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  1. DerrikW

    dv-45a vs. dv-656a

    I currently have a dv-656a. Am thinking about getting a dv-45a. Think this would be a good upgrade? The two look identical, except for the colors of course, and the fact that the 45 plays sacd while the 656 doesn't, it does do dvd-audio though. What are the major real differences between...
  2. DerrikW

    My 54tx is finally here.

    Well she came today. After I got it all hooked up I threw in some cd's. Talk about power, this thing makes my 811 seem like a bose wave radio. I always used to listen to music on my 811 with the loudness on, otherwise it was just dull. This definately has more dynamics. Comparing the two right...
  3. DerrikW

    vsx-52tx test results.

    I'm sure most of you have seen this, if not.... S&V tested the 52tx. So if you have a 1014 and are wondering how much power it puts out, here ya go. Qoute: 5 channels driven into 8 ohm loads: .1 % distortion at 115.3 watts :1 % distortion at 129.7 watts Got that from AVS btw.
  4. DerrikW

    vsx-54tx vs. rx-v2500

    Finally decided to upgrade my pioneer 811. These are the two I've been looking at. They are about the same price online, the yammy's a little more, but not much. Any thoughts on these two receivers? How does the YPAO compare to the MCACC? Which of the two has a stronger amp section? I know the...
  5. DerrikW

    Tempest questions

    I am thinking about building a DIY sub to replace my paradigm ps-1200, and was thinking of using an adire tempest(a tumult would be nice but the whole $ thing comes into effect). I have never built a DIY sub before and I need some recommendations on what type of cabinet I should use, downward...
  6. DerrikW

    reciever or seperate amp.

    Hey I have a question for ya. Actually I'm asking for your opinion. I currently have a pioneer 811, and am thinking about upgrading to either the denon 3802, yamaha 2300, elite 45tx, or onkyo 800, they are all roughly in the same price range. Another thing I thought about doing was instead of...