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  1. Mike Graham

    *** Official EASTERN PROMISES Discussion Thread

    Like "A History of Violence" I felt unsatisfied with the ending...on my second viewing of that film I was able to appreciate much more. I'm hoping the same will be true for "Eastern Promises." Other people have already stated what I feel about the movie: its wonderfully directed, acted, and...
  2. Mike Graham

    Scorsese's new rock doc - "Shine a Light"

    Looks like a lot of fun. The Stones look as laid back and free spirited as ever, while Scorsese just looks amazed at how little control he has over them.
  3. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    Any thoughts on how this season will end? I vaguely remember reading the actress who plays Karen hasn't had her contract renewed for next season
  4. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    Interesting how they've made Roy an unlikely source of motivation for Pam. This series really unfolds at the right pace.
  5. Mike Graham

    College degree = worthless

    The Bill Gates example is a good one; degrees do not indicate intelligence. I believe one of the first things they talked about in a psychology course I had a few years back was the fact that high grades weren't an indicator of actual intelligence, it showed you were successful at achievement...
  6. Mike Graham

    Funniest line in a movie?....

    Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: Murray's character runs into an old acquaintance from high school on the street and spends five minutes "chatting" before he can finally get away from him; once he meets up with Andie McDowell she asks why he's late: "It was awful, a giant leech attacked me."
  7. Mike Graham

    *** Official ZODIAC Discussion Thread

    Caught this film again over the weekend, really enjoyed it a second time through. Describing it as JFK meets the woefully underrated Summer of Sam may not be far off. The HD cinematography was also beautifually presented - the composition and lighting of the taxi-driver murder scene was very...
  8. Mike Graham

    *** Official The Departed Discussion Thread

    Scorsese says in the deleted scene introductions: He's not sure if Delahunt (the character who dies from the bullet wound on the couch) is actually a police mole or not --- its simply up to the viewer decide. He did, on the other hand, enjoy how the humanity of the character came out as he...
  9. Mike Graham

    *** Official ZODIAC Review Thread

    Really, really enjoyed the hell out of this --- this may well be Fincher's most accomplished work yet. And I loved the: sequence where the writing was super imposed over the office walls as the letters began to pour in over and over again...reminiscent of the catalogue sequence in Fight...
  10. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    While not one of the better episodes this season, it gave a quick snapshot of where the characters all stand: Jim is still interested in Pam Pam is still interested in Jim, but still can't admit it so she regresses back to Roy. Micheal still doesn't have a clue.
  11. Mike Graham

    24: Season Six thread

    Very true, the X-Files started it all.
  12. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    Don't know if I bought Jan flying off to Jamaica with Michael - she's been getting more and more frustrated with him this season and didn't seem too upset about informing him of the fact he was being fired.
  13. Mike Graham

    Ocean's 13

    Interesting to see Andy Garcia back. Glad they got Pacino in this one too; you really need a heavyweight to stand up to the star power of these guys now after two films.
  14. Mike Graham

    The Departed: Feb. 13

    Can't wait for this one --- plus The Prestige and Casino Royale are rumoured to be coming around then as well !
  15. Mike Graham

    A Scanner Darkly

    Glad this is finally out on DVD, it never made it to my local theater. It certainly did get some very mixed reviews.
  16. Mike Graham

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    The film runs a bit long --- the entire construction site chase could've been trimmed considerably, even though some of the scenes are gorgeous.
  17. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    Whoops! Sorry. I've edited the post to reflect the change.
  18. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    Excellent episode. Gervais and Merchant put Michael in a defensive position with this installment: comparing the one place Michael loves to a prison. Everyone would rather be elsewhere (with their friends and family) than at work but Michael has neither of these. Carrell really sold the...
  19. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    Loving this season so far
  20. Mike Graham

    Michael "Kramer" Richards racist tirade

    Scott S Wrote: One of the hecklers simply said, "That's uncalled for," as Richards started his hateful speech. It's what everyone watching Richards was thinking. Heckling during a performance is disruptive; Richards wasn't performing, he was just ranting.
  21. Mike Graham

    Michael "Kramer" Richards racist tirade

    Richards dropped the ball on his "apology." The Entertainment Weekly blog for today sums it up nicely: he should've said he was sorry and that what he did was wrong. Instead, he just rambled for 5 minutes. Seinfeld and Lettermen were way too easy on him. Don't really think I'll be able to watch...
  22. Mike Graham

    Tom Cuise is now in charge of United Artists.

    Regardless of how you feel about the quality of his acting or his films, Cruise and Wagner have been a major players for a long, long time now. MGM won't care about how many couches Cruise jumps on, as long as he and his team can bring in a profit they'll be happy.
  23. Mike Graham

    HD-DVD in Canada

    Here in Fredericton, New Brunswick I've noticed the Futureshop and HMV stores have been stocking HD-DVD discs... I'm surprised to hear you're having trouble finding them in Calgary though, I would imagine retailers out there have them as well. Keep looking, I guess...?
  24. Mike Graham

    So would you work in a building on ancient Indian Burial Grounds?

    Would I be worried about spirits? Absolutely not. Would I be worried about the Native peoples of the area feeling offended that a site sacred to their culture was just bulldozed over to make way for a building? Yes.
  25. Mike Graham

    *** Official The Prestige Discussion Thread

    Following the movie's logic, the person who steps into the machine is transported and a duplicate appears in their place. So when Angier first stepped into the machine in Tesla's burned out warehouse, he was transported across the room and ended up getting shot by his clone. That clone went...
  26. Mike Graham

    The Office: Season 3

    The show seems to be following a similiar path as the UK version, which is interesting: They've introduced a rival office with a much better boss; Jim attention's is being diverted to someone else, and Micheal looks like he'll be facing some major consequences over the next couple of episodes...
  27. Mike Graham

    *** Official The Prestige Discussion Thread

    Great film. Nolan always presents you with a conflicted protagonist, and you're not sure if you should root for him or not. No matter what though, it's always an interesting journey. During every trick, I always felt a sense of dread building, particularly when the dove trick is about to...
  28. Mike Graham

    Is the “Middle Class” disappearing in America?

    I'm saddened to hear that some people on this board think the majority of poor people are "lazy." Work a few jobs associated with "poor" people and I think you'll quickly find how hard these jobs can be --- lots of stress, long hours, little compensation, and probably very little fulfillment...
  29. Mike Graham

    The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology

    While its unfortunate the original 1973 cut of the film did not receive a new transfer, its nice to have the chance to own it again --- I believe its been out of print for a few years now...?