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  1. Ross M

    Apollo 13 - 1995 Tom Hanks DVD's OOP...Why??

    DVDfile reports these titles for HD-DVD release this fall from Universal: The Bourne Supremacy, The Chronicles of Riddick, Van Helsing, Apollo 13, U-571, 12 Monkeys, Dune, The Thing, End of Days, Backdraft, Waterworld, The Bone Collector, Spy Game, Pitch Black, Conan the Barbarian, and...
  2. Ross M

    Season 1 TV DVDs $14.98 at Barnes & Noble

    The deal is dead once again.
  3. Ross M

    Vertigo DVD DIED!!!

    We had several folks, in a recent discussion regarding several OOP Universal titles, comment on their inability to play several of the older ones: Universal titles that won't play
  4. Ross M

    Season 1 TV DVDs $14.98 at Barnes & Noble

    Wow, I'm happy to see this sale back on! I think I'll go back and get the one's I didn't already get when I first found this sale.
  5. Ross M

    Season 1 TV DVDs $14.98 at Barnes & Noble

    The deal is dead.
  6. Ross M

    Season 1 TV DVDs $14.98 at Barnes & Noble

    Season One DVD Sale $14.98 at barnesandnoble.com: 24 Simpsons In Living Color Buffy Futurama King Of The Hill Angel Roswell Millenium plus AAA click-through 5% discount on top of that: Season One DVD sale $14.98 plus AAA 5% Season One DVD Sale $14.98
  7. Ross M

    Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-2 pack $31.48

    Great deal! Thanks for the link as I wasn't aware of the AAA-B&N partnership.
  8. Ross M

    12 Monkeys Collector's Edition Discontinued?

    We've got a similar discussion on Universal OOP titles that includes 12 Monkeys: Discussion of Universal OOP titles
  9. Ross M

    Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-2 pack $31.48

    CYE Seasons 1&2 pack $31.48 at barnesandnoble.com Free shipping!
  10. Ross M

    New Apollo 13 DVD

    I had started a similar thread recently in which people discussed other Universal OOP titles. They also mention problems with early Universal titles not being recognized in their players today. Apollo 13 OOP Thread
  11. Ross M

    New Allison Krauss and Union Station 2004 (merged)

    I've listened to this cd many times over since release and I can say that it is an incredible cd. The songs are very melodic and of course Alison and US sound amazing. I must say it is one the finest sounding redbook cd's I have. The recording of this is amazing. The songs are sequenced great...
  12. Ross M

    Apollo 13 - 1995 Tom Hanks DVD's OOP...Why??

    I also noticed that the original Blues Brothers and Casino (1995) are other Universal titles currently OOP.
  13. Ross M

    Apollo 13 - 1995 Tom Hanks DVD's OOP...Why??

    I noticed that most online retailers do not show either Apollo 13 CE or DTS available for purchase. Has anyone heard if there is perhaps a 10th Anniversary Edition in the works for 2005? This would be the only explanation I could think of for discontinuing a major release such as this.
  14. Ross M

    Elvis Aloha & '68 Comeback DVDs for $40 at bestbuy.com

    Gary, I finally made it through all of the '68 Comeback Special and I am absolutely stunned at the quality and quantity of material on this set. Lots of outtakes and rehearsal footage made for a fun and interesting watch. I agree that this could be the best dvd release of the year! Now I...
  15. Ross M

    Elvis Aloha & '68 Comeback DVDs for $40 at bestbuy.com

    I didn't see this listed in any of the roundups and not sure when it started, but bestbuy.com has Elvis Presley Aloha from Hawaii and '68 Comeback dvds for $40 total with free shipping or in-store pickup! Elvis DVD Aloha & '68 Comeback DVDs for $40 Ross
  16. Ross M

    Alison Krauss Concert DVD

    I just ordered the awesome AKUS Soundstage performance on dvd from PBS! Price is $24.95 shipped and takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. You can order by calling 1-800-237-1100. Supposedly widescreen and DD 5.1. I'll compare this dvd to the new Live dvd and post back.
  17. Ross M

    Wal-Mart Father's Day DVD's

    Also discussed here: Batman prices at Walmart
  18. Ross M

    Batman prices at Walmart

    Great info here. I just picked up Batman - The Movie for $5.88. I noticed Black Beauty there, is this any good? I also noticed Wag the Dog and 61* in the $7.50 display. I already own 61* and it is a great baseball movie. Great documentary as well.
  19. Ross M

    Movie Poster Frames?

    I use these inexpensive, lightweight foamcore frames: Frame USA
  20. Ross M

    Any word on Adventures of Ford Fairlane on R1 dvd?

    Does anyone have any info regarding this release? I did not find any data after searching this forum.
  21. Ross M

    Dolby Demo DVD cover?

    Anyone? If someone could scan the covers and email them to me, that would be awesome. Perhaps I could create a cover for all.
  22. Ross M

    Dolby Demo DVD cover?

    Just wondering if anyone has the Dolby "We've Got The Whole World Listening" demo dvd. I'd love to have a cover to put this in a keepcase. Andrea does not have this dvd to make a cover from. Thanks for any help you can give.
  23. Ross M

    Def Leppard dvd's delayed 'til Feb. 26

    I read this today after shopping around for the Historia/In The Round In Your Face and the Visualize/Video Archive dvds. Amazon also adjusted release dates to Feb. 26. Official Def Leppard site
  24. Ross M

    The Definitive Top 100 DVDs List - As chosen by you *RESULTS*

    Great list! I appreciate all the work that went in to compiling this. While I don't agree with some of the placements, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts. I guess I'll have to check out this "Fight Club" picture.
  25. Ross M

    Ren & Stimpy on DVD?

    Ren & Stimpy is back on TV beginning tonight from 10-12pm EST on VH1. Then it will continue weeknights at 12 midnight EST. More details here: Ren & Stimpy on VH1
  26. Ross M

    Ren & Stimpy on DVD?

    Does anyone know of any plans for Ren & Stimpy coming to dvd any time soon?