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  1. David Grove

    FREE: Unity Motion UHD-3200

    (Also known as the Princeton Graphics AF3.0HD) This is an absolute blast from the past, likely of niche interest only. So, I won't explain a lot about its technical aspects, but will offer a few comments on its condition (most excellent). Those who may be interested will likely already know...
  2. David Grove


    I wonder if anyone has seen these three titles from this collection, yet. I'm particularly interested in "Kid Millions". Perhaps some ebay seller will break up the collection and sell individual titles. DG
  3. David Grove

    TCFHE Press Release: An Affair To Remember 2-Disc Anniversary Edition

    I found the Amazon download site. Thank you. DG
  4. David Grove

    TCFHE Press Release: An Affair To Remember 2-Disc Anniversary Edition

    Might anyone have any thoughts on which is the best PD release? Thank you. DG
  5. David Grove

    Technicolor Musicals

    Thank you, I added "Cabaret" DG
  6. David Grove

    Technicolor Musicals

    But, what I mean is, do I need to move some titles, which are currently under the heading "3-Strip", to "Non 3-Strip"? DG
  7. David Grove

    Technicolor Musicals

    Does that mean that some of the titles in the list under 3-Strip are, in fact, dye transfer, but not 3-Strip? Is there a way I can distinguish between the two? Thank you. DG P.S. I'm very uncertain about the "PD" and "OOP" indications.
  8. David Grove

    Technicolor Musicals

    I updated the DVD availability of the list at the top of the thread. Please identify any errors. 1) I edited sources for completeness 2) I added "Dangerous When Wet" (1953). 3) Updated DVD availability for all titles 4) Is the division between 3-strip and non 3-strip at the proper...
  9. David Grove

    TEA FOR TWO (1950) - Missing credit....

    I'd like to buy another Doris Day collection sooner than that. (Shameless plug) DG
  10. David Grove

    Sky King on DVD?

    Wadda ya know... Here I am minding my own business, when, out of the clear blue, Chas brings up "Sky King". :-) I'm in for season sets. Every Sat.... my sister, who liked horses, had to watch "Fury". I was into airplanes, and couldn't miss "Sky King" which was on right after, as I recall...
  11. David Grove

    Green Acres? - Not a bang but a whimper

    It seems like this one just sort of faded away. Such a unique show. I'm eager to buy it all. I guess the only real reason a studio fails to follow through on a series is insufficient sales, right? So, that must be the case with Green Acres, I suppose. Just wondering... DG
  12. David Grove

    Your Top 3 Vintage (pre-'70s) series not yet released

    1. West point Story 2. Sea Hunt 3. Twelve O'Clock High DG
  13. David Grove


    Is this the Newhart series that has the two Daryls? I always got a kick out of them. Did either of them ever say anything? DG
  14. David Grove

    "South Pacific" 1958 - when?

    So, regarding the new SP dvd, do I understand correctly that: 1) We do have a pretty-close-but-not-100% version of the original road show version. 2) We do have the shortened, non-roadshow version. 3) We do not have the broadway continuity in either. 4) The broadway continuity is...
  15. David Grove

    Master & Commander Sequel?

    To me, it seemed like the ending was really the launch point for a sequel. DG
  16. David Grove

    Master & Commander Sequel?

    I enjoyed M&C and just assumed a sequel would be produced. I wonder why it didn't happen. Anyone know? Regards, DG
  17. David Grove

    Astaire and Rogers: The Complete Film Collection

    This is such a fantastic idea, may I suggest to WB that they do something similar for a second Busby Berkeley collection. I eat this stuff up. Regards, DG
  18. David Grove

    Astaire and Rogers: The Complete Film Collection

    The whole thoughtfulness for customers, plus the spectacular, holographic box.... Superb. Thank you, WB. DG
  19. David Grove

    While I am waiting for S4 of Green Acres...

    ...I'm wondering if my S1 DVD is an anomaloy? On the episode menu of the DVD, only the 1st episode is selectable. I use a software player (PowerDVD) to view my DVDs, and I have to use the PowerDVD "Go To" menu choice to get to any episode other than the very first one. Anyone else encounter...
  20. David Grove

    I Love Lucy - Season Four - Missing Scenes

    What is the procedure to get a replacement? Thank you. DG
  21. David Grove

    Favourite Theme Song

    Perhaps it is the soaring, sweeping, orchestral melodic arc that evokes the Romantic Period in Western Music. Perhaps it is just nostalgia. I don't know, but, if I have to pick just one theme, I'd pick "Twelve O'Clock High". DG
  22. David Grove

    1933 State Fair?

    Well, we had new releases of 1945 and 1962 State Fair, and Will Rogers box set, and no sign of 1933 State Fair. Does this suggest that 1933 State Fair on DVD is just not in the cards? I've never actually seen it, but would buy it, were it available. DG
  23. David Grove

    Robert Harris on The Bits 8/21/06 - Official Discussion Thread

    Thank you for the informative interview. I would ask a question, just as a matter of curiosity, and not criticism. Why couldn't the day-for-night be adjusted digitally? I think Mr. Price spoke to it, but his comments didn't quite penetrate my thick skull. (Naively) I would think that...
  24. David Grove

    Could Mr. Terrific appear on DVD?

    Since "Mr. Terrific" and "Captain Nice" were each partial seasons, and sort of the same offbeat kind of show, maybe they could be a single box set. I remember (vaguely) watching several of each of them when they originally aired. Which of these series had the father always sitting in an...
  25. David Grove

    We need more MGM musicals!!

  26. David Grove

    We need more MGM musicals!!

    Bring 'em all on. Wallet locked and loaded. DG
  27. David Grove

    Movie Title?

    Thank you. From the links you kindly provided, I think it may have been "Adam's Rib". I will view it to see if I recognize it. Regards, DG
  28. David Grove

    Movie Title?

    I'm wondering if it may be possible to identify a movie I saw on a local PBS station a few years ago. It was some University class supplement show, and it featured movies mostly from the 1940's, as I recall. I don't remember anything about the movie, except that everybody talked very fast. I...
  29. David Grove

    my three sons?

    I mostly remember "My Three Sons" when Mike was present, and before Ernie was adopted. (Wasn't there a season, or at least a few episodes, when Mike was gone ["went off to college" I think]?). Which seasons were pre-Ernie? (Well, I mean Ernie as Chip's friend, not one of the sons). DG
  30. David Grove

    Musicals with spectacular production numbers

    Don't really know how we forgot about "Fred & Ginger". I think I actually prefer "Shall We Dance" to "Top Hat". Isn't "Show Time" the one with the ballet and also where all the dancers at the end have Ginger Rogers masks? I really like that amalgam of dance genres. Now I wonder if "Show Time"...