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  1. Brandon Gantt

    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    Yeah, I've been waiting for this as well.
  2. Brandon Gantt

    Vote for the next Harryhausen Blu-Ray!

    The Columbia Classics website has a poll up to choose the next Ray Harryhausen title for Blu-Ray. The choices are MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD or SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER: http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/columbiaclassics/
  3. Brandon Gantt

    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    I finally got to see this episode on Hallmark today. Very funny! Though I think the Burton revamp is more charming.
  4. Brandon Gantt

    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Roll on Season Four!
  5. Brandon Gantt

    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Some of season three really does bring a smile to my face. The Burton episode, the musical extravaganzas (all seven of them!), the Harry-centric episodes (especially the one where Lucy and family convince him that he needs glasses) are prime examples. One of the things that really bother's me...
  6. Brandon Gantt

    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    You've got to watch the documentary: Lucy Meets the Burtons: A Comedic Gem. It postulates that Lucy knew that she had been working with inferior scripts, and because of this she went to great lengths to secure the services of Madelyn Davis and Bob Carroll Jr. It really is a "warts and all"...
  7. Brandon Gantt

    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    On a lighter note, Carole Cook's introductions are an absolute riot! You can't give these a miss. Funny, vain, over-the-top, Carole's a true star in these little vignettes.
  8. Brandon Gantt

    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Well, it's taken me until season three to realize that Here's Lucy is more variety/sitcom, than traditional laugh-fest! I'm up to episode 13 of the new set and it's almost a dance/sing-a-long sequence every other show. While this can be pleasing, the material wrapped around these musical...
  9. Brandon Gantt

    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Season Three is a huge turnaround for the program. The return of writer Madelyn Davis and Bob Carroll Jr. to the Lucy fold improves the series by leaps and bounds. The first two seasons have their chuckle moments, but for the most part it's been like watching paint dry. Lucy Meets the Burtons...
  10. Brandon Gantt

    Shout Factory to Put Out Roger Corman / New World Titles

    Judging by the new Death Race 2000 press release, it looks like Battle Beyond the Stars will indeed be getting a Blu Ray release! www.shoutfactory.com/press/364/shout_factory_presents_roger_cormans_cult_classi.aspx
  11. Brandon Gantt

    Donna Summer "CRAYONS" 5/20/08

    NEW YORK, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary singer songwriter, DONNA SUMMER, is hard at work on her first studio album of all new material in 17 years! Crayons is set to release on May 20, 2008 on Sony BMG Music Entertainment's Burgundy Records. Singer/songwriter/pop culture icon Donna...
  12. Brandon Gantt

    Dr. Syn: Alias The Scarecrow Coming in August!!!

    I remember hearing that Disney was having trouble finding the original uncut elements, and thats what has delayed the title for so long. I don't know if they were able to restore it to it's original presentation.
  13. Brandon Gantt

    Blake's 7: Region One?

    It's hard to believe that it's been almost 2 years since this was first mentioned. Has anybody got any news on this?
  14. Brandon Gantt

    MGM Press Release: The Addams Family Complete GiftSet

    Another great extra would have been: Halloween with the New Addams Family.
  15. Brandon Gantt

    Flash Gordon Season One Discussion

    I really wasn't surprised at how horrible this was. The producers went to great length's to distance their product from the movie and the source material, when they really should have embraced the campiness and comic fun inherent in the character.
  16. Brandon Gantt

    Chaka Khan "FUNK THIS" 9/25

    International recording artist and industry legend Chaka Khan to release first new studio project in 10 years. FUNK THIS is a return to Chaka Khan's funky/R&B roots produced by hitmakers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. In stores on September 25 on Sony BMG/Burgundy Records. FUNK THIS contains...
  17. Brandon Gantt

    Isn't it about time for The African Queen?

    Here's something I posted on this site 3 years ago:
  18. Brandon Gantt

    Count Dracula (BBC) 9/25

    Actually the BBC does some amazing conversions on their PAL material. If the Doctor Who discs are anything to go by you shouldn't have to worry.
  19. Brandon Gantt

    Count Dracula (BBC) 9/25

    I'm not sure about that, but the BBC has already produced a new version of Dracula in 2006 starring Marc Warren. It aired on PBS earlier this year and is already available on DVD.
  20. Brandon Gantt

    Count Dracula (BBC) 9/25

    From DVD Drive-In:
  21. Brandon Gantt

    Bad News: Farscape DVD's Placed on Moratorium?

    According to a threads over at WatchFarscape and TerraFirma, distribution will be switching to Sony.
  22. Brandon Gantt

    Lucille Ball Collection from Warner

    It's a shame Warner didn't get the rights to the 1974 Here's Lucy episode, "Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball". In it, Kim enters a Lucille Ball look-alike contest, but does not make the finals. Lucy brings the matter to Lucille Ball herself, who insists that she and Kim be in the contest. Both...
  23. Brandon Gantt


    Do all versions contain the 64 page comic book, or is this only available at Best Buy?
  24. Brandon Gantt

    Donna Summer signs to Burgundy Records

    This was posted on Donna's official site! Donna Summer
  25. Brandon Gantt

    Wild Wild West special features?

    This appears to be selling like hotcakes. It was sold out at 4 Best Buys I stopped at earlier this week. I finally ordered it from Amazon and it's been in their top 100 since release! Not bad for a 40 year old TV series. The marketing department a Paramount certainly thinks this is going to...
  26. Brandon Gantt

    The Addams Family

    According to http://www.addamsfamily.com
  27. Brandon Gantt

    Anchor Bay to re-release their Hammer Films collection!!!

    The Nanny (1965) Starring Bette Davis. Davis' other Hammer film, The Anniversary, is being released in April by AB.
  28. Brandon Gantt

    Anchor Bay to re-release their Hammer Films collection!!!

    I believe AB were allowed to renew their rights to the William Lustig/Blue Underground package because Lustig felt they were of no futher commercial value. AB flooded the market with their cheap double features, and other countries started to exploit those same films. Lustig no longer had...