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  1. DaveZeisler

    PSB 5T sounds "weird"

    OK, so here's my setup (not that I'm saying, "Hey, check me out!" just for reference): a Onkyo TX-DS696, with PSB Image series speakers on all five channels (5T, 9C, and 2B) connected with Sound King 12 gage speaker wire. About a month ago, the 5T on the right front channel started sounding...
  2. DaveZeisler

    Cafe in Heat and Pul Fiction the same?

    OK, I just saw Heat for the first time last night. Early in the movie, after pulling the job for the bonds in the armored car, DeNiro, Kilmer, etc, meet in a cafe to split the take. Was this cafe the same as the "honey bunny" cafe at the opening and end of Pulp Fiction? The decor and location...
  3. DaveZeisler

    FS: Cerwin Vega towers, and JBL surround/center

    UPDATED!!! 2/12/2003 http://www.zeisler.org/speakers.html I'll deliver (within reason)! Cerwin Vega SE250 Select Edition - $100 OBO + shipping These speakers can crank. Floor standing speakers. Very loud, very solid. Have some miles on them but are in excellent working shape. See...
  4. DaveZeisler

    Stereoland in Windsor ROCKS

    I can't say enough about how amazed and pleased I am with Stereoland in Windsor, Ontario. I had been auditoning speakers for a couple months when I decided that the PSB Image series was suited me best. I called around to a few places in the Chicago area to get pricing. Then, completely on a...
  5. DaveZeisler

    B&W vs. Paradigm vs. PSB vs. Warfdale vs. Energy

    Howdy, I'm a HTF virgin, so please be gentle. ;-) I'm looking to revamp my entire speaker setup. The ole college speakers just aren't cutting it anymore. Here are the speakers I have currently: Front: Cerwin-Vega SE250 (Select Edition!!) Centers and Rears: JBL Flix 10 package (yawn) Sub...