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  1. DavidF

    New recevier and "cable tv"

    I finally upgraded my old pro logic receiver. Yamaha rx-v590. Bought the Yamaha htr-5550. There really doesn't seem to be much of a difference when watching tv through a cable box. Is it them or could it be my connections. All rca connections(red,white,yellow). I hear people rave about their...
  2. DavidF

    Yamaha rx-v630 for $315 (good deal)???

    I can get a Yamaha rx-v630 online for $315 delivered to my door. 1. Is this something I should jump on? Seems like a great price. It is in the price range that I want to spend. I guess I need to upgrade. I currently have a Yamaha (rx-v590). *Pro logic only*. 2. Will I notice a huge...