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  1. Brett_A

    Need help finding a Audax tweeter

    Still no luck. Any other ideas?
  2. Brett_A

    Audyssey setup and speaker polarity

    I recently got a new Denon receiver with this feature and used it to set up my speakers. I have always done it manually and when it was done I was not happy with the sound. I read through the long q and a post and re tested as it recommended with similar results. It also said my left front...
  3. Brett_A

    Looking for a DIY center speaker

    I have been out of the DIY market for a while. Currently I have Adire 281 fronts and 81 rears and a large Sonosub. I am looking for suggestions on a center channel that will match up well. Any suggestions are appreciate and budget is $300 or so but may go slightly more
  4. Brett_A

    A few issues with Sharp LC-32D40U

    I purchased a new Sharp Aquos about a month ago and tuned it with Avia. I am getting a weird faint redness on some flesh tone areas that I can't seem to get rid of. It looks like the skin is flushed or rosey where it shouldn't be. Any ideas what could be causing that? Another issue I am...
  5. Brett_A

    Problems with Sharpness on Avia

    I was just tuning my new tv last night, Toshiba 65H84 and when I was adjusting sharpness there was absolutely no change of the test pattern. Is there a setting counteracting the changes? On all my others TVs I have never had a problem and always can tune it. Any advice?
  6. Brett_A

    Problems switching from Dish to Cable

    I just recently switched from Dish Network to Cable(Comcast) and the new signal seems much worse than Dish. Even on my direct view tv I am getting lots of noticeable jaggies especially noticeable on reds, the resolution is horrible. It is more pronounced on my 65" RPT. What is the deal...
  7. Brett_A

    Best 57-65" widescreen under $2000

    I haven't been in the market for a tv in a while now and need to get up to speed quick. I am looking for a widescreen between 57-65". What models offer the best all around performance under $2000? This is 75/25 for tv/dvd respectively.
  8. Brett_A

    General woodworking question

    I am looking at getting an air nailer of some type. What is the best all around for cabinets, speakers and crown molding? Would a brad nailer be sufficient or is a finish nailer needed? I haven't owned either so any opinions are welcome.
  9. Brett_A

    Surrounds: In wall or in ceiling?

    My parents are setting up a 6.1 HT and when I went to check out the progress this weekend I noticed the company installed the rear surrounds and rear center in the ceiling. I don't have the model number but the speakers are MK inwall speakers. I know the correct placement per Dolby is parallel...
  10. Brett_A

    Tell me how feasible this idea is

    I am toying around with the idea of my next sub. Currently have a dual Shiva Sono and am very happy but as always there is never enough good bass. After seeing the "closet" sub on M. Knapps site I had a few ideas. My HT is set into an alcove in my family room. THe size is 6' wide and 2.25'...
  11. Brett_A

    ANy word on the Adire CC?

    I hadn't been following this forum for the last few months. Is there any word on its release?
  12. Brett_A

    Loud bass effects on fish?

    I have asked this here before but never gotten a conclusive answer. How do loud low frequencies effect fish in aquariums? I plan to put my Sonosub near an aquarium and do not want to injure the fish. What are the thoughts on this topic?
  13. Brett_A

    How many have fish in with their HT?

    I am looking to put a new fish tank near my Sonosub. How many of you are keeping fish in the same room as your HT and more specifically systems that run reference level bass?
  14. Brett_A

    Drag racing videos from this weekend

    Outside of HT I love drag racing and some of you might be interested. Ran some new best this weekend if anyone is interested in checking out a fast car. http://jody.dltechnologies.com/share...Low%20Quality/ The two videos labeled "Brett" are my car.
  15. Brett_A

    WTB Beringer FBD

    Email me or post here if you have one.
  16. Brett_A

    Any news on Adire CC?

    A year ago it was supposed to be close. Any updates out there on completion as I didn't see anything on the sight?
  17. Brett_A

    Anyone else notice the actor rollover?

