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  1. Larry Boyd

    Anybody using Outlaw interconnects?

    I need some new interconnect cables for my new SACD player. The Outlaw interconnects seem like a good value. How do they compare with other cables at the same price?
  2. Larry Boyd

    How does your receiver turn on remote amps?

    I am receiving a new Sony DA3ES receiver from JandR. In the future I want to use an old Proton D540 in bridged mode to drive an SVS subwoofer. I want this external amp to turn on when I power up my receiver. I need a surge protector so I thought I would plan for the future. I've look around...
  3. Larry Boyd

    Speaker cable for Sony DA3ES

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. In a couple days I'm receiving a new Sony DA3ES receiver and Sony 650V DVD player which has SACD. My speakers are Sony M7s in the front and M3s in the back. I would appreciate any recommendations regarding speaker cable. I would like to stay as close to $100 per...