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  1. Robert Dunnill

    I Wanna Hold Your Hand

    Recently, the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking arrival of the Beatles in America generated a considerable stir in the media. Does anyone know if this has given any impetus to a DVD release of I Wanna Hold Your Hand, the 1978 Zemickis/Gale comedy concerning the misadventures of a group...
  2. Robert Dunnill

    Pan and scan sneakiness?

    While doing a comparison of the OAR and pan and scan versions of Soldier (1998), I noticed that the image of the latter was compressed inwards vis-à-vis that of the former. A sneaky way to reduce the cropping! Is this typical practice with pan and scan, or is this transfer an unusual case...
  3. Robert Dunnill

    Need help in identifying 1960s sci-fi film

    On a late-late show in the mid-Seventies, I saw a sci-fi film, probably made in the second half of the 1960s, where the U.S. had become a one-party fascist state, led by a Hitler-like figure referred to as "The Leader," and where security was maintained by an SS-like organization called the...
  4. Robert Dunnill

    The Loved One (1965)

    This morning, I was surprised to find that Amazon has a DVD page for this black comedy classic, although no release date is set. A few years ago, during one of the HTF/MGM chats, I asked MGM, and they said that there were no plans at the time for a DVD release. Since then, I've read that...
  5. Robert Dunnill

    The Naked Kiss (VCI version)

    Can anyone tell me if the VCI version of The Naked Kiss is pan & scan or open matte? I was thinking of getting this title; alas, it looks to have been MARred. Thanks, RD
  6. Robert Dunnill

    DVD prices too low?

    Interesting article on how some of the major industry players are complaining about DVD discounting. And Virgin wonders why I never buy anything there? Usually, I pay under $10 for a title, and I'll almost never pay over $20. Admins, if this has been posted already, I apologize. RD
  7. Robert Dunnill

    Kiss of the Vampire

    I have the OOP DVD release of Kiss of the Vampire. According to the details on the packaging, it is supposed to be formatted in 1.66:1, but it looks like to be more like 1.85:1. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks, RD
  8. Robert Dunnill

    Disney To Test Self-Destructing Discs

    Mods, if this has already been posted, I apologize. The following appears courtesy of Hive4media.com. ===================================== Disney To Test Self-Destructing Discs Author: HOLLY J. WAGNER [email protected] Posted: May 16, 2003 Buena Vista Home Entertainment will use...
  9. Robert Dunnill

    The Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow

    Anyone here know if there's any chance of this film evver getting a DVD release, or is it condemned to an eternity of gathering dust in the vaults? RD
  10. Robert Dunnill

    *** FOX goes PAN&SCAN? 10 Fox discs re-released in MARCH

    For your viewing enjoyment, 20th Century Fox is re-releasing 10 DVD titles in Modified Aspect Ratio, so that you get the whole pitcher, not just that strip in the middle. Read about it here. RD
  11. Robert Dunnill

    DVD software outsells VHS in October!

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but did anyone notice this story? It looks like at long last, DVD software sales are outpacing those of VHS! FYI the author of the article states that this conclusion was reached via analysis of VideoScan data. I thought something like this would have...