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  1. David Illingworth II

    The Office: S2 out already???

    I thought Season 2 of the Office was not due until September 12th, but I went to a Best Buy in Houston (near Galleria) last night and they had them all out. Season 2 was $39.99 and Season 1 was $23.99, but there was a pretty cool giftset that had both seasons for $49.99. Picked up the giftset...
  2. David Illingworth II

    Jungle Book (1994) Discontinued? Why?

    My Mom's been wanting this DVD, and in helping her track it down (got one off half.com), I've discovered that it's OOP. This seems strange because it was not even released on DVD until Jan. 2002, and it features anamorphic widescreen, commentary, and making of. Anybody know why on earth Disney...
  3. David Illingworth II

    Am I the Only One Waiting for Just Shoot Me: S3???

    I just had to let it out. I bought the S1/2 set last June, and it made me a much bigger fan of the show than I ever was before. It's been over a year since that release, and there hasn't been any word. Anybody else dying to see the rest of this show--the only one to ever really utilize the...
  4. David Illingworth II

    Tommy Boy: Holy Shnikes Edition!

    I can't believe there's no other posts for this (I searched)! I saw the preview for it on the Without a Paddle DVD (not a bad movie), and it apparently has a lot of behind the scenes footage, plus it has deleted scenes. It's a 2 disc set! Just said coming soon. Office Space and Tommy Boy SEs in...
  5. David Illingworth II

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Director's Cut Discussion Thread

    Maybe there aren't many like me out there, but I really enjoyed COR, and thought it was not only a great expansion to the universe created in Pitch Black, but also an entertaining and even thoughtful genre movie in its own right. With this being a great season for director's cut DVDs, it seems...
  6. David Illingworth II

    Happy Gilmore SE?

    I thought one was coming out in August. Has this changed?
  7. David Illingworth II

    Is Friends: S7 still "Super-Sized"?

    When these were first broadcast, Friends was competing against the Survivor 2 phenomenon and promised extra long "super-sized" episodes of Friends. Basically, the show (with commercials) would run about 10 minutes longer. At the time, NBC promised that these extra minutes of footage would never...
  8. David Illingworth II

    Heavy (Liv Tyler): Anybody have this DVD?

    I really liked this movie. In fact, I was reminded how superior it was when I watched the similarly meditative Lost in Translation. I know the DVD is pretty old, so can anybody say how the transfer holds up? I hear the commentary is pretty good.
  9. David Illingworth II

    Rob Schneider's "The Animal" UNCUT ... What is going on?!

    This is due to be released February 4th, I believe. There's a listing with a cover over at Amazon. I didn't see another thread when I searched the Forum, so I don't know if this has already been posted. Where is the demand for this movie coming from? And what is going to give it an R-rating...
  10. David Illingworth II

    Open Range: Who else just cannot wait?

    I saw this in theaters and was blown away and for many months I've regretted not going to see it again. I've never heard any clear details on number of commentaries and other features. I know it has a lot of features, but I don't know specifics. Is it 2-disc? All the other fans stand up for a...
  11. David Illingworth II

    King of Queens Episode Cut???

    I hope Dave can stop by and help me out on this one because he is the man on this sort of thing. I've been enjoying the King of Queens: Season 1 set, but I was flipping through the enclosed episode guide and it says that Bill Cosby guest-stars in episode 22, "Where's Poppa?" Being a Bill Cosby...
  12. David Illingworth II

    Simpsons: Season 4 When?

    Does anyone think that Fox will speed up the pace of release, or should I look for this next August?
  13. David Illingworth II

    Return of Sherlock Holmes (Brett): Anyone else been enjoying this set?

    I know we have a couple of devotees who appreciate the brilliance of Jeremy Brett's Holmes, and this set is the best presentation done so far by MPI Home Video. I was completely surprised when I got it in the mail to see that there are actual special features, including a brand-new 20 minute...
  14. David Illingworth II

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Anybody else waiting for this on DVD?

    I think this show is really great, and especially great considering it had all the potential to be awful. Instead, we have a remarkable collection of Will Smith's talent, perhaps far more than we ever will in movies (simply from the sheer volume of episodes), and yet nowhere to be found on DVD...
  15. David Illingworth II

    Can you believe Thundercats isn't on DVD?

    I see lots of old cartoons available as box sets now, and I'm surprised that Thundercats isn't one of them. It would be cool to at least have the Thundercats "movie" available. Is there anybody else who would be interested in this series being released? It seems to me that the people who own...
  16. David Illingworth II

    What's all this??? Star Wars: AOTC "lost scene"?!

