like, ignore the ruder members. Simply suggesting Ebay would have been more polite.
  24. Scott Falkler

    DVI or Firewire switching?

    You stated the reason already: "its probably way too early for this"
  25. Scott Falkler

    Gameboy Player...

    I have the device that allows you to hook up to the GBA to a display using composite cables (red, white and yellow). I works well and I can actually play Golden Sun for more than 15 minutes! It was $45, BTW...