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  1. DerrikW

    Pioneer Elite owners - reliability of 56TXi ?

    Like everybody already mentioned, they are very reliable and built like a tank. The dealer probably didnt' sell PE so he was talking them down to try to get you to buy one of his. Dealers have a tendency to do that.
  2. DerrikW

    Maggie update

    Patrick, I agree 100% about letting moss go. He's a great receiver, when he feels like playing. Unfortunately, that's about 20% of the time. The first few years he was with us he was unstoppable. Now he's just wasted space.
  3. DerrikW

    Maggie update

    Has anybody ever compared the MMG's side by side with paradigm monitor 7's? What did you think? I currently have monitor 7's for mains and have been looking for something in the similar price range to replace them. Something with a bigger soundstage, And the MMG's may just fit the bill...
  4. DerrikW

    Best Buy 1014 vs. 1014TXK

    They're both the same. One just has the wrong specs.
  5. DerrikW

    What do you use for rear in 6.1?

    Please anything but bose. Does your receiver have the option to wire up 2 SB's? I know some do. Even if they are only 6.1 receivers. If so I would recommend picking up another pair of atoms. I've tried both 6.1 and 7.1 in my room, and I like 7.1 far better than 6.1. 7.1 seemed to create a...
  6. DerrikW

    Going for a Paradigm Servo-15 over PC-Ultra

    "Seismic 12: MAX SPL: 123 dB at 50 Hz , 108 dB at 30 Hz Servo 15: 112 dB at 40 Hz, 112 dB at 18 Hz." What this tells me is that the seismic has big hump in the output at 50hz. And drops off a good deal after that. The servo will play a hell of a lot deeper, and alot flatter at...
  7. DerrikW

    Why Is It With Receivers.....

    Pat, Don't worry about what the volume says, turn it up til it's loud enough for you and call it good. Pay no attention to what the receiver says. You said it annoys you that you have to turn it up so high to get it loud, and you don't like being that close to max vol. Trust me, once you...
  8. DerrikW

    THX, should I be impressed?

    I never use THX processing either. Like John said, everything sounds too flat for me. For me DD+PLIIx or dts+neo6 are more than enough to keep me happy.
  9. DerrikW

    What receiver is this.. Need Model #

    Why are you a bit sketchy on having a 770 watt receiver? The 1014 believe it or not, will do every bit of 110X7. Including all channels driven. I can't look at the front to confirm if it is a 1014 cuz the link don't work anymore. If it is indeed a 1014 for that price, I would be running in...
  10. DerrikW

    XR50 and 4ohm loads?

    I'm not sure what tweeters return policy is. I would hook them up and see what happens. If it doesn't shut down, stick with em. If it does, I'd say return em, again I dont' know what tweets return policy is. If it was circuit city on the other hand.
  11. DerrikW

    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    John_FE Dont' change the vol. when running mcacc. When you hit start it should automatically set the vol. at 0. Don't change it while it is running or your settings could be way off.
  12. DerrikW

    1014tx Osd?

    Nope, you're not missing anything. The setup menu is the only thing that is displayed.
  13. DerrikW

    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    ^^Agreed! I have heard a 55txi right next to a 52tx before, and I really couldn't tell a difference. I would have double checked the settings, make sure both of the mcacc's were run properly. Was one turned on and the other off? One might have been in a music dsp while the other was in dolby...
  14. DerrikW

    Where to buy Pioneer Elite 54TX?

    I bought mine from the same place. I would definately buy from them again. I never received a sales receipt though, I emailed them and they said that if I ever need warranty work to let them know and they would mail me a receipt.
  15. DerrikW

    dv-45a vs. dv-656a

    Anybody have experiences with both of these players?
  16. DerrikW

    dv-45a vs. dv-656a

    I currently have a dv-656a. Am thinking about getting a dv-45a. Think this would be a good upgrade? The two look identical, except for the colors of course, and the fact that the 45 plays sacd while the 656 doesn't, it does do dvd-audio though. What are the major real differences between...
  17. DerrikW

    My 54tx is finally here.

    Chad, Yeah, it's kinda sad really. They are kinda like a bestbuy but with higher end equip. The sad part is, in one room they have krell and sunfire pre/pros and amplifiers, running some martin logans and some kef's that cost around $4000 a piece, but the guy that's in there helping you...
  18. DerrikW

    My 54tx is finally here.

    Love em. I didn't know how good they could sound until I gave them a little power. They always sounded kinda anemic on my 811. They sound like whole different speaker on my 54. If you are looking for studios you are gonna have to run to alexandria, I think there might be a studio dealer in...
  19. DerrikW

    My 54tx is finally here.

    BestBuy. No just kidding. Got them from sound image in willmar mn. If you know where that's at? All they carry is monitors and below. I've hinted more than once that they should start carrying studios but it never works. All he ever says is, I've been thinking about it. That was over a year ago...
  20. DerrikW

    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    For the people that say they have watched movies at -5 on the 1014, how the hell do you do it? I tried watching a movie at -5 on my 54 last night, lasted about 10 min. til the first battle scene came on. I know efficiency and room size has a lot to do with but damn. My poor paradigms didn't like...
  21. DerrikW

    My 54tx is finally here.

    Ultimate electronics in st. cloud. The people that work don't have a fucking clue what they are doing so I did all the setup and demoing myself. The guy that I was crazy. Used a variety of speakers, infinity, KEF, def tech. and some klipsch's.
  22. DerrikW

    My 54tx is finally here.

    I went and demoed both of them, and to my ears I like the sound of the elite better. The yamaha was nice dont get me wrong, but I thought the elite sounded better for movies. I didn't really listen to music during the demo, since I don't listen to a whole lot of music in the house, that's what...
  23. DerrikW

    My 54tx is finally here.

    Well she came today. After I got it all hooked up I threw in some cd's. Talk about power, this thing makes my 811 seem like a bose wave radio. I always used to listen to music on my 811 with the loudness on, otherwise it was just dull. This definately has more dynamics. Comparing the two right...
  24. DerrikW

    Help me with my dream...

    Don't forget the vultures.
  25. DerrikW

    Rotel RMB 1095 Review & Pics

    lol I just noticed that too. Awesome amp. Where did ya get it from, and how much did ya get for? BTW, what kind of elite is that that you're using for a pre/pro?
  26. DerrikW

    Help me pick a Receiver around $400-500

    Elinor, Pioneer Elite is NOT mass market gear. If you are referring to the regular line, then yes, you maybe correct to a certain point. Pioneer Elite is a whole different animal compared to the regular line. Kinda like GM, it would be like comparing a cavalier to a cadillac. Nothing alike.
  27. DerrikW

    Bose AdaptiQ System

    Jimi, I agree with you 100%. It does sound like crap. But think about it, when is the last time you've seen any magazine report any specs on a bose product other than what bose states? I can't remember any. Except for an internet review that was done a while back. I maybe wrong on this. But I...
  28. DerrikW

    Bose AdaptiQ System

    Actually, if I remember right, BLOWS actually forbids anybody from printing tests done on their systems. Which is why S&V didn't print any of there tests. HMM? Trying to hide something are ya?
  29. DerrikW

    vsx-52tx test results.

    Being a long time Pioneer fan, it's nice to see that pioneer finally gave their receivers the features and power to give some meaning back to the name, "ELITE". Not that the older receiver were slouches by any means, it just seems this year they stepped it up a notch. Just wanna give a big...
  30. DerrikW

    Subwoofer Sound

    If you have your fronts set to large while listening to 5.1, the only thing the sub will receive is the LFE. Some receivers have an option such as plus mode or something where the sub will receive some bass, even if the fronts are set to large.