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    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) Blu-ray?

    Any news/rumours on when this classic may be hitting Blu?
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    The Elia Kazan Collection Volume 1 & 2

    Volume One Volume Two Volume 1: Boomerang A Gentleman's Agreement Panic in the Streets Pinky Volume 2: Man on a Tightrope A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Wild River Viva Zapata!
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    "War of the Roses" & "Hoffa" coming out in 2012

    According to Mr.Lumenick "Debuting during the "holiday'' season is a new director-oriented "Signature'' series of Blu-rays with transfers supervised by the filmmakers who will also provide commentary tracks. First up is Danny DeVito with "War of the Roses'' and "Hoffa"
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    The Postman Always Rings Twice (both versions) coming to Blu-ray on November 13th

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    WB will mark it's 90th Anniversay in style

    Jim Baker of Warner Bros "Without making a formal announcement, I will tell you this, next year is the 90th anniversary of Warner Bros., we have not yet formally announced what are plans are, but we’re going to be doing that at our lot in early October. We’re going to be converting a lot of...