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  1. Chris Shelly

    drunk co-worker

    I have a little work related issue that lately has been really bothering me. My managing partner keeps on calling me at home when he is totally drunk and gets all philosophical on me. He also criticizes my work. He even criticizes me personally for decisions that were made above my head...
  2. Chris Shelly

    wierd internet problem

    I have a strange internet problem and hope someone can help me out. For some reason when I try to use Yahoo or Google search I always get a "The page can't be found" error 404 message. Last week I was getting this message on every web page I tried. So I called Comcast tech support and we...
  3. Chris Shelly

    issues with work

    Lately some things at work have been really bothering me. I am not sure if its just me or if it really is an issue. I am currently the highest paid person. I do most of the work and initiate the ideas. I am pretty much the brains of the operation. Problem is some of the ideas I have...
  4. Chris Shelly

    Cancelling extended car warrantee?

    Last week I traded in my 02 Mustang LX for a 2004 Hyundai Sonata. I don't regret it one little bit. The Sonata is more comfortable and is faster and might just even handle better then my Mustang. It is also the first car I have ever owned that has zero defects out of the factory. I usually...
  5. Chris Shelly

    Hyundai Sonata

    I have been passively looking for a new car over the last month. My 2002 Ford Mustang has had a lot of issues and the dealers have not been real good about fixing it. The latest problem is the engine is pinging badly. No matter what octane I use. After visiting several dealers and having the...
  6. Chris Shelly

    Sherwood RD-7108 died

    Today I started watching Die Another Day on my secondary system that uses a Sherwood RD-7108 receiver. I have always liked this receiver because I thought it sounded pretty good and was a great bang for the buck. Only paid $129 for it almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately it went out with a bang...
  7. Chris Shelly

    Holly Smokes...Die Another Day DD track is HOT!!!

    I got this movie last night and watched it. This has to be one of the loudest mixes I have ever heard be it DD or DTS. Reference level on my system is 18 and I had to turn it down to 25 and it was still to loud. Dialog was okay but the action scenes....WOW!!! I wonder how they did it? I...
  8. Chris Shelly

    Wharfedale Powercube 12 or JBL PB12?

    A few weeks ago I ordered a complete Wharfedale set. Everything I ordered was on backorder. Almost everything is in and the DFS surround speakers should be in Tuesday. I did receive an e-mail saying the Powercube 12 has been recalled. Apparently they have a really high defect rate and...
  9. Chris Shelly

    order online and then....nothing

    I ordered some new speakers last Friday early in the morning. Within minutes of placing the order I got a confirmation e-mail about placing the order. They informed me in the e-mail that they will send another e-mail with the tracking information. I am usually a little bit cautious so I...
  10. Chris Shelly

    Joined the Wharfedale club

    Today I ordered a set of Wharfedale Diamond 8 speakers. Diamond 8.4 (Almond) Diamond Center (Almond) Diamond DFS (Almond) x2 for 7.1 I have been researching different brands of speakers for some time. I have found many brands I liked but only the Diamond 8 speakers offered the sound...
  11. Chris Shelly

    Good Guys and Klipsch Synergy series?

    I have noticed that every Synergy Series speaker model being sold at goodguys.com is now out of stock. I know they will no longer be selling them but I did not realize it would be this soon. Best Buy will not start selling them until Memorial Day. Will the Good Guys get more in or is this it?
  12. Chris Shelly

    old school Boston Acoustics THX speakers?

    About 10 years ago I put together an old school home THX system. I have a Kenwood KC-X1 and KM-X1 6ch amplifier. For speakers I have the Boston Acoustics speaker package with 3 large front speakers and 2 dipole surrounds and 2 12 inch unpowered subs. The amplifier and controller have long...
  13. Chris Shelly

    Panasonic SA-HE200 with Klipsch speakers?

    I am not sure if this is a receiver or a speaker question but I thought I would ask here. Back in November I purchased a Panasonic SA-HE200S receiver. So far I have been very happy with it. I am currently using a JBL NSP1 set with a PB12 subwoofer. I now looking at buying some new speakers...
  14. Chris Shelly

    help with speaker color?

