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  1. Alan M

    "V" stands for vibrate

    I dont know if anyone else has watched the dvd "V" for vendetta. Since WOTW,I've been itching for a good LFE movie.While "V" doesnt match that standard.It did vibrate the windows and shake the floor.A number of LFE heavy scenes including one right near the start of the movie gave my sub a...
  2. Alan M

    FS:Magnepan full HT speakers

    I have a set of MMG(floor standers),MMGC(center) and MMGW's(surrounds) for sale. These speakers are less then 1 year old and in perfect condition.The MMG's have the factory stands and a pair of custom made wood stands. I paid $1100 for the package(without the custom stands). I'll sale...
  3. Alan M

    FS:P-2 subwoofer

    This is an Athena P-2 subwoofer.Its a ported 8" driver design,with a 100 watt amp.The sub is covered in cherry wood veneer. Athena rates this sub range as 25Hz- 150Hz.It is a very quick,musical sub. Paid $400 new,selling for $150.Its in perfect condition. Send me a PM for questions or...
  4. Alan M

    I see you

    Hey ,I see you behind my speakers. http://www.acoustic-reality.com/ look under the diamond system for speakers. Interesting to look at ,if nothing else.
  5. Alan M

    My sub lived through Ladder 49

    Last weekend I watched the "Incredibles".The weekend before I watched "Flight of the Pheonix". This weekends movie was"Ladder 49".After the two previous weekends,I was expecting good sound but not expecting low hard hits as in the 2 prior movies.Boy o Boy,was I mistaken. 1st,I'll mention...
  6. Alan M

    FS.Toshiba 65h82

    I have a Toshiba 65" HD tv for sale.The TV is about 1 and 1/2 years old and is in perfect condition.Its somewhere between 150 to 200 hour mark.There isnt a scratch or a mark on it. Local Southern Cal pickup preferred. Asking $1500. Paid $2400(bought it new).
  7. Alan M

    B&W 800 series

    I just left my local audio shop. I was there to purchase some cables for my new speakers(not B&W).Since I was taking a short break from work it was a very quick visit.I happened to take a peak into their speaker room and saw either B&W 801d's or 802d's. They were the most stunning looking...
  8. Alan M

    Maggie update

    Its been 2 weeks now since I've had my Maggie ht set up working(MMG's for fronts,MMGW's for surrounds and MMGC for center).Here are changes I've made and changes the Maggies have made themselves. First and foremost,The brightness I mentioned in my 1st post has disappeared.The Maggies have...
  9. Alan M

    The verdict is WOW

    As some of you may know,last week I ordered a set of Magnepan MMG's for fronts,MMGw's for surrounds and a MMGC for a center. This is my 1st attempt at using planar speakers in HT setup.The speakers arrived yesterday,and I spent most of the afternoon hooking them up and calibrating.Magnepan...
  10. Alan M

    Upgraditis hits with force

    Since joining HTF a couple of years ago,my home theater requirements seems to have grown by leaps and bounds. After reading many posts,as a new member,I want out and purchased a tosh 65h82,directv hd box,tosh dvd player,yami 5560 reciever,P-2 sub, and the fluance sx-htb(I still think they are...
  11. Alan M

    New hd channel on directv

    Well,just got a call last nite from directv. They said that if I can see the directv logo on channel 90,then I was set to receive it. Wouldnt say what network is being added,but its on the way.Just thought I'd let everyone know directv is adding another hd channel.Hoorah
  12. Alan M

    Any1 have knowledge of athena P2 sub?

    Ok guys,I'm thinking of ordering the Athena P-2 sub.My existing sub is a 13 yr old passive 15" made by dbx.It moves enough air,you could fly a kite in the wind,but clarity isnt its best feature.j/k.I'll be replacing it with the P-2 sub What I'm looking for is a sub that will give me clear...
  13. Alan M

    Friend's 73-inch Mitsubishi shutting itself off.

    howdy all,have a friend with a mitsubishi 73".here's the problem.tv is now about 1 yr old.at 1st,it would shut itself off when running picture from the sat receiver only.didnt happen often,so not a big problem.Now,it shuts itself off when viewing from any source,plus,it happens much more often...
  14. Alan M

    Its all your fault*grins*

    Since joining this forum a few months ago,I seem to have gotten on the upgrade express. I've upgraded tv,dvd player,a/v reciever,hd directv,speakers. The wife likes me about as much as she likes you guys now(not much).*joke* Seriously though,I'd like to thank all the HT forum members for...
  15. Alan M

    DAK and DBX

    I saw a member mention DAk in another thread,so I just thought Id get this 1 going. Does any1 remember DAk,they used to carry all sorts of electronic stuff for cheap.some of it was pretty good brand name stuff back in its day(SAE,Dbx,etc.) I used to go to their showroom and play w/all their...