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  1. David C Lin

    DVDs for Sale

    What type of payment do you accept? Do you take paypal?
  2. David C Lin

    DVDs for Trade or Sale (

    How do I tell different versions of From Here to Eternity DVD apart from each other? I bought mine in January this year from an online store, so I'm guessing it's the newest version. UPC is 043396053199. It's region 1 DVD. Movie is in full-screen black-white anamorphic video. Special features on...
  3. David C Lin

    DVDs for Trade or Sale (

    Are you interested in trading your Antz for my From Here to Eternity?
  4. David C Lin

    Dvd Ft/fs

  5. David C Lin

    FS: Numerous Box Sets

    I just sent you an email. Thanks!
  6. David C Lin

    Tons of DVDs for Sale or Trade!

    I just sent you email.
  7. David C Lin

    FS - Disney OOP DVDs

    I'm not sure if your DVDs are still available, but I just sent you a mail.
  8. David C Lin

    How do you guys handle damaged discs?

    Where do you find the email addresses for the companies to send messages for replacing defective DVD disc?
  9. David C Lin

    FS: Profiler Season 1-3

    Again, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I don't know why you mix me up with someone else who bought The Profiler DVDs from you. I replied to you immediately through email and also through posting on the forum because I just don't want to get an email from you later on saying that I owe you...
  10. David C Lin

    FS: Profiler Season 1-3

    I apologize for posting your full email on HTF. I have corrected my mistake and removed the extra info from the forum. I just want to let you know I wasn't mad at you. I don't know what give you that idea. I sent you an email a few days ago inquiring about your DVDs. I got an email from you a...
  11. David C Lin

    FS: Profiler Season 1-3

    Tony, I just got the following email from you. I don't know why you are sending DVDs to me. I just want to let you know I got an email from you a few days ago stating that all 3 of your DVDs are sold. So I didn't send you send you any money and I didn't send you my address. I don't know why...
  12. David C Lin

    FS: Profiler Season 1-3

  13. David C Lin

    The Benefactor

    I like the final test Mark gave to Famia and Dominic. That's a good test of their character. Unlike some of other tests that don't really reveal anything (ie Jenga). If they bring back this show next year, they need to come up with better character tests than something like a game of Horse.
  14. David C Lin

    Bye, Bye Tru Calling? (Not yet!)

    Does this mean there won't be a Faith TV series anytime soon? I really like the idea of Faith spinoff series.
  15. David C Lin

    FS: DVDs, GCN & GBA Games

    I just PM you. I actually want to email you but hit PM button by mistake.
  16. David C Lin

    alot of goodies inside....

    Are you trading/selling those GameCube games or are you looking for them?
  17. David C Lin

    Scarface Anniversary Edition DVD in like-new condition FT/FS(maybe)

    YGM You might get 2 emails from me. I sent you an email using the email link button in your thread. Then I noticed you already have an email address listed at the bottom of your message. Not sure if the email button is set to same email address you mentioned at the bottom of your message. So...
  18. David C Lin

    FS: Bunch of DTS LaserDiscs!

    Are those prices including shipping cost?
  19. David C Lin

    Sony CX-985V MegaChanger question

    I bought a Sony CX-985V 400 disc megachanger a few months ago and just recently have started noticing my discs are becoming scratched up after being played in the megachanger. I was wondering if anyone else have noticed problem similar to this. Right now, the number of discs with scratches is...
  20. David C Lin

    Games and accessories

  21. David C Lin

    F/S Video Games + GBA SP Package

    Hi Rudy, I just sent you a reply. I'm interested in buying the Zelda Collector Disc. I will pay you using USPS Money Order. Just send me an email and let me know the address to send the money order. Thanks!