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  1. RodneyT

    Panny 35 not playing blurays, just dvds

    I have just started having the same problem with my Panny BD60 - although mine won't play certain BluRays, while still playing others. For example: i tried to watch The Dark Knight last night, and the machine wouldn't read the disc, yet, when I inserted the special features disc, it read fine...
  2. RodneyT

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Chronicles of Narnia - THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Sorry that this is a bit late, but i just wanted to reprint a mini-review I wrote to my friends about it a few days after the movie came out here in Australia. I reprint the thing with no editing, so any mistakes in it are as originally written. And please keep in mind this is not a review of...
  3. RodneyT


    Somebody forgot The Usual Suspects
  4. RodneyT

    HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Fifth Element - April Fools

    Good one. Got me good. Now I really can't wait for a look at HD discs..... its made me realise how much I want to get my hands on one.....
  5. RodneyT

    Nostalgia...Where have all the ENTERTAINERS gone?

    Just think, Hollywood could still be churning out those old-style Hollywood musicals and comedies, filled with todays stars, and be utter rubbish. Or, you could watch all the classics and thoroughly enjoy them. Personally, I am thankful that Adam Sandler and his ilk dont try any of those old...
  6. RodneyT

    What dvd are you watching for St. Paddy's day?

    for me, just Boondock Saints is the only film to watch on St Paddy's Day. "There was a firefight!"
  7. RodneyT

    Your REALISTIC wish-list for the first 12 months

    My vote, somewhat sentimentally, goes to Twister , just because it was one of the first DVD's released, and secondly because I have yet to see a copy of it thats actually any good on disc: no region version has yet to satisfy me for picture quality. Hopefully, the HD version should improve...
  8. RodneyT

    Do you invariably associate a studio logo/theme with a particular movie?

    Carolco = Cutthroat Island. Universal = Jurassic Park Regency = True Lies (although Fight Club has now superseded it) Imagine Entertainment = Ron Howard Castle Rock = Shawshank Redemption
  9. RodneyT

    Which region has the best audio/video transfer of Armageddon?

    Armageddon here in Australia comes in a great 2-disc set thats similar (but not the same) to the Criterion Region 1 release. The improvement that we have is that the picture is anamorphic (and quite good, too). Apart from that, the PAL speedup issues and PAL/NTSC format issues aside, the region...
  10. RodneyT

    NEW HD format to be launched...the industry responds to HTF demands!

    Personally, I'm waiting to see what kind of sticker they use on the x-rated discs! now THAT would be interesting. And i could quite easily see a benfit to scratch-and-sniff.
  11. RodneyT

    The infamous MGM vault fire

    And lets not forget the fire at Aardman last year that claimed a lot of animation history.... perhaps not as old as Fox or MGM material, but still worth mentioning.
  12. RodneyT

    Help on film

    good god, The Interpreter. I'd forgotten about that. nice thinking.
  13. RodneyT

    Help on film

    Try Keeping The Faith with Ben Stiller. that could be it.
  14. RodneyT

    "i should have seen this film years ago!"

    I have to confess that up until a year or so ago i was not a fan of "classic" older films, pre-1970. So for ages I had no idea about films like Lawrence of Arabia, Spartacus etc etc. Those older films i tended to look upon with disdain, opting instead for the commercial, hyperkinetic...
  15. RodneyT

    Will you be rushing into the new Hi-Def formats in 2006?

    Put my name down for this as well please. I thoroughly agree.
  16. RodneyT

    Will you be rushing into the new Hi-Def formats in 2006?

    This, for me, is the key reason why I shall also be waiting for the dust to settle. bring on HiDef, but bring on the lower pricing and reliable software/hardware. Plus, most average consumers have only "just" come across to DVD, and VHS is still being sold in stores here in Australia! Maybe...
  17. RodneyT

    *** Official BAD SANTA Review Thread

    I watched this as well the other night, with the wife. Both of us laughed like crazy during this film. She said she wanted to watch a Christmas movie, I told her Bad Santa was a feel good rolliking kiddie movie with the same intentions as The Grinch or blasted Santa Clause. He he. And they say...
  18. RodneyT

    What does it encompass?

    Good Point
  19. RodneyT

    What does it encompass?

    You need: 1 Digital reciever (Dolby & DTS capable) as good as your budget will allow 5 Speakers: 1 Centre, 2 main & 2 surround (again, as good as your budget will allow) Optional: 1 subwoofer (get this later if budget constraints are hampering your quality purchases) This way, at...
  20. RodneyT

    Horrible movie experiences, part 2.....

    When I go to the movies now, which I admit ain't all that often when you've got a thumping big home theatre at home to enjoy... i have learn't to shut out extraneous noise. Although, going against what most people are saying here: I once went with a girlfriend to watch Stuart Little a few...
  21. RodneyT

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

    Saw this on Saturday just gone, and loved it. Thought RDJ was fantastic, and the script just sizzled. One of my friends just sat there waiting for the film to end, but then he's a movie philistine and thought Thin Red Line was a great film. Urgh. I guess this means we have different tastes in...
  22. RodneyT

    2005 War of the Worlds 11/22

    no crackling dramas on the R4 version. I watched it again last night and its freaking awesome!!!!!!
  23. RodneyT

    2005 War of the Worlds 11/22

    have watched it twice now, both time thoroughly enjoyed it. Its the first film in about twenty years to actually give me a nightmare! I was the Tom Cruise chcaracter and I was being pursued by those deadly legs from the tripods. I just couldn't get away... you know how you never can escape in...
  24. RodneyT

    2005 War of the Worlds 11/22

    My wife is under strict instructions to grab a copy of this film when she goes grocery shopping today... I am soooo hanging to watch this tonight!!!!!
  25. RodneyT

    Am I the only one buying DVDs faster than I can watch them?

    Myself, I try and watch stuff straight away when I purchase.... although i probably have about five or six of my 700+ collection still to watch that I have bought previously.... Still, as a post above said, its about having a choice. I have noted that as I have recently got married, I have...
  26. RodneyT

    What's the Best Movie on your Home surround system?

    Fellowship Of The Ring (Suaron being defeated at the very start) Saving private Ryan The Haunting DTS-ES The Matrix Reloaded Highway Chase sequence. Thats about it.
  27. RodneyT

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    Well, i watched it last night, up load, and my neighbour came over and asked me to turn the subwoofer down because all he could hear was the bass. Dang! Movie looked fantastic, and sounded just as good. I admit to agreeing with those on this forum about the inconsistent bass, although for...
  28. RodneyT

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    Well, I picked this disc up on Thursday last week, and still havent managed to watch the actual film yet. I blame my wife, who loathes sci-fi films in general, and Star Wars in particular. But tonight will change all that. She's pulling a late shift at work, and I have a mate coming over to...
  29. RodneyT

    What was the 1st movie released on DVD?

    FYI, here in Australia, the first commercially available DVD's were pan/scan editions of: The Crow (barely watcheable transfer, and still not re-released) Se7en (worst transfer of any DVD I have ever seen) Adventure of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert (the best of the bunch, but that's not...
  30. RodneyT

    TITANIC coming up. Who is getting what region and why?

    R4 confirmed by all sources as containing DTS, although we wont know for sure until the discs are in our hot little hands here in Australia. I shall be purchasing the R4 version. To my knowledge, Fox (the distributor here in Australia) have never put out a film on DVD in the NTSC format, so...