    Between Oz and Law and Order SVU? I have seen at least 5 actors from Oz get leads roles or start doing work on L&O. Kinda weird seeing a bunch of characters from a different series all wind up on a different show. Do they share the same casting people or something?
  18. Brett_A

    Sonosub and aquarium?

    Anyone here have an aquarium in the same room as a sonosub(or other refernce capable system)? I am going to be adding an aquarium to my room with the sub and want to make sure I don't damage the fish. Anyone have experience between the two or know a fish forum I could ask? ------------------...
  19. Brett_A

    A few items for sale

    I have 2 Adire AV8s $40 a piece shipped. Iso-Max VR-1FF CATV Ground loop isolator brand new. $35 ------------------ Brett
  20. Brett_A

    Pics of my new Adire 81s

    I had been procrastinating the finishing of my 81s because they sounded so good and I had been really busy with school. Anyways I finished them in blue and black formica to match my Sonosub and 281 mains. They turned out better than I expected and look much better than my painted 281s. Here...
  21. Brett_A

    Weird powerdown problem

    I have a Onkyo 676 and just yesterday while I was trying out my new DTS Demo 3 it shut down during one of the scenes. I tried the same scene over and it stopped in the same spot. Played with it again today but couldn't get it to do it on that track but it did it on another one. I haven't...
  22. Brett_A

    Which in wall speakers to choose?

    THis is for a friend and since I don't know about inwalls I need some to choose from. These need to be low-mid end as cost is a factor. They will be used for mostly ambiance and not blasting music. ------------------ Brett
  23. Brett_A

    FS: Adire AV8s Brand New

    I have 2 brand new Adire AV8s still in the boxes. $40 each ------------------ Brett
  24. Brett_A

    DIY mailing list?

    Is there a mailing list for DIY projects like Sonosubs, cabinets, equipment racks etc...? I am active in several car/racing mailing lists and find them extremely helpful and many times they are faster than UBBs(but works great in conjunction with). If there aren't any established and we...
  25. Brett_A

    Some finishing with laminate questions

    I am almost ready to start finishing my 81s and I choose some Formica(blue and black to match my 281s) Depending on how this turns out I will probably refinish them as well. I did some searches and didn't find all the answers I needed. First I will cut the laminate big on the edges and then...
  26. Brett_A

    Some DVDs FT

    What I have: Blair Witch SE The Fifth Element The Mask Star Trek Insurrection Some Wants: Meet the Parents Something About Mary MI 1 Jackie Chan movies Many other wants I can't think of now so don't hesitate to ask.
  27. Brett_A

    Just Did the Fidek Fix

    For anyone who is contemplating buying these amps just because of fan noise this is the simplest thing to do and my amp is silent now. I haven't noticed any heat build up either. I ran through DTS Demo #5 at reference and it wasn't even warm. Then played several other DVDs and still cool...
  28. Brett_A

    Using a JL 10W6 as Home sub

    I have a Sonosub I am using as my HT bass but I am considering making a sealed enclosure for music. I also have a few JL 10W6s sitting around that I need to use or sell so I may make a sub with them. Here is the specs: http://www.jlaudio.com/subwoofers/10w6.html Any opinions if it would...
  29. Brett_A

    Sonosub Test numbers

    I finally got some test material and got to run it through my sonosub(all at 75 dB reference, with sub set a few dBs higher) 12ft^3 Dual Shiva Sonosub tuned to 19 Hz Freq SPL SPL(adj) 17 90 97.5 20 94 101.5 22 94 100.5 25 94 99.5 28 98 102.5 32 101 104.5 36 106 108.5...
  30. Brett_A

    Corner loading within corner loading

    I have my Sonosub corner loaded but am wondering if rotating it will have any affect. IE putting the port closest to the corner or the woofer nearest teh corner? Anyone have input or data for this? ------------------ Brett