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  1. tonyKwok

    time to replace my mains. need some advice.

    hello i am currently running a pair of old school Sansui U810 mains along w/ a JBL EC35 center. I am thinking of ditching the Sansui and upgrading to a pair of JBL floorstanders to timber match my center. I've read this forum that the Northridge series has been discontinued and replace w/ the...
  2. tonyKwok

    FT/FS: brand new XBOX 360 games

    Tony Hawk Project 8 (sealed) wants: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (XB360) Infernal Affairs Trilogy boxset (R3)
  3. tonyKwok

    F/T XBox 360 game (GUN) for DVDs

    hello I have GUN XB360 for trade. It's opened and played just once. I'm looking for: Sin City: Unrated, Extended Band of Brothers Cinderella Man Collector's Edition thanks tony
  4. tonyKwok

    Saving Private Ryan 60th anniv. (DTS?)

    hi I seemed to be reading conflicting reviews/specs on the 2-disc Saving Private Ryan 60th anniv. set regarding the audio format. If anyone owns this DVD, can you confirm whether it has the DTS track on it? thanks tony
  5. tonyKwok

    recommend a recliner for home theater please

    hello I'm looking to purchase a couple of recliners for my home theater soon. I want to get regular leather recliners instead of those dedicated home theater seats similar to the ones from berkline. Does anyone here use recliners for their home theater also? Can someone recommend a few good...
  6. tonyKwok

    A very long engagement packaging question

    hi, does anyone here have the retail copy of the r1 version of A Very Long Engagement? If so, does the DVD come with any inserts? thanks tony
  7. tonyKwok

    DIY center channel stand help

    I've search this board for some DIY speaker stand for a center channel but was unable to come up with anything. Does anyone here have any suggestion on how do make a DIY center channel stand? My center channel (JBL EC35) is too big to fit into my entertainment center. I've managed to find a...
  8. tonyKwok

    2-way or 3-way center needed?

    Hi guys I'm a little confused about which setup would suffice in my situation. I currently own a pair of Sansui towers. Their specs as as follow: 3" Tweeter 4" Midrange 10" Woofer Freq range: 32 - 22,000 Hz I am looking to purchase a new center channel in the next month or so. I'm...
  9. tonyKwok

    Looking to upgrade my current speakers. Please Help

    hi everyone, I am looking to buy a set of new front speakers along w/ a new center channel. My budget is to stay below $500. I will be running these w/ 2 AR bookshelf surrounds + 10" Dayton sub on a Denon 1905. Can you guys help me out with some suggestions? thanks tony
  10. tonyKwok

    need a center channel recommendation

    I am looking to finally dump my cheap center channel and upgrade to something more decent. My current setup is as follows: Mains: Sansui S81U center: cheapo Fisher (I don't even know what model number it is) Surrounds: AR 2052 Sub: Dayton 10" receiver: Denon AVR-1905 I know when...
  11. tonyKwok

    protectors for unused RCA jacks on receiver?

    hello everyone I was wondering if anyone here has a suggestion for some type of protectors to keep the unsused RCA jacks on the receiver free from corrosion. I was thinking of just taping them w/ some electrical tapes to keep air and dust out of them. Any ideas? thanks tony
  12. tonyKwok

    low volume level on OTA HDTV DD5.1 broadcast

    hi everyone I wonder if anyone here can give me any insight on my situation. I am using a TOSLINK cable from my TV out to my Denon 1905 receiver. When I'm watching OTA HDTV shows that are broadcasting in DD5.1, I have to crank the volume on my Denon way up in order to hear anything decent...
  13. tonyKwok

    front speaker set to "small" or "large" w/ subwoofer attached?

    What is the general consensus on this setup? I am using 2 towers for my fronts (sansui) and a Dayton 10" sub. Should I set my fronts as "small" in my Denon 1905 menu? What are the advantages/disadvantages in setting them as "large"? thanks tony
  14. tonyKwok

    Will a Dayton Tiny Mighty II sub work for my room size?

    hello I'm thinking of getting the Dayton 10" sub for my HT setup. I will be running it with a Denon AVR-1905. I have 2 old school Sansui towers for the front, a center channel, and 2 AR bookshelf surrounds. My living room dimension is 19'-9" x 21' x 8' high. Will I need something bigger than...
  15. tonyKwok

    bookshelves used as satellites?

    hey everyone, I'm planning to my bookshelf speakers as my L/R surround and move my current satellites to the rear to use as my surround back speakers. Are the bookshelves gonna cause any problems functioning as my L/R surrounds? What are the primary differences between a bookshelf speaker vs...
  16. tonyKwok

    audio/video routing question

    I was wondering if it's okay to have my DVD player output the component video along w/ analog audio to my TV directly and in addition, have the DVD player output its audio via Digital Coax to my Denon 1905. The reason for this setup is when I want to watch DVDs that are not dolby digital encoded...
  17. tonyKwok

    subwoofer suggestion for under $400

    Hello I'm looking for a sub that's under $400 for my HT setup. I currently have 2 Sansui towers in the front, a center channel, and 2 pinnacle satellites. What subwoofer would you guys recommend that'll work w/ my current setup that's within my price range? I'll be using my HT for mostly...
  18. tonyKwok

    anyone here bought from parkaveelectronics.com before?

    hello everyone, i'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this thread. I wanted to know if anyone here has dealt w/ this retailer before. I'm thinking of purchasing a Denon AVR-1905 from them and i wanted to know if they're reputable or not. They have the cheapest price out there. But...