    I am trying to gather some opinions on speaker color. I am thinking about going with the Wharfedale Diamond 8 series. The cabinets come in black or maple. My Toshiba RPTV is silver and my electronics are silver to match the TV. In your opinion should I go for the all black color or go for...
  15. Chris Shelly

    Wharfedale Diamond 8 or Klipsch Synergy

    I am working on a budget for my home theater speaker system. Over the past 6 months I have upgraded just about everything but my speakers. Because of a trip to Europe I am still about 2 months away from being able to upgrade but my budget looks to be about $1,500+. I have been researching...
  16. Chris Shelly

    Thinking of Wharfedale

    I was thinking about ordering the Wharfedale Zaldek speaker line that Best Buy is currently selling. Problem is the way these speakers are marketed and very little information on them I just can't justify it at this time. They are being marketed as a loud rock and roll PA style speaker. The...
  17. Chris Shelly

    Best Buy 2 for $20 DVD special?

    At Best buy the have 2 DVD's for $20 special. From the add I thought all $14.99 titles were part of this special. But according to the fine print only the titles shown are part of this offer. After traveling to my local Best Buy they did not have any of the titles available except The Patriot...
  18. Chris Shelly

    New Panasonic Player at Costco

    Tonight at Costco I noticed some Panasonic players sitting on a pallet. It was up high on shelf but I thought the boxes said DVD-S35S. On the floor they still had some RP32's. I thought I heard someplace that the new models will be coming out in February and March. Perhaps Panasonic has...
  19. Chris Shelly

    street date for new Panasonic players?

    I already have an RP82 and an RP62. I am very curious on how the 2003 models will perform. I am sure others are as well. Depending on my needs I might be one of the first to buy one. But only if one of my DVD players stops working altogether.
  20. Chris Shelly

    dimming display on RP62?

    In the display menu for the RP62 it has the option to dim the front panel display. Options are Bright, Dim and Auto. No matter what option I select the display is always bright. I am wondering if i am doing something wrong or if something is wrong with my player?
  21. Chris Shelly

    Toshiba 57HDX82 service menu?

    My 57HDX82 is fast approaching 100 hours of use. I want to do a 56 point convergence but the "How To" for entering the service menu is kept secret. If someone could please e-mail me the "How To" I would greatly appreciate it. Everything else on the set as far as geometry and color look...
  22. Chris Shelly

    My local Best Buy is out of RP62's

    At a price of $129 they were all sold out at my Local Best Buy. I asked one of the salesman if they plan to get any more and they said the next batch will be the new model. Of coarse he could not say exactly when. I wonder if Panasonic is going to release the 2003 models here very soon...
  23. Chris Shelly

    you were not kidding about the RP82

    I got an open box RP82 from OneCall delivered on Wednesday. My unit was brand new but had a torn box. The unit inside was untouched and all accessories were in factory sealed packages. My unit was brand new but could not be sold as new because of the damaged box. Since I purchased an RP62 on...
  24. Chris Shelly

    darn it....Signs did not arrive today

    This is the second order in 2 weeks that was late from DVDEmpire. First it was xXx and now Signs. xXx was 3 days late. I am thinking about canceling all future orders and just go to Best Buy. One of the only advantages to ordering online was getting them a day early or street date. This...
  25. Chris Shelly

    OneCall has some open box RP82's available

    I just found me an RP82 at OneCall They have several open box/returns and damaged box models for sale. All have been verified to be in working order. Folks this might be your last chance to secure a modern legend.
  26. Chris Shelly

    Priority mail same as First Class mail?

    My xXx DVD was shipped last Friday and I finely got it today. It was 3 days late. I opted for Priority Mail but they shipped it First Class instead. Is Priority and First Class the same or are they different?
  27. Chris Shelly

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding in Widescreen?

    I am wondering if anyone has heard if this movie will be released in Widescreen? I loved it and want to pre-order it but I will not buy it if it is not widescreen. So far I nobody has released any specs about the DVD.
  28. Chris Shelly

    I did not receive my xXx today

    Anyone else not get xXx today? I ordered mine from an on line vendor and it was mailed on Friday. I use priority mail and usually get them on Monday but never later then Tuesday. Because tomorrow is a Holiday it will not show up until Thursday now. Right now I suspect it is a delay in the...
  29. Chris Shelly

    Why is Panasonic so limited?

    I am thinking of upgrading to an RP82 but I can't find one locally anywhere. Online is no better. I can find plenty of everyone elses brand but the only Panasonics I can find is the RP62 and below. Thought about going for an RP62 but for what I am looking for the RP82 would be a better choice...
  30. Chris Shelly

    windstorms...should I unplug?

    Here in Seattle we are currently getting hit with a pretty bad wind storm. Everything in my home theater is currently turned off but still plugged in. The lights keep on flickering so I am concerned about power spikes. Should I unplug everything or is it okay to leave plugged in as long as it is...