    From EW.com ''Star Wars: Episode III'' doesn't hit theaters until 2005, but that doesn't mean George Lucas fans can't get an early peek. Starting June 10, Starwars.com will unveil a site revamp -- called HYPERSPACE -- featuring a webcam on the Australian set of ''Episode III,'' breaking news...
  17. David Illingworth II

    Any OLD SCHOOL Reviews out there?

    This is the one DVD I'm really waiting for in the next few weeks, and if anybody can tell us anything about it (especially what the new footage is) please post here!
  18. David Illingworth II

    Let's Talk MST3K Box Sets

    I've really been enjoying the box sets, especially #2 with the shorts disc. DDD just emailed me to say that Box Set 3 has shipped to me. Has anyone seen the cover art for this yet? Has anyone heard any plans for a 4th set? Both 2 & 3 were announced some months ago.
  19. David Illingworth II

    No Eve's Bayou Reviews? What gives?

    This DVD came out today, same time as Monster's Ball, but none of the sites have reviewed it, although I've seen reviews for it seems like every other Signature Selection, including Monster's Ball, Amores Perros, and O. Does anyone have the disc yet and can tell me what differences are in the...
  20. David Illingworth II

    Canadian e-tailers have BTTF cheapest, so are there any differences?

    I think I'll order this because I don't want to pay $35 for 3 discs when I paid only $25 for LOTR 4 discs. I just don't want to order from Canada and find any nasty surprises like I did when I got Highlander 3 (fullscreen and PG-13, aaargh ). If you guys know anything, I'd appreciate it.
  21. David Illingworth II

    Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) ... Anyone know the plan?

    If you're a fan of the books, you're probably a big fan of Jeremy Brett's portrayal of him, so I ask on behalf of all those people if anyone knows the release plan for this series? I have the first box set release, but does anyone have an idea on when future box sets will be released? I...
  22. David Illingworth II

    Does anybody have Betsy's Wedding?

    I wanted to pick this up for my Mom, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about OAR, quality, and features. Even a trailer would be nice. Thanks!
  23. David Illingworth II

    OK, I'll ask ... any Sorority Boys reviews yet?

    Tonight I'm going to pick up Beauty & the Beast, and Friday I get Scooby-Doo, but I'm also eagerly awaiting Sorority Boys on Tuesday. Maybe I'm the only one, but any of y'all who get DVDs a little early, please let us know how it is. And if I'm not the only one waiting, then please pledge your...
  24. David Illingworth II

    What major summer movies have not been announced yet?

    I know I'm on pins and needles for Undercover Brother and it seems strange to me that it hasn't shown up on any release dates yet. Is this the only major release from the summer that has not been announced yet? I can't think of any others, but I was wondering if y'all know anymore that we're...
  25. David Illingworth II

    I need the HTF eyes! Betsy's Wedding specs?

    Has anyone seen this disc at the stores and could tell me if it's OAR and if it has a trailer or anything? I believe it's a Columbia disc and lately they have been really awful on catalog releases. Please let me know if you've seen it.
  26. David Illingworth II

    When is the Bits going to post the DVD Producers Transcript?

    It's been like three weeks since the event at ComicCon, and I'm impatient--but only because the Bits has always done an awesome job with it, and I can't wait to read about this year's event. Does anyone have an idea how much longer the wait will be? I haven't heard any news that was revealed at...
  27. David Illingworth II

    What's going on at the end of the Usual Suspects commentary?

    When the credits begin to roll Singer and McQuarrie keep talking, but their are many other voices and clips from the commentary happening in the background. It's very hard to listen to what they're saying because the volume keeps changing and what's in the background will sometimes move into the...
  28. David Illingworth II

    Any new Borders coupons?

    We're past August 2nd now. I don't know how you guys find these, but if you can please post here. Thanks!
  29. David Illingworth II

    I've been patient . . . what's the word on Undercover Brother?

    This movie was knockout funny, but I haven't heard release date or specs. With the fast turnaround on summer movies, somebody must know something. Any help would be appreciated!
  30. David Illingworth II

    Price Matching at DeepDiscountDVD.com?

    I emailed deepdiscount about their price on Royal Tenenbaums and they agreed to lower it to meet buy.com's price of $18.99 (not that it matters now that Dave Lambert let us know that Best Buy has it for $16.99). I wanted to know though, which sites they won't match. Has anyone had any...